Palace Hotel Management Co., Ltd. “Salon de Zentis” Vol. 8 “Serge Gainsbourg”

Palace Hotel Management Co., Ltd.
“Salon de Zentis” Vol. 8 “Serge Gainsbourg”
An event where you can enjoy the best sounds of world-famous artists at the sophisticated hotel Zentis Osaka with high design

Zentis Osaka (location: 1-4-26 Dojimahama, Kita-ku, Osaka, general manager: Jun Yasui), located in Dojimahama, Osaka, is a record event “Salon de Zentis” where you can enjoy many famous songs left by world-famous artists. Vol. 8 “Serge Gainsbourg” will be held on Thursday, March 2, 2023.
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The eighth installment features Serge Gainsbourg, a talented songwriter, singer, film director, actor, novelist and photographer. While creating scandalous topics, the freedom that can be glimpsed in bold statements and actions was loved as one of the charms. Please enjoy the time at Zentis Osaka where his famous songs are colored on the night of early March when you can feel the arrival of spring. The music event “Salon de Zentis” is based on the concept of “Encounters of a New Kind, a place where sensibility takes a deep breath.” This is an event where you can enjoy a high-quality music experience with Technics’ top-of-the-line sound system. This event, which welcomes Naoki Tachikawa, a producer active in a wide range of genres such as music, movies, art, and stage, is held regularly, and is an opportunity for customers with a high interest in music to have an intellectual encounter. I am asking and participating. We have many repeat guests, and we provide a relaxing space unique to a hotel that complements well-known songs selected from around the world so that you can enjoy it no matter how many times you visit.
In addition to enjoying a wealth of episodes and talks by Mr. Tachikawa, who was a close friend of Serge Gainsbourg, at the “UPSTAIRZ Lounge, Bar, Restaurant” on the 2nd floor of the hotel, a dinner course devised exclusively for this event by the chef, Enjoy a special Serge Gainsbourg-inspired cocktail prepared by our bartenders. After the event, Mr. Tachikawa will hold an after-sales salon where Mr. Tachikawa will have a more in-depth discussion of music on the spacious terrace.
This event will be held continuously, and the next event will feature “Frank Sinatra” on Sunday, May 14th. While enjoying the sophisticated hotel space with a focus on design, enjoy the unique time of Zentis Osaka surrounded by the music of world-famous artists with the highest sound quality.
Event overview
Event name: “Salon de Zentis” Vol.8 “Serge Gainsbourg”
Date: March 2, 2023 (Thursday) Reception 18:30- / Dinner 19:00-20:30 / Session 20:30-22:00
Venue: Zentis Osaka 2F “UPSTAIRZ Lounge, Bar, Restaurant”
Price: 20,000 yen (including 10% service charge and consumption tax) with dinner course *Drinks are charged separately
Contents: – Session – While enjoying music with Technics’ high-end audio, Mr. Naoki Tachikawa will present a wealth of episodes and talks about artists and records.
-Dinner-Special dinner course devised by the chef exclusively for this event – Cocktails – special cocktails inspired by Serge Gainsbourg Reservation reception: 06-4796-3200 (“UPSTAIRZ Lounge, Bar,
Restaurant”) Acceptance starts from Tuesday, January 24
URL: Organizer: Zentis Osaka
Producer: Naoki Tachikawa
Production: KYOEI
Cooperation: FM COCOLO 765 / Technics
Overview of “Salon de Zentis” After Salon
Event name: “Salon de Zentis” After Salon
Date: March 2, 2023 (Thursday) 22:30-midnight
Venue: “UPSTAIRZ Lounge, Bar, Restaurant” terrace seats
Price: 5,000 yen (including 10% service charge and consumption tax) with 1 drink and light meal
Contents: A special moment where you can individually enjoy an intimate music discussion with Mr. Tachikawa
Reservation: 06-4796-3200 (“UPSTAIRZ Lounge, Bar, Restaurant”) Accommodation plan: “Salon de Zentis” accommodation plan with after-salon Studio (25 square meters) from 29,710 yen for 2 people
Corner Studio (32 square meters) from 39,610 yen for 2 people *The above prices do not include the participation fee for the “Salon de Zentis” dinner session.
*Includes 10% service charge, consumption tax, and accommodation tax *1 night, 2 days, 1 room charge
●Serge Gainsbourg 1928.4.2 – 1991.3.2
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Songwriter from Paris, France. Mr. Gainsbourg, who made his brilliant debut with “Le Poinçonneur des Lilas” released in 1958, is a multi-talented artist who is also active as a film director and actor. Beginning with the song “Yumemiru Chanson Ningyo” for France Gal, a singer from France who is also from France, he has produced numerous hit songs. He wore casual clothes and never had a flamboyant atmosphere that would attract attention, but his sensational remarks often caused controversy and often became the center of attention. Continuing to create music until his later years, in 1990 he won an honorary award at Les Victoires de la Musique, which is also known as the French Grammy Award, and his unconventional and free personality and music. captivated people.
●Producer Naoki Tachikawa
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Born in 1949. Since the beginning of the 70’s, he has been active as a producer/director in a wide range of genres, including music, movies, art, and stage, with the theme of media exchange. His fields include rock, jazz, classical music, film music, art, stage design, and urban development, and he is also gaining popularity as a music critic and essayist with his own unique perspective. “Shangri-La Prophecy”, “One Week with Serge Gainsbourg”, “TOKYO 1969”, “The Liner Notes”, “I Stand Alone”, “CONVERSATION PEACE 10 Dialogues on Rock and Roll”, “How to Listen to Music” ] and many other books.
●「UPSTAIRZ Lounge, Bar, Restaurant」
The open kitchen all-day dining, which can be used from breakfast to dinner, is integrated with the lounge bar area where you can enjoy afternoon tea and cocktails, creating a stylish space that shows a different atmosphere in the morning and at night. There are also private rooms and terrace seats, which are useful for various scenes and purposes.
Produced by Mr. Shinya Otsuchihashi, executive chef of “CRAFTALE” in Nakameguro, Tokyo. We respect the food culture of Osaka and offer a variety of dishes that resonate with the five senses.
Zentis Osaka
A hotel located in Dojima Beach, Osaka, which opened in July 2020. A new accommodation-oriented brand developed by Palace Hotel.
“Zentis” is a coined word made up of “Z”, which symbolizes the ultimate, “entis”, which means essence in Latin, and the Japanese words “zento” and “en”. The idea is to become a place where people who have mastered the essence of their own lifestyles can enjoy their stay as if they were living there, carve out a new future, and meet fate. Hotel overview
■Name: Zentis Osaka
■ Opening date: Wednesday, July 15, 2020
■ Location: 1-4-26 Dojimahama, Kita-ku, Osaka
1st floor front desk, guest lounge
2nd floor “UPSTAIRZ Lounge, Bar, Restaurant”, multi-purpose room “Room 001”, fitness
Guest rooms on the 3rd to 13th floors
■ Total floor area: 9,153.15 square meters (2,767.46 tsubo)
■ Management company: Palace Hotel Co., Ltd.
■ Operating company: Palace Hotel Management Co., Ltd.
■ General manager: Atsushi Yasui
■ Design: Tara Bernard & Partners Representative Tara Bernard ■ Guest rooms: 212 rooms (including 2 suites, 25 to 57 square meters) Access: Approximately 12 minutes on foot from JR “Osaka” Station, approximately 4 minutes on foot from JR Tozai Line “Kitashinchi” Station, approximately 4 minutes on foot from Subway Yotsubashi Line “Higobashi” Station, Keihan Electric Railway Nakanoshima Line “Watanabebashi” Station About 4 minutes on foot
■ Official website:
■ Facebook:
■ Instagram:

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