Pierre Redon’s 2023 Valentine’s limited chocolate from Belgium is now available. Pre-order sales start from January 6th from the official online shop.

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Pierre Redon’s 2023 Valentine’s limited chocolate from Belgium is now available. Pre-order sales start from January 6th from the official online shop.

Pierre Redon, a patissier chocolatier from the ancient city of Liège in Belgium, will start selling limited-time chocolates for Valentine’s Day from January 6, 2023 at department stores nationwide from the end of January from the official online shop -Bon Appetit Bon Kagurazaka-. I will.
2023 Valentine Theme
[Image 1d51405-17-a6e3e5a83e09aadb1d77-2.png&s3=51405-17-b50998661678d3607ed2b9783272c261-1698x1194.png
Foret de chocolat ~ Chocolat Forest ~
The sunlight shining in, the shining chocolate
cheer me up you
Various benefits of nature
Full of gratitude, hope and love
This is the forest where chocolate is born
Introduction of new item chocolate
[Image 2d51405-17-35f25266130a11645f18-1.png&s3=51405-17-3a49e9abf1be9d4a12f3575e486f4876-1227x1184.png
Chocolate using cacao beans and mango from the same production area. Bitter chocolate, which is characterized by its sourness and spicy aroma, is accented with richly sweet mango ganache and elegantly scented white rum.

[Image 3d51405-17-61e72c5fbbaa9620cc68-0.jpg&s3=51405-17-0211876a72462d693ac01b0438068c9b-777x1038.jpg
A grain of Brazilian cacao beans, coffee beans, and walnuts that allows you to fully feel the climate of Brazil.
Enjoy the exquisite combination of powerful richness and bitterness of cacao and the rich and creamy sweetness of coffee praline.
Introduction of new products

[Image 4d51405-17-04dafb5ac8cf35a257bf-5.jpg&s3=51405-17-71dd8161ed14e4cc630aef0b8f3c1599-2205x1519.jpg
-Cinque Etoile Plus Cool-
10 pieces ¥3,600
A special two-stage box with Pierre Redon’s classic heart-shaped chocolate added to the Cinq Etoile, which is an assortment of five heart-pounding chocolates. A luxurious box that emits a variety of brilliance.
[Image 5d51405-17-61360895d9c563c07944-6.jpg&s3=51405-17-8e1593b83814823ac923d3851ac783bb-1907x1426.jpg
-Cinque Etoile-
¥2,000 for 5 pieces
Select five sparkling chocolates carefully selected this year as well. New works using cacao beans and coffee beans from Brazil, which are particular about the marriage of raw materials from the same production area.
Cinq Etoile is the only place where you can enjoy 5 types of bitter, milk, white, ruby, and blond in one box.
[Image 6d51405-17-7c1fa285bf556cd861c5-7.jpg&s3=51405-17-567d41832c0c7228b017b497051ce235-2008x1931.jpg
¥3,000 for 10 pieces
A well-balanced assortment of 10 types, such as the long-loved “Chevalier”, which has two layers of praline and caramel, and the “Kikii”, which has the exquisite aroma of coconut in white chocolate. “Tanzania” is a collaboration chocolate that uses cacao from Tanzania and donates part of the profits to the construction of local schools. Eat delicious food and make the world smile.
◇Other List of products available in 2023◇
Amuse Boucher (5 pieces) ¥600
Trois (3 pieces) ¥ 1,000
Cis (6 pieces) ¥1,850
Petit Chateau (8 pieces) ¥2,750
Chateau (20 pieces) ¥4,500
Chateau Rouge (25 pieces) ¥6,250
Grand Chateau Opera (35 pieces) ¥10,000
Chocolatier introduction

[Image 7d51405-17-52948506c83633f842db-9.png&s3=51405-17-26819f634741e3bbc909577fd208e127-467x425.png
-Pierre Ledent – Pierre Redon – –
Born as the fourth generation of the long-established Patisserie Boulangerie in the ancient city of Liege in Belgium, he helped the family business from an early age and refined his skills.
Confectionery school graduated in just one year instead of three years, and after training in France, opened a workshop in his hometown of Liège.
Pierre Redon’s chocolate that shines like a jewel. This is a technique that can be achieved by the high level of tempering (temperature control) technology, which is said to be difficult when making bonbon chocolate.
In order to make the most of the gorgeous and soft texture, the coating is made as thin and delicate as possible, and he uses nuts, fruits, and spices carefully selected from around the world. He expresses the attractive women he has met in his life with chocolate, and names the chocolates after those women.
And not only chocolate, but also macaroons and ice sweets, and continue to challenge not only as a chocolatier but also as a pastry chef.
In Japan, Pierre Redon’s chocolate appears only on Valentine’s Day and White Day. Autograph sessions held at department stores are so popular that people line up, and there are enthusiastic fans who collect packages and catalogs.
Dealer, SNS
◇ Dealer
Pierre Redon official website https://www.pierreledent.jp
*Limited time event Stores can be viewed from the official website. Online Shop Bon Appetit Bon Kagurazaka
Official Instagram https://www.instagram.com/pierreledent_japan/ Official Twitter https://twitter.com/pierreledent_jp
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