Overseas expansion × English learning Asahi Shuzo, which brews Dassai, has successfully completed the New Yor k brewing project with Gabby Academy’s English learning support. New product “DASSAI BLUE” to be launched in the US

Gabby Academy
Asahi Brewery, which brews Dassai, successfully completed the New York Brewery Project with Gabby Academy’s English learning support. New product “DASSAI BLUE” to be launched in the US
Dassai brewer Asahi Brewery expands Dassai brand to the U.S. with English learning support from Gabby Academy

While the corona vortex is protracted and the future of companies’ overseas business expansion is uncertain, many companies are taking a cautious stance. We are aiming for the release of Then, with the English learning support of Gabby Academy Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Naoko Hall), Asahi Shuzo sent three elite employees from its headquarters in Prefecture to the United States. We have also published three interviews.
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Gabby Academy x Asahi Shuzo
Established a brewery in the United States and dispatched staff for the launch of “DASSAI BLUE”
Asahi Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. aims to acquire English skills for local staff to pass down sake brewing traditions by utilizing the world’s first language learning training provided by Gabby Academy with a neuroscientific approach.
Due to the sake boom in the United States in recent years, Japanese sake breweries are expanding into the United States one after another, and Asahi Shuzo is playing a part in this. In 2023, DASSAI BLUE is scheduled to be introduced to the US market. DASSAI BLUE is derived from the Japanese proverb “Blue is more blue than indigo,” and meets the standards of the Japanese market. I hope to exceed. I would like you to pay attention to the development of this sake brewing project and the new innovations it brings to the sake industry.
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new york brewery
A new trend in language learning! Learning support from language neuroscience Gabby Academy is a company that provides self-learning English speaking ability enhancement services that are adopted by many large companies as corporate English training that does not fail. By combining a training theory that draws out the language abilities of the human brain, a pronunciation learning system, and a speech evaluation AI (scheduled to be released in May 2023), which has been jointly patented with the University of Tokyo, many Japanese people can study. I am trying to solve the problem of not being able to speak English well enough even though I am
Understanding the brewery’s ambitious desire to spread Dassai to the world, Gabby Academy decided to participate in this project to help the new overseas team acquire the necessary language skills.

“I want to teach sake brewing in my own words” in the future. For that reason, language skills.
“The main goal of the New York Sake Brewing Project is to make the local sake brewing process efficient and successful, producing sake of equal or better quality than Dassai in Japan. In order to achieve this goal, it is essential to acquire skills and knowledge from veteran staff who are familiar with sake brewing. In order to do so, it is absolutely necessary to be able to communicate directly without going through an interpreter. ‘ said Mr. Naoya Matsufuji, who is the CTO of this project and is learning English at Gabby.
Gabby Academy will continue to focus on English learning support for the New York Sake Brewery Project, and will also focus on teaching English expressions and communication methods necessary for sake brewing and communication with local staff. .
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Full interview with Mr. Matsufuji:
https://gabbyacademy.com/blog/student-interview/asahisyuzo-matsufuji Full interview with Kodama:
https://gabbyacademy.com/blog/student-interview/asahisyuzo-kodama Full interview with Miura:
https://gabbyacademy.com/blog/student-interview/asahisyuzo-miura 【Company Profile】
Company name: Gabby Academy Co., Ltd.
Location: GYB Akihabara 2F, 2-25 Kandasudacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Representative: President and CEO Naoko Hall
Established: February 28, 2020
URL: https://gabbyacademy.com
Business description: Development and sales of Gabby, an English speaking training course, planning and implementation of corporate English training

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