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Plat Home Co., Ltd. Demonstration for further promotion of Kochi Prefecture IoP cloud utilizing new private network

Plat Home Co., Ltd.
Demonstration for further promotion of Kochi Prefecture IoP cloud utilizing new private network

Kochi Prefecture (Prefectural Governor: Shoji Hamada), Kochi Electronic Computing Center (Headquarters: Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture, President: Yoshihiko Nakagoshi), Plat Home (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Tomoyasu Suzuki), Kochi Systems (Headquarters: Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture; President: Yasufumi Kosue) and NTT Agritechnology (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President: Taiga Sakai) are the Kochi Prefecture IoP Cloud*1 companies. We are conducting a modeling demonstration to promote the spread of IoP projects by developing a private network*3 that utilizes the new communication standard IEEE802.11ah*2 that uses the 920 MHz band.
*1 A cloud-based database system that integrates, in real time, centralized data such as data from equipment in agricultural greenhouses connected via IoT and shipping data for individual agricultural products. (
*2 A Wi-Fi standard that uses the 920 MHz band and has features such as “extended transmission distance compared to conventional Wi-Fi” and “possibility of throughput of several Mbps”.
*3 Different from wireless communication services provided by telecommunications carriers, wireless networks established and operated by national governments, local governments, general companies, etc. for business management and operational efficiency. (Generally, there are local 5G, LPWA, Wi-Fi, etc.)
1. background purpose
In Kochi Prefecture, in order to improve the greenhouse horticulture brand and farmers’ income, we have built a system that can collect and check the cultivation environment data in the field and the shipment data of each agricultural product throughout the prefecture in the cloud. We are promoting an IoP project aiming to realize data-driven agriculture.
Although the number of users of the IoP cloud is increasing year by year, the economic burden on individual producers is an issue. As a joint venture of four companies, we have proposed a solution, which has been adopted by the prefecture, and we are working on its verification.
In this demonstration, by realizing an efficient and economical communication method that makes effective use of private networks, we will increase the options for connection types and connection devices, and create a mechanism that makes it easier for producers to introduce the IoP cloud. We will work to further increase the number of users. 2. Initiative overview
By using the “JA Kochi Prefecture Aki Collection and Shipping Center” in Aki City, Kochi Prefecture as a base station and constructing a private network with surrounding fields and IEEE802.11ah (hereinafter referred to as “802.11ah”), multiple producer fields ( We have consolidated various sensor devices in 6 farms and 10 fields) with 802.11ah and created an environment that can be connected to the IoP cloud. In addition, we are also developing new use cases in the field of disaster prevention, such as monitoring irrigation channels and rivers near fields, and are working to share information with surrounding producers.
Until now, in order for each producer to utilize the IoP cloud through this initiative, each field had to have a communication environment for sending environmental data (temperature, humidity, crop images, etc.) to the IoP cloud. However, based on the regional characteristics of Kochi Prefecture, where greenhouse horticulture is thriving and farm areas are concentrated, the new communication standard 802.11ah is used to communicate from the aggregated base station to the IoP cloud, We have reduced the burden on each producer by eliminating the communication charges incurred for each field, and have worked to improve the communication environment (optimization of investment) that makes it easier to introduce the IoP cloud.


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