Penta Security Systems Co., Ltd. Penta Security Releases White Paper Explaining “Necessity of WAF” for Fre e

Penta Security Systems Co., Ltd.
Penta Security Releases White Paper Explaining “Need for WAF” for Free Solutions to protect companies from diversifying cyberattacks
Penta Security Systems Co., Ltd., which develops and provides security products such as data encryption solution “D’Amo” and cloud-based WAF service “Cloudbric WAF+” Penta Security) has released a white paper titled “The Necessity of WAF” for corporate IT and security personnel. [Imaged32363-21-1901df08afbf17ae35da-0.jpg&s3=32363-21-82ec5f6e96257a915aed628efd305f8b-600x371.jpg
■Overview of the white paper
Websites are now an essential part of business. On the other hand, cyber-attacks targeting web applications are increasing day by day, and WAF (Web Application Firewall) is attracting attention as an effective security measure. This document is aimed at IT and security personnel who want to maintain the security of their companies, and explains everything from examples of cyberattacks to the purpose and effects of introducing WAF.
1. What is a WAF
2. Examples of cyber attacks
3. Implementation Issues in Enterprises
4. WAF introduction purpose and effect
5. Three types of WAF
6. Reasons for choosing a cloud-based WAF
7. Features of Cloudbric WAF+
■ Recommended for people like this
– Those who are worried about frequent cyber attacks
-Those who are considering thorough security measures
– Those who want to get more information about WAF
– Those who want to know the effect of introducing WAF
▼ Click here for the white paper “Need for WAF”
■ What is the cloud-based WAF service “Cloudbric WAF+”?
Cloudbric WAF+ is a cloud-based WAF service for enterprises with advanced attack detection capabilities patented in Japan, South Korea, and the United States. Equipped with five services (WAF, DDoS attack, SSL certificate, threat IP blocking, and malicious bot blocking) that are essential for ensuring web security, this alone protects corporate web systems from diversifying cyber attacks. increase. In addition, it can be easily operated and introduced even if there is no security expert in the company.
■ Penta Security Systems Co., Ltd.
Penta Security is an information security company representing South Korea, an IT powerhouse. We provide products and services for corporate information security, such as data encryption solution “D’Amo”, cloud-based security platform service “Cloudbric”, and authentication security. It possesses advanced technology and has been patented in South Korea, Japan, the United States, etc., and is expanding its business in 95 countries around the world, including Japan. We are also focusing on developing services that utilize IoT security and blockchain.

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