PINCH HITTER JAPAN Co., Ltd. Work style reform in rural areas, paid pinch hitter system started

Work style reform in rural areas, start of paid pinch hitter system Paid vacation

Challenges of fast-growing regional ventures
PINCH HITTER JAPAN Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Isahaya City, Nagasaki Prefecture, President: Takuya Yoshioka), which buys and sells the stagnant inventory held by companies in bulk, does not mediate M&A, but buys and sells the business itself. We have introduced a paid pinch hitter system that allows employees who have used up their annual paid leave to take paid leave in advance for the next term. ■ Background to the introduction of the paid pinch hitter system At PINCH HITTER JAPAN Co., Ltd., paid leave was paid half a year after joining the company, and additional paid leave was given every year thereafter. When you need to take leave, including when you are unwell, such as “I used up all my paid leave due to my child’s poor health”, “My class was closed due to the effects of corona and influenza, and I needed a long vacation.” Due to the increase in the number of employees, the number of employees who used all their paid leave increased.
After all the work had been completed, the next time I took a day off, I would be absent from work. ” has been introduced.
■ Structure of the paid pinch hitter system
System start: April 1, 2022
Details of the system: Employees who have used up all of their paid leave can apply to use their paid leave for the next term.
Eligible people: full-time employees and part-time employees [Imaged49475-27-22b39f85c2822fd961cc-0.png&s3=49475-27-7e60908df22231f9dff4e7110204294e-2230x1041.png
■ User’s voice
My child attends a nursery school, but due to the epidemic of corona and influenza, classes have been closed many times, and I have more opportunities to take time off. Up until now, I had been taking time off from work due to sudden fevers and going to the hospital, so I was worried that I would lose my paid leave and my salary would decrease. can be done.
(Female, 20s, 3rd year with the company)
Founded in Nagasaki Prefecture in 2013. Average age is 27. Annual transaction volume of 30.8 billion yen, 81 employees, business of bulk purchase and sale of stagnant inventory held by companies, business of buying and selling the business itself rather than intermediary for M&A, etc. Last year, the Asia-Pacific region Ranked 149th, 38th in Japan, and 5th in the retail sector in the Asia-Pacific Fastest Growing Companies Ranking, which covers 1 million companies. Currently, we have approximately 10,000 business partners, including our Tokyo branch office.
■Company Profile
Tokyo branch office: 7th floor, 3-9-7 Nihonbashi Honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Nagasaki head office: 1006-1 Obunagoshicho, Isahaya City, Nagasaki Prefecture Logistics warehouse: 855 Imatomicho, Omura City, Nagasaki Prefecture Founded: April 2013
Capital: 43,000,000 yen
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