Plaid CX platform for apps “KARTE for App” will undergo a major update in March 2023. Enhanced Customer Jo urney Design and Push Notifications

KARTE for App, a CX platform for apps, will undergo a major update in March 2023. Enhanced Customer Journey Design and Push Notifications Evolving into a high-end product that supports “improving user engagement,” which is the key to app growth

PLAID Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo: CEO Kenta Kurahashi) is pleased to announce that in March 2023, it will carry out a major update of its CX platform for mobile apps, “KARTE for App.” The major update release is scheduled for March 23rd.
As a result, the newly developed customer journey design function “Journey”, the marketing automation function “KARTE Message” that can communicate with users outside the company’s services such as push notifications and emails based on the 1st Party Customer Data analyzed by KARTE, and the user You will be able to use the function “Inbox” that allows you to list the received push notifications in the app. [Image
2) Push notification delivery optimization “KARTE Message”
It supports push notification delivery of millions of users per delivery, and can flexibly create target lists without SQL based on data measured by KARTE and externally linked data.
3) Push notification stock content “Inbox (β version)”
The data is linked so that the received push notifications can be stocked and listed within the app.
Comments from leading companies
WED Co., Ltd. Growth Team Mr. Takashi Asahara
In scratch development, in addition to implementation man-hours, operation man-hours such as query writing were large, so we were not able to make a trial, but by introducing KARTE for App and utilizing Journey, we have provided a service for scenario measures that connect multiple communications in chronological order. You can now deploy without side development. In the future, I would like to challenge branching scenarios based on reactions to measures, deeper segment verification, and optimization of communication for segments. Today, we also announced the introduction of WED’s KARTE for App. KARTE for App introduced by ONE, a shopping app that allows you to earn over 5.5 million downloads
radiko Co., Ltd. Business Promotion Office PO Kota Hokari
radiko collects data in an external DMP and processes it for use in measures. With the introduction of KARTE for App and the use of KARTE Message, it is now possible to flexibly utilize such data to optimize push notification measures. In addition, by automating data linkage, the number of man-hours required for operation has been reduced. In the future, in addition to deeper personalization of push
notifications, we would like to try new things in in-app
Improving user engagement is the key to growth in the increasingly competitive app market
In recent years, the global trend of mobile shift continues, and the presence of apps as customer contact points is increasing for both users and businesses. According to the 2021 mobile market research by, a mobile data analysis tool, new app downloads will reach 230 billion, up 5% year-on-year, while consumer spending in app stores will reach US$170 billion. The growth rate of consumer spending in app stores exceeded the growth rate of new downloads (*1).
As a result, users are demanding richer and more personalized app experiences, and improving app user engagement has become an increasingly important issue for businesses. According to Verified Market Research, a market research firm, the global mobile engagement market is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 37.6% from 2023 to 2030, reaching US$299 billion by 2030 (*2). .
In order to increase the engagement of app users in such a situation, it is necessary to understand users by analyzing and visualizing user attribute and behavior data, optimize personalization by utilizing such data, and rotate the PDCA cycle of measures at high speed. It is necessary to refine the customer experience by However, when developing applications and data infrastructure from scratch, the cost of development, maintenance, and operation increases, while it is difficult to verify the hypothesis of measures and ensure the quality and execution speed of new initiatives.
This KARTE for App major update is particularly important in improving app user engagement in order to solve issues surrounding app operators, improve service quality and experience demanded by users, and stay ahead of global trends such as intensifying competition in the mobile market. We will approach the following points to improve the product.
– Implementation of scenario experiences along customer journeys and reduction of development and operation man-hours
– Optimization of push notification target users and reduction of development and operation man-hours
– Stock content for push notifications
*1: “Mobile Market Yearbook 2022”
*2: Verified Market Research “Mobile Engagement Market Size And Forecast” About the CX platform “KARTE”
“KARTE” is a CX (customer experience) platform that analyzes the behavior of customers using websites and apps in real time, visualizes each customer, and realizes free communication tailored to each individual customer. The service started in March 2015. It has high scalability and can be used not only on-site but also in various scenes to meet marketing issues and needs. KARTE enables an
overwhelming understanding of customers by integrating and analyzing all kinds of data on an individual customer basis, and improves the experience value (CX) for end users.
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