Osaka Sennan Olympic gold medalist appears! ! Urban sports festival “Sennan Sports Festival vol.2” will be held!

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[Osaka Sennan] Olympic gold medalist appears! ! Urban sports festival “Sennan Sports Festival vol.2” will be held!

Sennan City and Try Hard Japan Co., Ltd. (location: Chuo-ku, Osaka) will hold a sports complex at SENNAN LONG PARK (location: Sennan City, Osaka Prefecture) on Saturday, February 25, 2023. We will hold a model event “Sennan Sports Festival vol.2”
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At the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, six sports such as skateboarding, BMX, street basketball and parkour, which are popular among young people, as well as beach soccer and morocco, will be held at SENNAN LONG PARK. set!
You can feel free to experience various sports, focusing on
competitions, demonstrations, and workshops for each sport.
Why don’t you experience the charm of sports full of speed and power? ◆Sennan Sports Festival Official HP
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A demonstration with Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games skateboard women’s park gold medalist Sakura Yosozumi as a guest, a workshop, and a skateboard competition with active professional athletes as judges were held. The winning prize is 30,000 yen in cash! If you are confident in your ability, why not try participating in a power test?
[SKATEBOARD (skateboard contest) entry page]
* The workshop (free trial session) will be accepted at the venue on the day. [Image 3

Professional riders who have won numerous awards in domestic and international competitions gather at SENNAN LONG PARK.
Don’t miss the many tricks that unfold with the bicycle!
* The workshop (free trial session) will be accepted at the venue on the day. [Image 4

BASKET BALL MATCH A basketball tournament will be held on the open seaside outdoor court of SENNAN LONG PARK.
This time you can enter in 3on3 and 5on5, 2 events.
Prizes will be awarded to the winning team!
Anyone can participate, so please invite your family and friends to join us! [BASKET BALL MATCH entry page] [Image 5

PARKOUR -Demonstration/Experience class-
Parkour demonstrations and hands-on classes will be held to train people’s inherent athletic abilities such as running, jumping, and climbing, and to captivate the audience with acrobatic movements! In the experience class, you can experience parkour safely and securely under the supervision of an instructor.
[Parkour Experience Class Entry Page]
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BEACH SOCCER “Avanci Osaka”, which has Sennan City as its hometown and is active in SENNAN LONG PARK, holds a beach soccer class.
Men and women of all ages can participate, so why not try it with your family and friends?
[Avanci Osaka Beach Soccer Clinic (experience class) entry page] ▸
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MOLOOK -Molook experience-
Molk, a traditional Finnish sport, is a sport that can be enjoyed by men and women of all ages, as the rules are simple and easy to understand once you learn the basic throwing technique, and it does not require physical strength.
Let’s play Morkku with your family and friends on the day!

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There will also be food truck stalls and DJ performances!
The venue will be livened up with a kitchen car (maximum of 5 cars) that collects warm gourmet food that will warm your body and mind perfect for winter, and a selection of songs full of speed by professional DJs that will make sports content even more exciting. [Image 9

Located on the opposite shore of Kansai International Airport, the gateway to Kansai, this is Kansai’s largest exchange and recreational spot.
The “Activity Area” has sports facilities such as a 15m-high athletic field, a skateboard park and a SUN court, the “Community Area” with a beach-themed BBQ and glamping facilities, and restaurants with terrace seating. Through a tie-up with the Okadaura fishing port, the “Marche Area” where you can enjoy local ingredients that have received a lot of the blessings of nature in Senshu. Villas with key colors are lined up, and kitchens, living rooms, jacuzzis, and BBQ dining are prepared. Divided into four zones, the “Glamping Area” where you can enjoy your private time in your room, you can enjoy sports, food and leisure throughout the day.
Overview of the event
■ Event name Sennan Sports Festival vol.2
■ Date: Saturday, February 25, 2023
■ Venue: Sennan Long Park (Sennan Rinku Park) Southern Street Address: 2-201 Rinku Minamihama, Sennan City, Osaka 590-0535 ■ Fees: Free admission (some contents require a fee)
■ Time
・SKATEBOARD (skateboard contest/showcase/workshop) 10:00-17:00 ・BMX FLATLAND (showcase/workshop) 11:40-14:25 (planned)
・BASKET BALL MATCH (basketball tournament/free throw challenge) 10:00-17:00 ・PARKOUR (Parkour Demonstration/Experience Class) 14:00-16:30 ・BEACH SOCCER (experience class/exhibition match) 12:00-15:00 ・ MOLOOK (Molook experience) 12:00-17:00 (planned)
・ DJ performance 10:00-17:00
・Kitchen car stores (up to 5 stores) 10:00-17:00
■ Official website: Each sports entry page ・SKATEBOARD (skateboard contest)
・ BASKET BALL MATCH (basketball tournament)
▸ ・PARKOUR (parkour experience class)
・Avanci Osaka Beach Soccer Clinic (beach soccer experience class) ▸
■ Host: Sennan City
■ Planning/Production Trihard Japan Co., Ltd.
■ Back support Daiwa Lease Co., Ltd.
*In consideration of future social conditions, there is a possibility that the content and scale will change.
Measures to prevent new coronavirus infection
◇Disinfection and cleaning
  ・Disinfecting sprays installed at various locations in the venue   ・Seat disinfection
  ・Thorough regular cleaning of restrooms and dining areas
◇Droplet prevention
  ・Wearing masks for staff in the venue
・A call for visitors to wear masks
・Call for refraining from speaking loudly and talking
◇Temperature measurement
・Temperature measurement and health confirmation of operating staff   ・Temperature measurement and health confirmation for participants ◇ Contact avoidance
・ Call for banning sharing of food and drinks
◇ Tracking system
・ Call for registration of the Osaka Prefecture new corona tracking system *There is a possibility that the contents will be changed or added according to the guidelines to be announced in the future.
Trihard Japan Co., Ltd.
We plan and produce music events, produce nightclubs nationwide, and specialize in event production. Recently, we aim to improve the status of entertainment in Japan by disseminating information to a wide range of targets, such as revitalizing towns through content development in collaboration with local governments.
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