Palmistry | Noriko Ogushi will give you a detailed appraisal of your love, marriage, and vocation. The official fortune-telling site “Palm reading room” has been greatly renewed.

Rensa Co., Ltd.
Palmistry | Noriko Ogushi will give you a detailed appraisal of your love, marriage, and vocation. The official fortune-telling site “Palm reading room” has been greatly renewed.

Rensa Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Tetsuya Takei) will start from December 23, 2022 (Friday) on the official fortune-telling site “Noriko Ohgushi’s Fortune-telling”, “Ogushi Noriko’s palm reading appraisal. Room” has been renewed. ◆”Ogushi Noriko’s Fortune-telling” URL: [Image 1

■ Content overview
“Suddenly, can I fortune-telling? On the official fortune-telling site of Noriko Ogushi, which is rapidly gaining popularity, we have renewed one of the corners on the site, “Noriko Ogushi’s Palm Reading Room”. In this renewal, we have added a new palmistry item.
You can now predict your destiny in more detail from palmistry, so please take this opportunity to use “Noriko Ohgushi’s
[Renewal contents]
The following items have been added to the appraisal items.
・Your character and destiny from palmistry
・Your view of love and charm from palmistry
・ Your marriage luck and happiness to build from palmistry
・Your talents and vocations that can be predicted from palmistry * In order to enjoy “Ogushi Noriko’s Palm Reading Room”, you need to register as a member of the official website “Ogushi Noriko’s Fortune-telling” ( (330 yen per month) ■Introduction of the official website “Noriko Ohgushi’s Fortune-telling” The official fortune-telling site of Noriko Ogushi, a fortune-teller who is overwhelmingly popular on TV and in the media. Having the experience of traveling around the world while foretelling the people he met along the way, the blog he wrote based on that won the number one PV. In addition, he was selected as a regular member of the popular fortune-telling program “Is it okay to tell fortunes suddenly?” On this site, Noriko Ogushi will illuminate your reality and give light to your future possibilities with the appraisal skills cultivated from her experience of fortune-telling people around the world.
■ Supervisor introduction
Fortune-telling history 10 years, more than 20,000 appraisals. Currently, a talented fortune-teller who regularly appears on the popular fortune-telling program “Is it possible to tell fortunes suddenly?” Many celebrities and idols were appraised on TV and made a big hit. After gaining experience at a foreign-affiliated company, since 2009, he has traveled to 64 countries over the course of 1 year and 8 months, looking at palms around the world, with the theme of “world’s palms.” In 2011, towards the end of her trip, she decided to become a fortune teller after being scouted by a fortune-teller. Taking advantage of his life experience and palm reading know-how, he became a fortune teller.
Currently, with the theme of “a way of life that is unique to that person,” he not only predicts the future of the client himself with the original method “Illumina Fortune”, but also helps guide them to a happy life.
■ Content overview
・ Content name: Noriko Ogushi’s fortune-telling
・Sales fee: 330 yen per month (tax included)
・Provided URL:
Introduction of love and fortune-telling media “Minori”
[Image 2d74768-301-5927345183f30767175f-1.jpg&s3=74768-301-cd3a93a3c676e12be1377879b82f4d7c-300x100.jpg
From 2020, we will start planning and managing the love and
fortune-telling media “Minori”. It provides free fortune-telling and information centered on romance columns.
“Minori Winning Free Fortune-telling & Romance Column” URL: Introduction of romance column for women & free fortune-telling media “Sekirara” [Image 3d74768-301-ce8e7bdef95f09e15383-2.jpg&s3=74768-301-1b2970e056df922ef9a38462c5b6dc44-300x100.jpg
From 2022, we will start providing “Sekirara”, a romance column and free fortune-telling media for women. We will deliver useful information from a unique perspective to help you enjoy the nightlife more, and the true feelings of men who have not been able to cut it until now. In addition, free fortune-telling of popular
fortune-tellers active in various media such as TV and magazines is updated daily!
“Sekirara-Adult Romance Column & Free Fortune-telling” URL: Introduction of freelance, job change service, and general service “Tech Mania” [Image 4d74768-301-21b67ec5e179b7fb05e4-3.png&s3=74768-301-e99da425ceeed7aca253ed1fa28d6627-315x90.png
For those who aim to be active in the IT industry from 2021, we will provide comprehensive support for career change, freelance activities, and learning, and provide a place for each individual to play an active role. Started operation. The engineer blog is also being updated to deepen the knowledge of engineers!
“Techmania -techmania-” URL:
■Company Profile
[Image 5d74768-301-bf139d48fd857b4ce7d1-4.png&s3=74768-301-f4faa4acb22c26e17fc9c71ab5126724-250x83.png
Rensa Co., Ltd.:
The origin of the word Rensa is “chain reaction” and “chain of heart-to-heart connection”.
Our mission is to contribute to society through manufacturing, and to create smiles by connecting people’s hearts through products and services.
Rensa plans and produces digital content centered on entertainment content, and provides content through multiple channels. In addition to apps for iOS and Android, we have established a position in the digital content market for women, centered on web media for each major SNS media.

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