PARCO Co., Ltd. Supporting the development of sales channels for small and medium-sized enterprises through purchase-type crowdfunding! We also provide opportunities to touch the real thing by combining real store displays.

Parco Co., Ltd.
Supporting the development of sales channels for small and
medium-sized enterprises through purchase-type crowdfunding! We also provide opportunities to touch the real thing by combining real store displays.
Tokyo Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center & PARCO Co., Ltd.
~Projects in progress for 20 supported companies~
Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Tokyo Small and Medium Enterprise Support Corporation (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter public corporation) and PARCO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter PARCO) have launched the purchase-type crowdfunding “BOOSTER” operated by PARCO. We have started a project to support the development of sales channels for small and medium-sized enterprises.
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[Image 2d3639-2317-9381ed009b27b132c726-1.jpg&s3=3639-2317-848a395cc6009a2c3d856869920f41b9-2000x1500.jpg
[Image 3d3639-2317-e44bda02ecdcacf84c00-2.jpg&s3=3639-2317-2e1d967e65571f2386558d250702c0f0-2000x1500.jpg
[Image 4d3639-2317-e4d2a720b48cf7adf134-3.jpg&s3=3639-2317-7d903d7a6fe56eb989a12a835ce7e41f-2000x1500.jpg
Targeting the products supported by the public corporation’s market development support for small and medium-sized enterprises, that is, the “small and medium-sized enterprise new market development support project”, for products and companies selected from among them, a new market development support tool in recent years We will actively provide opportunities to experience purchase-type crowdfunding, which is attracting attention as.
We have started posting the projects of 20 companies targeted for support this time. In particular, by combining the “online mechanism” of purchase-type crowdfunding and the “exhibition at a real store”, we have created an environment where prospective purchasers can easily purchase.
Please pay attention to this initiative.
-The exhibition base is “BOOSTER STUDIO” in Shibuya PARCO
Since purchase-type crowdfunding will be sold online, we will also strengthen offline advertising.
By directly seeing and touching the actual returned items, we have created an environment that makes it easy for prospective purchasers to make purchases.
[Image 5d3639-2317-af291bb37316338075ae-4.jpg&s3=3639-2317-329081e860cee45a8d828fdd563d0523-1580x1020.jpg
* Exhibition period: December 16th (Friday) to January 31st (Tuesday) ■ Shibuya PARCO “BOOSTER STUDIO”
“BOOSTER STUDIO” is a showroom that mainly introduces products and gadgets. It is mainly used as a place for test marketing and advertising, as well as a place to check the actual product for online sales. ・ Location: Shibuya PARCO 1F, 15-1 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo ・Operating hours: 11:00-21:00
・Closed: Irregular holidays
-Besides the exhibition! Contents of this attractive support-A safe mechanism even for those who post crowdfunding for the first time– [Image 6d3639-2317-1b3f09e13fc08ae49b72-5.jpg&s3=3639-2317-9cc65f64f682d5f1140debb0748a902e-2665x767.jpg
1. Open a dedicated site for this project!
By appealing as a group project, we aim to spread from the plan to individual projects.
Special site: 2. Thorough support from a full-time advisor!
Those who are trying purchase-type crowdfunding for the first time have many concerns and issues such as “system operation”, “project page configuration”, “return product design”, and “risk management”. In this support, the staff of the crowdfunding BOOSTER will act as a dedicated advisor, “progress management according to individual circumstances”, “provision of tailor-made strategies”, etc., to eliminate the hurdles to publication and to achieve the purpose Increase accuracy.
3. There is public corporation support such as fees!
Some public corporations will bear the fees and designated advertising usage fees for posting on purchase-type crowdfunding (there is an upper limit).
– What is the Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center Small and Medium Enterprise New Market Development Support Project –
[Image 7d3639-2317-672ba65ff9ad41e59db2-6.jpg&s3=3639-2317-fdc9364eaa09684d9ff3a9918df1b60b-1500x198.jpg

About the Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Foundation Comprehensive and core support for small and medium enterprises in Tokyo
As an organization, we provide various support projects and contribute to the revitalization of Tokyo’s economy and the improvement of citizens’ lives.
● About small business new market development support project We provide support related to sales mechanisms and sales channel development for excellent products, technologies, and services developed by small and medium-sized enterprises in Tokyo. For implementation, human resources (business navigators, marketing organizers) who have extensive experience in development,
manufacturing, sales, etc. at major private companies will share business know-how to enhance comprehensive sales capabilities and product appeal.

-What is the crowdfunding site BOOSTER-
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PARCO Co., Ltd., which operates fashion buildings PARCO nationwide, is a crowdfunding site for teams that want to spread their products around the world with the theme of “an idea support market that accelerates the future”.

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