“PERFECT NEEDLE” has been renewed! Beauty adviser Koji Uematsu is appointed as an ambassador!

Fabius Co., Ltd. (Beauty EC brand [FABIUS])
“PERFECT NEEDLE” has been renewed! Beauty adviser Koji Uematsu is appointed as an ambassador!

The beauty cream “PERFECT NEEDLE” from the beauty brand “FABIUS” has been renewed under the concept of “making everyone beautiful”! We started selling it as “PERFECT NEEDLE Premium”.
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Perfect Needle is a microneedle to apply. A new type of aging care that delivers beauty ingredients deep into the skin (*stratum corneum). 220-250μm microneedles invisible to the naked eye. FABIUS has succeeded in safely blending this into the cream with its own technology! It is a tingling beauty cream that activates the skin and promotes turnover by giving a tingling stimulation to the skin with microneedles. In addition, you can expect the effect of delivering many active ingredients directly to the stratum corneum of the skin. Microneedles containing high-grade beauty ingredients such as human stem cell culture extract penetrate into the stratum corneum and are slowly released over 72 hours. You will feel a tingling sensation from the moment you apply it, but please be assured that it is proof that it has penetrated. Start the latest anti-aging care at home with Perfect Needle Premium. And feel the firmness and elasticity. [Image 3

This time, it has been renewed as “PERFECT NEEDLE Premium”!
“Niacinamide” is also included. Taking advantage of the renewal, we have appointed fashion producer Koji Uematsu as our ambassador! Mr. Koji Uematsu, who is active in various media such as TV, magazines, and the web with his unique sharp aesthetic eye and loving and dry talk, has appeared on the product page.
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Mr. Koji Uematsu loves Perfect Needle, and we had the opportunity to interview him.
[Interview with Koji Uematsu]
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Q. What do you pay attention to in your daily skin care routine? A. I try to decide what to use based on the condition of my skin that day. I think it’s important to find skincare products that you can use as your partner, and that make you feel like your skin is in good condition when you use it.
Q.What does Mr. Uematsu think about “mote skin”?
A. I think it’s the skin that is facing properly. It’s only natural that things become more worrisome as you age, but there are more areas that you can’t compensate for with skin care you used when you were young. I think that the skin that accepts the changes that occur with age, faces it properly, and gives it what it needs is a very nice and popular skin.
Q.On the other hand, what is Mr. Uematsu’s idea of ​​”ugly skin”? A. Is it the skin you gave up on? I think it’s important to want to be beautiful no matter how old you are, so it would be nice if you could take care of your skin, even just a little.
Q. Please tell us your impressions when you used Perfect Needle Premium for the first time.
A. I knew about needle cream, but this is the first time I’ve actually used it. I was a little scared that it might hurt because there is a needle in it, but I was surprised to find that it was the first time I had ever experienced such a sensation.
Q. Have there been any changes since you started using Perfect Needle Premium? A. I’ve been getting more compliments on my skin. I can feel the firmness in my skin. Also, I’m looking forward to skincare time! The stimulation of the comfortable needles is pleasant, and skin care has become a relaxing time.
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[Profile of Koji Uematsu]
Koji Uematsu
fashion producer
With his unique sharp aesthetic eye and loving dry talk, he appears on various media such as TV, magazines, and the WEB, and proposes a fusion of trends and elegance. He is well versed in beauty information and continues to deliver the ultimate total beauty that beautifully sublimates fashion and beauty. Magazine, web serialization and many books.
[Lecture on how to use by Mr. Koji Uematsu]
[PERFECT NEEDLE Premium/Product Overview]
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【Product name】
 Perfect Needle Premium
20g for 1 month
[Raw material name]
Water, BG, squalane, glycerin, dimethicone, glyceryl stearate, hydrolyzed sponge, niacinamide, human adipocyte conditioned media extract, human recombinant oligopeptide-1, retinyl palmitate, trisodium ascorbyl phosphate palmitate , Arbutin, Allantoin, Suizenjinori Polysaccharide, Water-Soluble Proteoglycan, Argania Spinosa Callus Culture Extract, Apple Fruit Culture Cell Extract, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Olive Fruit Oil, Sodium Acetyl Hyaluronate, Sodium Hyaluronic Acid, Placenta Extract , ceramide NP, ceramide AP, ceramide EOP, phytosphingosine, cholesterol, sodium lauroyl lactylate, carbomer, xanthan gum, behenyl alcohol, polyglyceryl-10 pentastearate, sodium stearoyl lactylate, stearic acid, tocopherol, polyglyceryl-10 laurate , citric acid, arginine, isomalt, lecithin, sodium benzoate, (acryloyldimethyltaurate ammonium/VP) copolymer, t-butanol, polysorbate 60, (citric acid/lactic acid/linoleic acid/oleic acid) glyceryl, hydrogenated lecithin , cocoyl sarcosine Na, ethanol, corn oil, 1,2-hexanediol, caprylyl glycol, tropolone, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, propylparaben ▼ Click here for details on the product!
[About FABIUS]
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Fabius Co., Ltd. develops the brand “FABIUS” that realizes “what you want to be” based on the concept of “making everyone beautiful”. We seek out the wisdom to be beautiful and rich by staying close to each person’s thoughts on beauty, and deliver it to many people.
-Company Profile-
[Company name] Fabius Co., Ltd.
[Location] Shibuya Scramble Square 37F, 2-24-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002
[Business overview] Operation of the beauty e-commerce brand “FABIUS” [Brand site] https://fabius.co.jp/

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