Pilot Corporation Toy Division Perfect for playing at home! “Basic Furniture Set” Appears in Pocket Mel-chan

Pilot Corporation Toy Division
Perfect for playing at home! “Basic Furniture Set” Appears in Pocket Mel-chan It will be released on Saturday, February 4th at major toy stores and mass retailers.

Pilot Corporation Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Shu Ito) Toy Division has added 2 “Kihon Furniture Set”, a set of furniture and home appliances that are perfect for playing at home, to the “Pocket Mel-chan” series. It will be released at major toy specialty stores and mass retailers on Saturday, April 4th. [Image 1

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A new “Basic Furniture Set” has appeared in the Pocket Mel-chan series. The “Kihon Furniture Set”, which is perfect for playing at home, is a set of four types of furniture and home appliances: a refrigerator, a range, a washing machine, and a toilet. You can store food parts in the refrigerator and play in the microwave.
When you press the button on the washing machine, the drum spins. When you pull the lever on the toilet, water flows, and when you push the lever, an illustration of poop appears. Play with Pocket Mel-chan a lot with this lifelike furniture set.
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Product name: Basic furniture set
Suggested retail price: 3,850 yen (3,500 yen without tax)
Target age: 3 years old and over
Set contents: Reizoko, Microwave, Cleaning cloth, Toilet, Towel,          Food parts (cake, pasta, chicken, omelet rice)
Release date: Saturday, February 4th
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◆ What is “Pocket Mel-chan”?
“Pocket Mel-chan” is a new palm-sized series released in September 2021 that is smaller than the conventional Mel-chan, and is a doll that you can play with anytime, anywhere.
Like the previous Mel-chan series, we use Pilot Corporation’s unique metamohair, and the color of the hair changes with ice water (15 ° C or less). You can change the color of the entire hair, add a pattern to just a part, and enjoy original hair arrangements. Not only can you use it in your room or in the bath, but you can also put it in your pocket or bag as it is small enough to take it outside and play with it.
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◆Pocket Mel-chan related products
[Image 7

“Expand and play! Pokemel House”
[Image 8

When closed, it becomes a bag type and can be carried.
[Image 9

                       Pokemel Dresser
[Image 10

◆ Held “Premium Mel-chan x SNS Posting Campaign”
[Image 11

From December 26, 2022 to February 28, 2023, the “Premium Mel-chan x SNS Posting Campaign” will be held. If you take a picture of the “Premium Mel-chan doll” installed at the target store, tag it with “#Premium Mel-chan” and post it,
The first 50 people will receive a Mel-chan sticker. In addition, as a double chance, 50 people will be given a glittering heart dress by lottery from those who have posted.
* Click here for target stores (https://www.store-mellchan.com/premium_30th/) 1. Present a Mel-chan sticker for the first 50 people at the store [Image 12

Follow Mel-chan’s official account
(Twitter or Instagram)
● The image of “Premium Mel-chan doll” taken at the store
The screen posted with the tag “#Premium Mel-chan”
“Show it to the store staff.”

                                    Mel-chan sticker
2. In addition, 50 people will receive a heart glitter dress by lottery! ●Gifts will be given to 50 people by lottery from those who tagged in 1. We will contact the winners via DM.
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Heart glitter dress

≪About Pilot Corporation Toy Division≫
At our company, we are planning and developing various toys, including educational toys for preschool children, by applying the ink “Metamo Ink” that changes color with changes in temperature. The main products include the “Suisui Oekaki” series and the hugging doll “Mel-chan” series. Both of them are long-selling products, and “Suisui Oekaki” will be on sale for 23 years in 2023, and “Mel-chan” will be on sale for 31 years. We will continue to provide children with dreams and small surprises that develop sensitivity and creativity through toys, including “Captain Duck”, which celebrated its 22nd anniversary this year.
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≪Company Profile≫
Company name: Pilot Corporation Co., Ltd.
Date of establishment: January 27, 1918 (Taisho 7)
Date of establishment: January 4, 2002 (2002)
Capital: 2.34 billion yen
President and Representative Director: Shu Ito
Head office location: 2-6-21 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-8304 Business description: Manufacture, purchase, and sale of stationery products such as writing instruments and toys
[Reader inquiries at the time of publication]
Pilot Corporation Co., Ltd.
Toy inquiry desk TEL: 0120-72-8160
Monday-Friday (excluding public holidays) 9:00-17:00
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