Ponos Co., Ltd. Notice of “Nyanko Great War” New Year Special Program (Program) & New Year Limited Rare Ga cha “Super Cat Festival”

Ponos Co., Ltd.
“Nyanko Great War” New Year Special Program (Program) & New Year’s Limited Rare Gacha “Super Cat Festival” held

In the smartphone game app “Nyanko Great War” provided by Ponos Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, CEO: Yodan Tsujiko, hereinafter “Ponos”), “New Year’s special program (program)” and New Year’s limited We are pleased to inform you that the rare gacha “Super Cat Festival” has started at 0:00 on Sunday, January 1, 2023. [Image 1

Seasonal event “New Year special program (program)” will be held! Happy New Year with cats! We will hold a “New Year’s special program (program)” for a limited time.
“New Year Nyanko Scratch Lottery” where you can win a cat every week! In addition, the “Kotoyoronya Assault! (ΦωΦ)” where enemy characters associated with the year of the rabbit appear, and the “New Year’s Gift Attack!”
In addition, we will deliver a variety of programs such as “Battle of Darkness” and “Nyanko Snow Festival”!
Please enjoy.
・ Seasonal event “New Year’s special program (program)” period (planned) January 1, 2023 (Sunday) 0:00 to January 16 (Monday) 10:59
New Year limited rare gacha “Super Cat Festival” held!
We will hold a New Year limited rare gacha event “Super Extreme Cat Festival” with the maximum super rare appearance rate.
A new limited character “Fono, the Child of Destiny” joins the battle! In addition, super rare characters “Chibi Neko Valkyrie”, “Black Chibi Neko Valkyrie”, and super rare characters “Neko Shichifukujin” will appear for New Year only!
Please take this opportunity to get the character you want.
・ New Year limited rare gacha “Super Cat Festival” period (planned) January 1, 2023 (Sunday) 0:00 to January 4 (Wednesday) 10:59 [Image 2

Campaign held on Twitter! Post your scratch results and win gorgeous prizes! [Image 3

Another double chance for the “New Year Nyanko Scratch Lottery”, an event where you can win a lot of cats!
We are holding a “New Year Nyanko Scratch Lottery W Chance Campaign”. Just follow the Nyanko Great War official Twitter and post the results of the “New Year Nyanko Scratch Lottery” on Twitter from within the game!
By lottery, 10 Nyanko Kagamibiraki sets, 100 limited design QUO cards, and 10,000 New Year’s cards from Nyanko will be won this year. Please join us.
・ “New Year Nyanko Scratch Lottery W Chance Campaign” period (planned)  From January 1, 2023 (Sunday) 0:00 to January 14 (Saturday) 23:59 ・ Nyanko Great War Official Twitter
・Campaign details page
List of other event contents
・ A total of 4 features appearing one after another at the beginning of the year! “Nyanko Betto” Appears!
・Storm stages appear one after another! “Cyclone Festival” held! ・ Chance to get a lot of experience points! “Super Geri EXP Special” held! ・”Trefes ☆ Festival” is held! For a limited time only, the appearance rate of treasures in Japan, Future, and Space Chapters will be greatly increased!
・An event stage where development materials for the Nyanko Cannon will drop! “Guerrilla excavation festival” held!
・”Cat’s Eye Cave” and “XP Big Harvest Festival
(Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced/Super Advanced)” will appear in the Gamatoto Expedition!
“A chance to get more cat’s eye and experience points than usual!” ・We will sell a special “thank you pack” limited to New Year for a limited time. The sales period is scheduled for January 1, 2023 (Sunday) 0:00 to January 16 (Monday) 10:59!
・There are many other events! For details, please check the
notification page in the app.
● Overview of “Nyanko Great War”
[Image 4

[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/36495/table/428_1_0ef3ab57d7b3ed52799c8f133687e2d2.jpg ]
●About PONOS
[Image 5

Since its founding in 1990, PONOS has consistently contributed to the development of entertainment culture through games. [Don’t create what you want, create more than that. ], we value adding value that only we can create to the things that are sought after. Currently, the business is centered on the development of original games for smart devices, and the representative title “Nyanko Great War” has exceeded 79 million downloads (as of December 2022) and is enjoyed by many customers. I’m here.
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