Pearl Abyss JP Co., Ltd. Online RPG for PC “Black Desert” Twin sister, new class “Meg” implemented!

Pearl Abyss JP Co., Ltd.
Online RPG for PC “Black Desert” twin sister, new class “Meg” implementation!
Pearl Abyss JP Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Han Shohei) has implemented a new class “Meg” in the online PRG “Black Desert” for PC today, January 18 (Wednesday). I will let you know. The new class “Meg” is the twin sister of “Usa”, which was implemented in December last year. A long-range character who unfolds splendid sorcery.

New class “Meg” appears in the PC version of “Black Desert”! [Image 1

A new class “Meg” has been implemented, a Taoist of the left dobo who captivates those who see it with the power of an enchanting fox. Meg is a long-distance character who uses a talisman called “Fox Reifu” as her main weapon, and uses the unique characteristics of her alter ego and sharp movement techniques to unleash splendid sorcery.
[Video 2:]

▲ Combat footage of the new class “Meg”
Duplicates are created when using certain skills. Ghosts are displayed with family names, character names, guild names, field rankings, etc., and are also displayed on the mini-map, making it look like there are two characters. In addition, Meg can move the main body to the alter ego with a single button when the alter ego is created.
We will also distribute coupons for special gifts to commemorate the implementation of “Meg”!
Enter “MAEG-UWIT-HAHA-MMER” before the scheduled maintenance on Wednesday, March 8, 2023.
Acquire J’s Naive Hammer.
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There are plenty of support items to grow Meg!
[Image 2

Event period: January 18, 2023 (Wednesday) after maintenance to February 15, 2023 (Wednesday) before maintenance
Event content:
Raise Meg’s level and receive various support items from the challenge (Y)! You can get “Komiya’s hair ornament” just by logging in,
Depending on the level, you can get “Advice of Volks (+60)”, “Gold 1kG”, “[EV] Elion’s Tears x5”, etc.
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Many other events!
Double the flower of oblivion! Chance to get 30 Mainspring Roots! January 18, 2023 (Wednesday) maintenance to February 1, 2023 (Wednesday) before maintenance Looking for a rabbit that will give you buffs and wraps..
January 18, 2023 (Wednesday) after maintenance to February 1, 2023 (Wednesday) before maintenance A valuable item from the East that appeared in the Black Desert. January 18, 2023 (Wednesday) after maintenance to February 1, 2023 (Wednesday) before maintenance Hot Time on all channels! Plus Season Class Boosts!
January 18, 2023 (Wednesday) after regular maintenance to February 8, 2023 (Wednesday) before regular maintenance
January 19, 2023 (Thursday) 0:00 to February 14, 2023 (Tuesday) 23:59

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The MMORPG, Black Desert.
“Black Desert” challenges the limits of MMORPGs by implementing remastered graphics full of dynamism and realistic sounds. Enjoy powerful battles and siege battles, exploration and trade, fishing, training, alchemy, cooking, gathering, hunting, and more in a vast open world.
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“Black Desert MOBILE” is a mobile-only online RPG based on the PC MMORPG “Black Desert”. In addition to battle content such as beautiful graphics and highly action-oriented battles, abundant classes, PvP, PvE, and GvG, you can also enjoy various life content.
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PC version of “Black Desert”
·Official site
“Black Desert Mobile”
·Official site

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