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The iOS/Android version of “ACA NEOGEO”, the 51st installment in the “ACA NEOGEO” series, where you can enjoy NEOGEO’s masterpieces and masterpieces on your smartphone, “Fatal Fury 3 ~Harukanaru Totai~ ACA NEOGEO” is now available for distribution!

SNK Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Suita City, Osaka Prefecture, President and CEO: Kenji Matsubara) will start distributing the iOS / Android version of “Fatal Fury 3 ~ Harukanaru Tottori ~ ACA NEOGEO” from today (January 12, 2023). I will let you know what I did. We will continue to distribute NEOGEO masterpieces and masterpiece titles, so please look forward to it.
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“Fatal Fury 3 ~The Distant Battle~ ACA NEOGEO”
Fatal Fury 3: Harukanaru Totai is a fighting game released by SNK in 1995. Set in South Town, a new “fate” will begin to move in this work, and 10 Fatal Furies will appear, including 5 new characters. Equipped with new elements such as oversway and combination arts, you can enjoy super authentic battles.
Compatible with Bluetooth controllers! Multiplayer play is possible! By using a Bluetooth controller, you can enjoy the game more comfortably. Also, by connecting multiple controllers to your smartphone, you can play in cooperation with your friends. Let’s show off your skills by customizing to your liking with a full
configuration function!
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■Title name: Fatal Fury 3 ~The Distant Battle~ Akeaka NEOGEO ■ Supported platforms: iOS/Android
■ Genre: Fighting
■ Distribution start date: January 12, 2023
■Price: 650 yen (tax included)
■ Delivery URL
App Store: https://apps.apple.com/jp/app/fatal-fury-3-aca-neogeo/id1634732903 Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.snk.acaff3 “ACA NEOGEO App Twitter Campaign in January” is held!
An original QUO card (500 yen worth) will be presented to 10 people by lottery! [Image 5

■ Campaign period
January 12, 2023 (Thursday) to January 31, 2023 (Tuesday) 23:59 ■ How to apply
1. Follow SNK JAPAN official account

2. Retweet campaign posts
https://twitter.com/SNKPofficial_jp/status/1613355330976505858 *Winners will be contacted via DM at a later date.
Since its birth in 1990, the game platform “NEOGEO” has been enthusiastically loved by fans all over the world. SNK and Hamster Co., Ltd. are developing the “ACA NEOGEO” series, where you can enjoy masterpieces that were once released in “NEOGEO” in the latest game environment. Following the consumer version, which has recorded over 4 million downloads worldwide, the iOS/Android version is finally available! Based on the concept of faithfully reproducing the arcade games of the time, it is equipped with difficulty settings, various screen settings, and online rankings. In addition, a quick save/load function and a virtual pad customization function have been added to support comfortable play on smartphones. Please enjoy the masterpieces that are still supported at “ACA NEOGEO”.
– “ACA NEOGEO” portal site
Arcade Archives Series Produced by HAMSTER Co.
*The game screen is under development.
*Other company names and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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