Picture book “Majoneko Manya Mahou no Yubiwa” Magic Yubiwa illustration contest results announced

Micromagazine Co., Ltd.
Picture book “Majoneko Manya Mahou no Yubiwa” Magic Yubiwa
illustration contest results announced

・On the special site, the winners will be announced with comments from the author, Sachie Sakai, and the editorial department.
・The picture book “Majoneko Manya Maho no Yubiwa” is now on sale! Micromagazine (Chuo-ku, Tokyo) has announced the results of the “Majo Neko Manya Maho no Yubiwa” illustration contest on its special website.
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“Majoneko Manya Maho no Yubiwa” Magic Yubiwa Illustration Contest Results Announced
The total number of applications is over 60! Thank you for all the applications! The award-winning works selected by Sachie Sakai and the editorial department have been announced on the special website.
Comments from the teacher and the editorial department are also available! Also, if you search for the hashtag “#Manya Yubiwa” on Twitter / Instagram, You can see the wonderful Yubiwa illustrations sent by everyone, so please enjoy it.
Introduction of award-winning works
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Picture book “Majoneko Manya Magical Yubiwa”
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Magical Cat Manya Magical Yubiwa
Written and illustrated by: Sachie Sakai
ISBN: 9784867163436
List price: 1,540 yen (main unit 1,400 yen + tax 10%)
This is Manya’s mysterious shop.
There are a lot of magical goods lined up.
Yubiwa who can become a princess
Yubiwa where a mountain of cake comes out,
Yubiwa that creates the starry sky…
“What kind of wish can you grant?”
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Many cute and sparkling “magic rings” appear in the picture book. And the cover of the picture book is also glittery and holographic like the products lined up in Manya’s shop!
The design is eye-catching for children, so it is recommended for reading aloud or as a gift.
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About the author
Sachie Sakai
Born in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
Active in illustrations, picture books, comics, and animation. Received the 1st Story Picture Book Club Grand Prize for “Kojika Kojikko”. Main works include the “Small Little Poko Poko Picture Book” series, There are “Poko Poko Oyatsu Picture Book” series and “Kojika Kojikko” series (educational drama).
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