Parent’s fraudulent order detection service “O-PLUX” cooperates with chat payment service “BOTCHAN Payment”

Kakko Co., Ltd.
Parent’s fraudulent order detection service “O-PLUX” cooperates with chat payment service “BOTCHAN Payment”
Fraud detection industry’s first “chat form” to prevent fraudulent orders before settlement, also as a countermeasure against rampant affiliate fraud

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Kakko Co., Ltd. (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Hiroyuki Iwai; security code: 4166; hereinafter, The fraudulent order detection service “O-PLUX” provided by Parent) also has a payment function provided by wevnal Co., Ltd. In cooperation with the chat form service “BOTCHAN Payment”, we will prevent fraudulent orders such as aiming for affiliate rewards via the chat form, and improve the efficiency of operations such as address confirmation and identity confirmation for online shopping businesses. We will make it happen. Background of the collaboration
In the past few years, as D2C (Direct to Consumer), in which manufacturers conduct transactions directly with consumers in online shopping, has been booming, the amount of fraudulent credit card damage in FY2021 will reach a record high of 33 billion yen (*1). Fraudulent order damage such as climbing to the top is on the rise. In D2C, single item mail order that sells only one product or genre is conspicuous, but as a marketing method, there are many cases where affiliates and first-time limited products are handled, so there are fraudulent orders aimed at affiliate rewards and malicious resale. there is a problem. Furthermore, recently, such fraudulent order damage is increasing via chat forms, which are often seen as digital marketing tools.
Against this background, the chat form service “BOTCHAN Payment” and the fraudulent order detection service “O-PLUX” will be linked. E-commerce business operators using “BOTCHAN Payment” will be able to take measures against fraud as an option.
*1: Japan Consumer Credit Association: “Occurrence of credit card fraud damage (September 2022)
Advantages of this collaboration
Countermeasures against fraudulent orders via the chat form can be prevented by visual inspection by the person in charge and matching with the company’s blacklist, but operation such as address
confirmation on the map site and comparison with past order
information The burden is heavy, and if the number of orders exceeds a certain number, it will take man-hours, making it difficult to review manually. Through this alliance, using “O-PLUX”, we will utilize items linked to a wide range of order information, such as detection based on phone number communication information, vacant room information, and fraud trends that occurred on EC sites using “O-PLUX”. It is possible to perform highly accurate screening because it detects As a result, it is now possible to detect fraudulent orders before the order is confirmed, and it is possible to omit the processes such as identity verification by e-mail or telephone, order cancellation processing, etc. A significant reduction in operating costs can be expected.
[Comment from the company that introduced it: Basclin Co., Ltd.]  Among the ever-increasing number of credit card frauds, our company was considering fraud countermeasures for the credit card validity check “Credit Master”. Just when we were considering replacing the chat form service, we decided to introduce “BOTCHAN” because it already had a track record of linking with the fraudulent order detection service “O-PLUX”.
As a result, we have realized the ideal operation of being able to screen before authorization by the credit card company, and blocking orders with NG screening results.
About “BOTCHAN Payment”
 BOTCHAN is a BX platform that maximizes the LTV of consumers and companies by improving the brand experience. Among them, the chat form payment service “BOTCHAN Payment”, which combines the payment function with the chat form, which is a web customer service tool, will optimize the entry form and contribute to the improvement of CVR. * Click here for details of “BOTCHAN Payment”:
About fraudulent order detection service “O-PLUX”
The fraudulent order detection service “O-PLUX” provided by Kakko is a service that determines whether an order is normal or fraudulent based on order data. In addition, it is a service that detects fraudulent orders in real time with a unique examination logic that utilizes data science, prevents fraudulent damage such as credit card spoofing orders, unauthorized resale, malicious resale, and non-payment of deferred payments, and automates examination operations. .
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* Click here for details of “O-PLUX”: Kakko will continue to analyze and research the latest and most diverse fraudulent methods, and by actively working to expand functions and develop services, we will contribute to the creation of an environment for safe and secure online transactions and online shopping. I will come.
Partner company details:
■Company profile
wevnal Inc.
Address: Ebisu Square 7F, 1-23-23 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Hirofumi Isoyama, Representative Director
Established: April 2011
Business description: Development and provision of BX (Brand Experience) platform “BOTCHAN”
Kakko Co., Ltd.
Address: 1-5-31 Motoakasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Hiroyuki Iwai, President and CEO
Established: January 28, 2011
Business description: SaaS type algorithm provision business (fraud detection service, payment consulting service, data science service) Related Sites :
Fraud detection media “Fraud Detection Lab Fuserabo”:
Data Science Blog:
Recruitment information: Details about this release:


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