Plaid KARTE for App is introduced to the shopping app “ONE” where you can get over 5.5 million downloads

KARTE for App introduced by ONE, a shopping app that allows you to earn over 5.5 million downloads
Started growth measures aimed at making app use habitual in just one week after introduction

PLAID Inc. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo: CEO Kenta Kurahashi, hereinafter referred to as “PLAID”) provides the CX platform “KARTE” app version “KARTE for App”, WED Inc. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo: Representative We are pleased to inform you that it has been introduced into the shopping app “ONE”, where you can receive money provided by CEO Kanato Yamauchi, hereinafter referred to as “WED”). The company’s app growth strategy, which aims to create new experience value and become a globally accepted service, and the utilization of the huge amount of data collected by purchasing receipts, will be accompanied by our KARTE series, including KARTE for App, and customer success. We support. In addition, in the shopping app “ONE” where you can receive money, you are using the beta version of the customer journey design function “Journey” announced in the major update of KARTE for App announced today.

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Reasons for choosing KARTE for App
KARTE for App, which WED introduced this time, is a product for KARTE’s app marketing that enables one-stop measurement of smartphone app data, user analysis, and execution of measures such as optimal push notifications and message distribution based on them. am. This will be the first marketing tool introduced by the company, which has created a never-before-seen experience value in which “receipts turn into money.” The decisive factor for this decision was the ability to link and utilize existing customer data and the vast amount of receipt data collected by ONE, and the expectations for the highly scalable KARTE series, which includes KARTE Datahub and KARTE Live in addition to KARTE for App. decided to introduce.
Just one week after completing the implementation and verification of the SDK in the app, we started four growth measures aimed at making it a habit to use the app, and we have received high praise for the introduction support provided by PLAID Customer Success. .
This time, we interviewed Mr. Asashi Asahara and Ms. Mion Tanigaki, who are in charge of app marketing at WED, about the background to the introduction of KARTE for App.
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WED Co., Ltd. Growth Team Mr. Takashi Asahara (left) and Mion Tanigaki (right) I think ONE is growing rapidly as a pioneer in the new genre of “shopping apps that give you money”. Please tell us about the background that led to the introduction of KARTE for App at this time. Mr. Asahara:
ONE, which was born in 2018, has been used by more than 5.5 million users and purchased more than 600 million receipts. Now that there are more users who continue to use ONE and more opportunities for ONE to be remembered from receipts, the time has come to focus on user growth, improving the product interface and the experience provided for greater growth. We think.
To be honest, I think that even without marketing tools, if you do your best, you can implement measures within the company. However, in order to seriously grow ONE toward our ideal, we have to repeat the extremely time-consuming work of considering measures, implementing them, reviewing them, and connecting them to the next action. must be In order to reduce these man-hours and speed, we thought it necessary to introduce marketing tools, and since last summer, three companies, including Plaid, have been conducting comparative studies.
Please tell us about the decisive factor in introducing KARTE for App this time. Mr. Asahara:
The two points are the ease of data linkage and the high scalability of the product. Since there is a huge amount of customer data and read receipt data, it was essential to be able to link and utilize them. That’s why I was attracted to the fact that it was possible to easily link our company’s data, and that there were many related products such as “KARTE Live” when I wanted to focus more on user understanding in the future.
How did you feel when you first touched KARTE for App, and how was the support system when you introduced it?
Mr. Asahara:
My first frank impression was, “There seems to be a lot that can be done, but I don’t know how to actually set it up.” And the abundance of support sites and online videos was helpful. Above all, I am grateful that we were able to set KPIs and categorize “what is this measure effective for?” together with the Plaid customer success team. Thanks to you, we were able to make an “explosive start” by delivering four measures one week after the introduction.
How is the new function “Journey” for customer journey design used? Mr. Asahara:
We mainly deliver from measures that combine AB testing and scenario design in chronological order. In the future, I would like to deepen the branching of time series x AB test measure delivery. In addition, we would like to deepen our analysis of segments and promote time-series distribution of measures for specific segments, such as “Save 500 yen for 10 yen more”.
Mr. Tanigaki:
Before introducing KARTE for App, we had to write SQL and set it up every time we did an AB test, which took a lot of time and man-hours. Now that we can quickly turn things around, I really can’t imagine life without Journey (laughs).
It’s been a short time since the introduction, but please tell us what you feel and what you want to do in the future.
Mr. Asahara:
I think the significance of introducing marketing tools is to significantly reduce the speed of implementation and verification of measures, so I feel that the purpose has been firmly realized. As a side effect, it is me and Tanigaki who are mainly in charge of growth within the company, but recently the members on the sales side have started distributing measures by themselves. I think that KARTE for App will be useful for creating a company-wide organization where members from various departments aim for growth.
Mr. Tanigaki:
When you use KARTE for App, you can feel that you can operate it intuitively and create scenarios, so I feel that it is helping to penetrate the company across departments and services. I am also in charge of PdM for ONE Mall, which was released in July 2022, but this is still in the early phase, and it is becoming clear that the attributes of users who are aiming to purchase receipts in ONE are different. . In the future, I would like to use KARTE for App to further deepen the understanding of ONE Mall users.
Thank you for your talk. We will continue to devote ourselves to becoming an infrastructure-like service that supports the growth of ONE.
About the shopping app “ONE” that you can get money
“ONE” is an app that makes everyday shopping fun and profitable. If you take a picture of a receipt, any receipt can be instantly bought for 1 to 10 yen. On July 1st, we newly released “ONE Mall” where you can receive money just by shopping online from within the ONE app as usual.
About the CX platform “KARTE”
“KARTE” is a CX (customer experience) platform that analyzes the behavior of customers using websites and apps in real time, visualizes each customer, and realizes free communication tailored to each individual customer. The service started in March 2015. It has high scalability and can be used not only on-site but also in various scenes to meet marketing issues and needs. KARTE enables an
overwhelming understanding of customers by integrating and analyzing all kinds of data on an individual customer basis, and improves the experience value (CX) for end users.
About PLAID Co., Ltd.
We are a technology company whose mission is to “maximize the value of people with data”. In 2015, we officially launched the CX (customer experience) platform “KARTE”. In 2018, we started offering “KARTE for App” for smartphone apps and “KARTE Datahub” that connects all kinds of customer-related data with KARTE.

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