Plus Automation Co., Ltd. Started collaborative solutions at Geek Plus Sagamihara LaaS Center

Plus Automation Co., Ltd.
Collaborative solutions launched at Geek Plus Sagamihara LaaS Center
Plus Automation Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Koto-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Shogo Yamada, hereinafter “+A”), which develops the logistics robotics service “RaaS” (Robotics as a Service), is Geek Plus Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yamato Kato, hereinafter referred to as “Geek Plus”) at the “Sagamihara LaaS Center”, a new shelf transport robot “PopPick” provided by Geek Plus and a
three-dimensional robot sorter provided by +A We built a collaborative solution that links “t-Sort 3D”. In the future, by further
strengthening the collaboration between the two companies, we will build logistics solutions that can meet the diverse needs of our customers.
+A cooperates with various automation solutions, including Geek Plus, through the in-house developed system “+Hub” to support automation and sophistication in various areas of warehouse operations.
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“PopPick” and “t-Sort 3D” in operation at the Sagamihara LaaS Center [Effects of combined solutions]
The three-dimensional robot sorter “t-Sort 3D” further enhances the space-saving feature of the conventional AGV robot sorter (t-Sort series), and is an automated solution that can sort into a large number of frontages in an extremely small space. am.
In the joint solution built with Geek Plus, this time, taking full advantage of its features, “t-Sort 3D” is linked to the sorting process after picking from “PopPick”, which used DAS (Digital Assort System). I was allowed to.
As a result, it is possible to increase the number of sorting frontages many times without greatly expanding the space, and it is possible to increase the number of picks from one shelf or case (improve the hit rate). As a result, the number of required shelf transport robots “EVE P800R (AGV)” is reduced, contributing to the overall introduction cost reduction.
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[About Plus Automation Alliance]
Starting with a joint exhibition at the “3rd Kansai Logistics Exhibition” in June 2022, Geek Plus has been considering collaborative solutions and will implement them at the “Sagamihara LaaS Center”. Through collaborative solutions, both companies will promote further automation and sophistication of the logistics industry. This collaborative solution is not limited to “PopPick” and “t-Sort 3D”, but can be expanded to various solutions of both companies, such as the combination of Geek Plus’ GTP type picking robot and robot sorter “t-Sort”. increase. In addition, since it is possible to further improve efficiency by strengthening cooperation on the system side, we will further strengthen cooperation.
In addition to geek plus, +A is openly collaborating with various domestic and international robot vendors, software vendors centered on WMS, and solution vendors, as a solution provider centered on RaaS, to stand close to our customers. We will further accelerate our automation support.
[About t-Sort 3D]
“t-Sort 3D” is a three-dimensional sorter that can be operated independently or in conjunction. The minimum unit is about 3 tsubo and can be installed with 60 to 90 frontages. Space-saving, mass sorting can be done with a small number of people, and effective use of space in the height direction, which was an issue in warehouse management, is realized.
Website:          t-Sort 3D (AGV interlocking type) t-Sort 3D (single type) [Image 3d51623-38-985453d6c843c873c91e-4.png&s3=51623-38-705658897da4dca2332f321d348ee221-2198x856.png

-About Plus Automation Co., Ltd. +Automation is a company born to fuse technology and logistics and deliver various “+A” to logistics sites. “+A” not only means more efficient work, but also includes “+α” such as motivation and joy. +A is a leading company that provides subscription-type logistics RaaS (Robotics as a Service) based on the service concept of “making warehouse automation more accessible and easy.” Utilizing all technologies, we will create unprecedented services together with everyone involved in logistics.
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Person in charge: Ikari
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