Pacific Meta Co., Ltd. Pacific Meta Co., Ltd. joins Astar Japan Lab, aiming to maximize business opportunities in Japan for Astar Network, aiming to create further cases

Pacific Meta Co., Ltd.
Pacific Meta Co., Ltd. joins Astar Japan Lab, aiming to maximize business opportunities in Japan for Astar Network, aiming to create further cases
~ Supporting the spread of Astar Network in Japan and corporate transactions ~
On January 26, 2023, Pacific Meta Co., Ltd. joined the “Astar Japan Lab” for the purpose of creating examples in Japan through the utilization, development and promotion of the Astar Network. This organization is a voluntary organization of businesses and communities involved in the development of Astar Network, and aims to support the spread of Astar in Japan and expand business using Astar Network. [Image 1d111379-14-8c2a955ec4d892230a05-2.png&s3=111379-14-7a7e3388be2ddcdf14eb8fe25297066c-1200x630.png
■ About Astar Japan Lab
Astar Japan Lab aims to further develop the Astar economic zone by actively researching and researching necessary information,
consolidating knowledge, and exchanging opinions in Japan for businesses involved in service development and business creation using Astar Network. was established for
For an overview of Astar Japan Lab, please check the website below. Astar Japan Lab Official Page:
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■What is Astar Network?
Astar Network is Japan’s first international public blockchain. Astar supports Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and WebAssembly (WASM), creating an environment that makes it easy for developers who used to develop Ethereum and Web Apps to develop dApps.
Astar web page:
[Image 2d111379-14-e2c87b27d21d3e802330-0.png&s3=111379-14-17140b8cf576f0abdc82914bb655b62d-1188x408.png
■Astar Network
Astar Network is a public blockchain from Japan and one of Polkadot’s parachains that focuses on connecting different blockchains. Astar Network features dApps Staking, a unique feature that expands the ecosystem by incentivizing developers to build product infrastructure that enriches the ecosystem. In addition, it currently supports EVM, and in the future, it will provide the best solution for developers by becoming a parachain where EVM and WASM smart contracts can coexist and communicate with each other.
■ Pacific Meta Co., Ltd.
[Image 3d111379-14-44959dc3b566b1b84a34-1.png&s3=111379-14-8edcda9f377e741f6b4a1d4e4c3c3c5b-1500x1500.png
Pacific Meta is a company that provides hands-on strategy consulting and marketing support to solve problems faced by domestic and overseas businesses and projects that are challenging in the Web3 area. Our global team provides comprehensive support based on primary
information and networks obtained from inside and outside Japan, and we are particularly focused on formulating marketing strategies, designing and operating communities, and expanding into overseas markets.
In addition, we operate the game guild “NGS” for NFT beginner gamers and “PacificMeta Magazine” for GameFi specialized media.
Location: THE CASK GOTANDA 305, 2-5-2 Higashi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Representative: Shota Iwasaki, President and Representative Director Founding date: August 10, 2022
Business description: Strategy, marketing, and overseas support for Web3 projects in Japan and overseas
Capital: 150 million yen (including capital reserve)
Company URL:
“Pacific Meta Magazine”:
■ Inquiries regarding this matter
Company name: Pacific Meta Co., Ltd.
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