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“Pizza Tenfo x Hokkaido Government” Do! Cheese Project Start!

Tenfo Co., Ltd.
“Pizza Tenfo x Hokkaido Government” [Do! Cheese Project] Start! 2/1 ~ “Hokkaido Cheese 100% Pizza”

From Hokkaido! Tenfo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Hakodate City, Hokkaido/Representative: Hitoshi Takahashi), which operates the pizza delivery service “Tenfo”, has established a partnership between the Hokkaido Government and [Yappari Dosan Do! Cheese project] started. We will work to foster understanding and increase consumption of Hokkaido cheese. As part of the project, we will release “Deluxe Hokkaido Pizza (2 types)” using 100% Hokkaido cheese from February 1st.
[Image 1d60471-27-e7d5c5c98dd361252b5a-0.png&s3=60471-27-f92d5ace1b95fc714cf0f606619fa38a-2114x1061.png
■What is the Do! Cheese Project?
Due to the easing of raw milk supply and demand due to the corona crisis, the inventory of dairy products such as powdered skim milk and butter, which can be stored for a long time, has accumulated. Due to the soaring price of production materials, dairy farm management is in a very difficult situation. In order to expand the demand for raw milk, we are working to foster understanding and increase consumption of cheese produced in Hokkaido in order to replace imported cheese with Hokkaido products, for which domestic consumption is growing. aim to invest
■From Hokkaido! Efforts of delivery pizza “Tenfo”
[Image 2d60471-27-c69a5674f1262f43265f-1.png&s3=60471-27-22a3e424cf3ea0b5bcb769e9f70fc48f-700x674.png
From Hokkaido! Tenfo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Hakodate City, Hokkaido / Representative: Hitoshi Takahashi), which operates the home delivery pizza “Tenfo”, has the above idea of ​​“I want to boost the local dairy farming in Hokkaido!” We will deliver pizza using “100% Hokkaido cheese” with the desire to “want more people to know the deliciousness of Hokkaido cheese!”
Released “Deluxe Hokkaido Pizza (2 types)” such as “Hokkaido 4 Types of Cheese Deluxe” which uses 4 types of cheese from Hokkaido. Please take this opportunity to fully enjoy the deliciousness of Hokkaido cheese!
○Hokkaido 4 kinds of cheese deluxe
[Image 3d60471-27-3bef5055a1f95a5e27d6-2.png&s3=60471-27-2109d3ab32d9606d884b3ae1763227c9-1226x975.png
“Hokkaido 4 kinds of cheese deluxe” is a ten-for version quattro formaggi using 4 kinds of carefully selected Hokkaido cheese. Rich gouda and raclette cheese spread throughout, the texture of fresh mozzarella is fun, and the taste of thick-sliced ​​camembert is the accent of the ultimate Hokkaido pizza. It’s good to eat with honey from Hokkaido.
[Image 4d60471-27-1d82072c9fe61e253332-3.png&s3=60471-27-908c2e51dd1edc6425152686ef981e9c-951x384.png
M size: 2,080 yen (2,246 yen including tax)
Hokkaido gouda cheese / Hokkaido camembert cheese / Hokkaido raclette cheese / Hokkaido mozzarella cheese / Mornay sauce / Coarsely ground black pepper
*Sales start from February 1st.
○Hokkaido 2 types of sausage deluxe
[Image 5d60471-27-19b0774a3bc67c849d6b-4.png&s3=60471-27-58771f5e45a79cdf2371b09dcc0aefaf-1268x907.png
Topped with 2 types of Hokkaido sausages, paired perfectly with Hokkaido Gouda and mozzarella cheese. Hokkaido pork wieners have a crispy texture that oozes meat juices! ! Hokkaido beer sausage has a garlic scent
is appetizing. A piece that directly conveys the umami of the ingredients because of the simple toppings.
Packed with the deliciousness of Hokkaido.
M size: 2,080 yen (2,246 yen including tax)
Hokkaido Gouda Cheese / Hokkaido Pork Wiener / Hokkaido Beer Sausage / Hokkaido Mozzarella Cheese / Tomato Sauce
*Sales start from February 1st.
Tenfo February new product!
○ Part 1: On Valentine’s Day! Rich fondant chocolate pie
[Image 6d60471-27-fd79a2415f46f977dfc5-5.png&s3=60471-27-d2ff1c2306a44c616616b397ff54ef87-1058x702.png
“Rich Fondant Chocolat Pie” is now available in the 4.4 (for ten four) pizza set where you can enjoy four different flavors in one! Rich, melting chocolate sauce wrapped in crispy chocolate dough. Perfect for Valentine’s Day!
[Image 7d60471-27-d9ab766b58deedc85313-6.png&s3=60471-27-051df42586d383a15f4065a7ba4b0ffb-2185x793.png
4.4 (Four Ten Four) Pizza + Rich Fondant Chocolat Pie + Coca-Cola M set: 2,480 yen (2,678 yen including tax) ~
Pizza (M) + 2 rich fondant chocolate pies + 2 Coca-Cola mini cans L set: 3,480 yen (3,758 yen including tax) ~
Pizza (L) + 4 rich fondant chocolate pies + 3 Coca-Cola mini cans *Sales start from February 1st.
○ Part 2: This one with pizza! Zangi stick & Frank stick!
[Image 8d60471-27-4100d5e989c4b6d322b6-7.png&s3=60471-27-4209ae90f909a3ee3d73a42a5b88bdcd-2163x974.png
Speaking of Hokkaido, Gorotto Zangi (fried chicken). If you bite into boldly skewered zangi, you will feel happy to the max.
How about enjoying the festive “Crisp and Frank Stick” together? Gorotto Zangi stick
1 (3): 360 yen (388 yen including tax)
crispy flank stick
1 bottle: 280 yen (302 yen including tax)
*Sales start from February 1st.
《From Hokkaido! About Delivery Pizza Tenfo》
From Hokkaido! On October 4, 1988, the delivery pizza “Tenfo” opened its first store in Hakodate, Hokkaido.
Born in Hokkaido, Dosanko Pizza uses plenty of Hokkaido ingredients. What is the secret of the delivery pizza chain that is popular in Tohoku, Hokuriku, Niigata, and Kyushu, mainly in Hokkaido, the birthplace? ?
・Regional stores mainly in Hokkaido! Unique store opening strategy! : 41 stores in Hokkaido out of 86 stores nationwide. Overwhelming No. 1 in the number of stores in Hokkaido! (In-house research)
・Provide Hokkaido gourmet pizza and Hokkaido local collaboration! : Potatoes, cheese, beef, and other Hokkaido ingredients are actively used. We are also collaborating with companies in Hokkaido!
・The fluffy dough is handmade at each store every day!
: Pizza dough is kneaded and matured every day at the store. Carefully molded one by one according to your order!
・Can only be tasted at TENFO! A fascinating one-of-a-kind product! : Neapolitan pasta pizza, rice on pizza, Japan’s largest! ? monster pizza etc… [Image 9d60471-27-98774632b9919192bc6b-8.png&s3=60471-27-71e551b8e9cace8a1847c000191c5c53-2105x1063.png
– Proprietary “Atsu Eco Plate”. It is a secret weapon that delivers hot pizza even in winter in Tenfo’s hometown of Hokkaido.
・October 4th, the day of the opening of the first store, is registered as the day of “Pizza Ten.Four”.
・ Ten.Four official mascot character “Shirokuma Baron”
・We have many menus using Hokkaido ingredients such as Hokkaido Country Baron. [Image 10d60471-27-ca549e7b075bc8d43a9c-9.png&s3=60471-27-6114570c2cfe002fceffc027eab5ed31-2083x744.png
Pizza making experience, new product development site coverage, We are waiting for new product monitors!
List of stores
[Image 11d60471-27-84cfd15c2f77dc09e2a0-10.png&s3=60471-27-a3409341e05aed6323e6042b3881bac5-2185x753.png
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