Over 100 participants! What kind of top sales do you want to be? We held a collaboration seminar with the largest sales community “Sales Guild” and sales hacks <1/12 held report>

Sales Hack Co., Ltd.
Over 100 participants! What kind of top sales do you want to be? We held a collaboration seminar with the largest sales community “Sales Guild” and sales hacks-1/12 event report-
The theme is the secret to top sales. I explained the essential points for sales people!

Sales Hack Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Hirotsugu Sasada), which provides sales consulting with the mission of “reducing sales worries to 0”, will open Sales Guild Co., Ltd. (Thursday) on Thursday, January 12, 2023. Headquarters: Itabashi-ku, Tokyo Representative: Takahiro Furuse) and co-sponsored webinar. We would like to talk about what we should be aware of in order to become a top seller, look back on the S1 Grand Prix in which our
representative Sasada participated, the secrets of tele appointments that we could not talk about there, and know-how in content creation. I was. More than 100 people participated, so we will report the situation on the day here.
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Overview of the event
◆Title: 10 Tips for Top Sales ~Secrets to Boost Productivity~ Date and time: January 12, 2023 (Thursday) 20:00-21:30
◆ Location: Online
◆ Tuition fee: Free
◆Participants: about 100 people
Background of the event
On November 19, 2022, Japan’s largest sales competition “S1 Grand Prix” was held by Sales Guild Co., Ltd. Our company representative Sasada participated in this competition and won the championship, which triggered the planning of this co-sponsored webinar. It was a study session that explained not only the tips for becoming a top salesperson, but also the tips for tele appointments that could not be talked about in the “S1 Grand Prix”.
State of the day
First of all, I started by reviewing the contents introduced at the S1 Grand Prix. To give “special treatment” to customers who became a keyword in the S1 Grand Prix. Also, “mass production” of the special treatment. Based on this perspective, I talked about the differences in customer success depending on the sales format and the importance of carefully approaching each customer, including the parts that I could not talk about at the S1 Grand Prix.
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◆ 10 tips to become top sales
Next, I explained the points to become a top salesperson, which is the main subject.
1. Define top sales
The definition of top sales varies from person to person and from company to company. People who have a lot of sales, people who have a lot of orders, people who are highly evaluated in the company, people who are the first to be called by customers. Depending on where you place this final goal, the way you move will change, so defining this definition will help you to operate without losing sight of the purpose.
2. Understand the premise that customers do not want to be interviewed Hearing is important. This is the common understanding of business. However, there are not many customers who want to be heard. This is because the sales department has become a hearing where you just ask about the results. It is important to be conscious of communication that allows the other person to talk comfortably and provides awareness and learning.
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3. Identify both problems and issues (reasons)
In order to make a “proposal that meets the needs”, it is important to identify the cause of the problem. If “sales are not growing”, it will be easier to make proposals that will please customers by grasping the reasons why sales are not growing.
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4. Suggestion from chat
I understand that you are setting up a meeting to discuss business. Also, these days, there are many people who place an emphasis on “Taipa” and time. Based on these two points, rather than trying hard to find fun, I give higher priority to telling stories that are meaningful and interesting to customers.
5. The relationship is the degree of real intention and seriousness Reinforcement of the relationship that is often said. This can be defined as “understanding the customer”, “the customer speaks honestly”, and “the customer listens seriously to sales”. In order to take this step, it is important to make efforts not to be disliked before efforts to be liked.
6. Information provision and lead nurturing are two different things Providing information does not guarantee a relationship of trust. Sense of task, priority, relationship. If one of these is not strengthened, the communication will be wasted. Thinking carefully about the words you use and the level you want to convey will lead to lead nurturing.
7. Utilize communication tools that match the person and purpose Email, phone, Twitter and Facebook. Each has its merits. Emails and phone calls can be effective immediately in making appointments, and SNS is useful for accumulating long-term communication assets. It is important to use the tool that the other party uses and the tool that suits the purpose according to the time, instead of being obsessed with one or the other.
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8. Keep getting consent from the other party
It can be rephrased as sales = agreement acquisition activities. “BANT information,” which is famous for hearings, is not just about listening, but is also about making adjustments in conversation and getting consensus from each other. By reaching agreement, it is possible to adjust expectations and profit while preventing
communication errors.
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9. No competition is lucky
No competition means no track record. There is a high possibility that there are no problems or issues that can be solved by your own products. In addition, sales costs increase because it is necessary to explain from 0. So be careful.
10. Feelings are essential to become top sales
Most of the top sales people had a strong desire to become top sales. Ultimately, having that feeling is important. The best way to keep trying is to be conscious of why you want to be top sales.
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There was also a question-and-answer session at the end, during which many questions were asked by the participants. Mr. Sasada and Mr. Furuse responded as much as time allowed. Questions continued about Sasada’s personal goals for the year and how to use the daily report for sales hacks.

Speaker profile
[Image 8d50843-213-1a395727744b21b5c251-2.jpg&s3=50843-213-45bf706482214e353243852df73d3542-280x280.jpg
Representative Director of Sales Guild Co., Ltd.
Takahiro Furuse
Over 10 years experience in corporate new business. From 2018, he started supporting sales as a sales advisor and advisor as a side job. Independent from August 2019. Conducted sales consultations for over 100 people. Established in July 2020. We are engaged in a wide range of sales support activities, from sales advisors to hands-on sales support and sales agency.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/salesdesign2018

[Image 9d50843-213-195daaa13f08111fcd66-0.png&s3=50843-213-2c7c97ad33665cebbe06f205bb400e1e-836x836.png
CEO of Sales Hack Co., Ltd.
Hiroshi Sasada
Started his sales career at the age of 20. After that, he joined a major human resources company as a new graduate and became the top sales performer in half a year after joining the company. In his third year as a member of society, he launched an in-house venture, but it ended in a big failure. From there, I wanted to create services from the customer’s perspective instead of the company’s convenience, so after changing jobs to a mega-venture, I became independent as a sales freelancer. After becoming independent, he will provide sales support for more than 100 companies in the sales agency business and consulting business. In April 2018, he established Sales Hack Co., Ltd. with the mission of “zeroing sales worries”. Up to now. Twitter: https://twitter.com/sasada_36
About Sales Hack Co., Ltd.
Sales Hack Co., Ltd. is a company that “helps double sales” and “reduces sales worries to 0”.
Based on the experience of CEO Sasada, we believe that we can create an organization that sells by solving the lack of sales force, and we are doing sales management consulting.
In addition, as a “sales consultant who knows the field better than anyone else”, we conduct fact-finding surveys and analyzes related to sales, and are always chasing what sales are in line with the times. Based on that experience and analysis, we also conduct sales training for companies.
[Image 10d50843-213-24664283b350f02e8640-3.png&s3=50843-213-d1df734ae7e4be58f0baf13f17f5439a-650x147.png
-Sales agency and consulting to create a new development team from scratch- https://hiroshi-sasada.com/lp/sales-agency/
-Eiken, an online training service that creates a self-propelled sales organization-
Company Profile
Company name: Sales Hack Co., Ltd. (Kabushiki Kaisha Eigyo Hack) Location: 2F Hamamatsucho Dia Building, 2-2-15 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo 150-0013
Representative: Yuji Sasada
Established: April 13, 2018
Business: Sales consulting and agency support business
HP: https://eigyou-hack.com/
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