OsakaCitySC Co., Ltd. OsakaCitySC, which aims to enter the J-League from Chuo-ku, Osaka, signed an OsakaCitySC Family contract with Rikyu Co., Ltd.

Osaka City SC Co., Ltd.
OsakaCitySC, which aims to enter the J-League from Chuo-ku, Osaka City, signed an OsakaCitySCFamily contract with Rikyu Co., Ltd.
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This time, OsakaCitySC Co., Ltd. (Osaka City) and Rikyu Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Osaka City)
We have signed an OsakaCitySCFamily contract.
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〇Comment from Takeshi Inadome, Representative Director of Rikyu Co., Ltd. “I strongly sympathized with Yamaji’s dream that a new club from Osaka, where I was born and raised, will aim for the J League, and decided to partner with Osaka City SC. We are happy to be able to support the club management and create an environment where players can play an active role.We are a company that has just been
established and would like to grow together with Osaka City SC.A representative of the Japanese football world. I will pursue the big dream of becoming a club together with the players and everyone involved with the club.”
〇Company profile
Established CHABASHIRA Co., Ltd. in May 2019. Focusing on overseas internships and commercialization, further developing wholesale business and welfare business. Established a subsidiary to specialize in CHABASHIRA’s human resources service business. Changed company name to Rikyu. Currently, we specialize in overseas engineer dispatch and internship introduction support business. We aim to connect the world and Japan through human resource services and contribute to society. HP:
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〇 Comment from Taihei Yamaji, Representative Director of Osaka City SC Co., Ltd. “I am very honored to receive such support from a company in Chuo-ku, Osaka. I treat my private and work well. In line with President Inadome’s comment, we carry your dreams on our shoulders.
Your mission is to fight and make your dreams come true. It will continue to be a dream for the region, and when we enter the J.League, Let’s make a ruckus! ! ”
〇 [Overview of Osaka City SC]
Established in 2020. In 2021, he joined the Osaka Prefectural Football League. In 2021, promoted to Division 2 of the Osaka Prefectural Football League. Under the slogan of “Energizing Chuo Ward, Osaka City through sports,” the club aims to become a bridge between the world and Chuo Ward, Osaka City, with a mission to solve regional issues through soccer. Operated by OsakaCitySC Co., Ltd.
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Osaka City SC Co., Ltd.

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