Plus Medi Co., Ltd. Connecting richness! Patient support smartphone app “wellcne” adopts international med ical information standard “HL7FHIR” with a view to PHR

Plus Medi Co., Ltd.
Connect the richness! Patient support smartphone app “wellcne” adopts international medical information standard “HL7FHIR” with a view to PHR
Regarding the start of services at Saiseikai Otaru Hospital and Hekinan Municipal Hospital in cooperation with Information Bank
PlusMedi Co., Ltd. (President: Mikihiro Nagata, Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, a consolidated subsidiary of Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, Inc.) has newly developed a smartphone app for patients, “wellcne,” and will start Saiseikai from late March 2023. The service will start at Otaru Hospital (Director: Takuro Wada, Location: Otaru City, Hokkaido) and Hekinan Municipal Hospital (Director: Nobuaki Kameoka, Location: Hekinan City, Aichi Prefecture).
The smartphone app “wellcne” is an app that supports the environment for patients to visit the hospital. It connects with the hospital’s electronic medical record and medical affairs system, and is used to shorten the time to visit the hospital, alleviate congestion, share medical data, and communicate with doctors and hospitals. We will solve three problems. In order to more safely store and manage the personal information and medical information entrusted to us by patients in order to realize this, we will connect with the
“Information Bank” system operated by Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, and three ministries in the medical field. 2 We have realized a safe environment by ensuring strong security that complies with the standards of the financial industry in addition to the guidelines. In addition, in order to perform identity verification at the time of registration more safely and smoothly, we have also adopted online identity verification “eKYC” (online identity verification).
The smartphone app “wellcne” is an outpatient support app for patients, but we also envision the benefits of introducing it to medical institutions.
Leveling of resources during accounting peak hours by using the deferred payment accounting function
Improving the patient experience by using the waiting line guidance function Unauthorized cancellation prevention effect by using the next visit confirmation function
Efficient communication with patients by using the notification function Facilitating communication with doctors through the PHR information sharing function
Suppression of accounts receivable by online accounting (credit card) in the app  Plus Medi Co., Ltd. aims to introduce 500 hospitals in the next five years, together with the smartphone app “wellcne” that started this time and the smartphone app “MyHospital” that started service in 2019. The name of the app, “wellcne,” is a coined word of “wellness” and “connect,” which means creating a more prosperous future by connecting people’s medical data. I’m here.
About the implementation function of the smartphone app “wellcne” 1. Functions that make the patient’s hospital visit environment comfortable (reduce time and reduce congestion)
1. Electronic patient card
Implementation of consultation ticket information (number) display and 2D barcode reception to facilitate re-examination reception and reduce card issuance costs (implementation planned soon)
2. Waiting order guidance function
The waiting status of the examination will be displayed in the app. Before the call, you will receive a push notification on your smartphone, so you can avoid congestion not only in the hospital but also outside the hospital.
3. Online payment (postpaid accounting) function
By registering your credit card in the app, you can pay for medical expenses in arrears. By using deferred payment accounting, you can go home after shortening the waiting time for billing and using the payment machine.
4. Dispensing request function
Prescription information can be sent from the app to the pharmacy specified by the patient. After receiving the prescription
information, the pharmacy can prepare the prescription even before the patient arrives, shortening the time it takes to receive the medicine after it arrives at the pharmacy. You can also receive a dispensing completion notification when using a cooperating pharmacy.
2. Ability to securely manage patient medical data
1. Medical data linkage function
A patient’s prescription information and test results can be stored in an information bank operated by Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation. Personal information stored in the information bank can be checked at any time using the app, leading to an increase in health awareness. 2. Information sharing function
The medical data stored in the information bank can be shared with a person (third party) who wishes to provide support at the patient’s own will. As a result, test results obtained at general hospitals can be shared with family doctors, supporting regional medical cooperation and contributing to social issues related to regional medical care. (Scheduled to be implemented at a later date)
3. Functions that enrich communication
1. Next visit confirmation function
In order to prevent forgetting to see a doctor, we have implemented a function to display a list of next appointments in the smartphone app to confirm and remind.
2. Notice function
In order to make it possible to respond more closely to the patient, we have implemented notification transmission and read confirmation from the hospital.
* Some functions are not available for systems that are not installed at medical institutions.
* At the hospital that introduced this time, Saiseikai Otaru Hospital, the “waiting order function” and “dispensing request function” are not subject to system use, but for the “dispensing request function”, the original prescription received after the examination is photographed with a camera and sent from the app. It can be sent to pharmacies. ■ About Saiseikai Branch Hokkaido Saiseikai Otaru Hospital
Saiseikai Otaru Hospital was established in 1924 as the Otaru Clinic in Temiya, Otaru City, and in 1952, it began medical care. Since then, we have been working to provide medical care that is close to the people of the community under the corporate philosophy of medical treatment and medical treatment (providing a hand of medical care and welfare to all people without discrimination). In 2013, we relocated to Otaru Chikko, which is closer to Sapporo, and in August 2019, merged with Midori no Sato, a facility for children with severe physical and mental disabilities, which was relocated on the premises, and became the current system.
Saiseikai Otaru Hospital is a hospital with a total of 378 beds, consisting of a 155-bed acute general ward, a 50-bed convalescent rehabilitation ward, and a 53-bed regional comprehensive care ward. As a community-based hospital, we provide seamless and consistent medical care from the acute phase to the convalescent phase by making use of our well-equipped rehabilitation staff and facilities. The clinical departments specialize in regional needs, and the latest treatments are provided by Internal Medicine/Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Neurology, Palliative Care Internal Medicine, Surgery,
Gastroenterological Surgery, Orthopedics, Urology, Pediatrics, and Rehabilitation. increase. Among them, we have strengths in orthopedic surgery, and have become a center facility for musculoskeletal trauma, emergency medical care, degenerative diseases, and sports injuries in the Otaru/Shiribeshi secondary medical area. “Midori no Sato” is a place for treatment and living for people with severe disabilities. Saiseikai Otaru Hospital is a hospital that stands at the forefront of regional medicine, providing medical care, welfare, and nursing care in an integrated manner and contributing to urban development. ・Smartphone app wellcne service scheduled to start: Late March ・Address: 10-1 Chikko, Otaru City, Hokkaido / Telephone: 0134-25-4321 ・Director: Takuro Wada
About Hekinan Municipal Hospital
Hekinan Municipal Hospital is a public hospital in Hekinan City, Aichi Prefecture. Hekinan City is located in the southwestern part of Aichi Prefecture and is close to Nagoya City.
 The hospital was opened in 1988, and as of January 2023, it plays a central role in regional medical care as a public core hospital with 20 clinical departments and 255 beds. We accept more than 3,000 ambulances per year and respond to a wide range of acute illnesses. In addition, in cooperation with other medical institutions and nursing care facilities, we support the return of patients to their homes and contribute to the construction of a comprehensive community care system.
Under the basic philosophy of “providing warm, heartfelt medical care,” we strive to maintain the hospital’s functions and improve the quality of medical care as a core hospital in the region. We are playing a role in the region by strengthening cooperation and promoting the division of functions.
・Smartphone app wellcne service scheduled to start: late March ・Address: 3-6 Heiwacho, Hekinan City, Aichi Prefecture / Telephone: 0566-48-5050 ・Hospital Director: Nobuki Kameoka
[Image 1d29833-29-d6f2071d489c0f90cabe-0.jpg&s3=29833-29-3b3706361fee38c9fc58986204eec756-1024x1024.jpg
[Image 2d29833-29-c32bc6e79c0c16b9e2c5-1.jpg&s3=29833-29-aedf91abe560082fe41aa8060b67d9e1-720x758.jpg
[Image 3d29833-29-795ff033160f3eb83d1f-2.jpg&s3=29833-29-6af7e6df294d05765a076c6518916a3e-3900x2783.jpg
-Exterior of Saiseikai Otaru Hospital-
[Image 4d29833-29-103bdca8c7013484a845-3.jpg&s3=29833-29-dfe74c063def87b35eaf76e5aa0a807d-3264x2570.jpg
-Exterior view of Hekinan Municipal Hospital-
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