Ponta Combining digital and real customer contact points, sending DMs with short delivery times, high precision, and in small lots, launching marketing support service “ADMoment DM”

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Loyalty Marketing Co., Ltd.
Combining digital and real customer contact points to send DMs with short delivery times, high precision, and in small lots, launching the marketing support service “ADMoment DM”

Loyalty Marketing Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Tsuyoshi Hasegawa, hereinafter referred to as “LM”), which operates the common point service “Ponta”, is JP Media Direct Co., Ltd. of the Japan Post Group (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Naoki Nakajima, hereinafter referred to as “JPMD”) and the DM service “ADMoment DM” that delivers appropriate information by capturing the moment when Ponta members’ purchasing intentions are heightened (= Moment) It will start in January 2023.
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Due to the impact of COVID-19, people are spending more time at home and their lifestyles are changing dramatically. As an advertising method that can deliver information directly to consumers, mail direct mail (hereinafter “DM”) is once again attracting attention. On the other hand, DM generally takes about a month from preparation to shipping, and there is a problem that companies may miss the appropriate timing to deliver information to consumers.
This service uses JPMD’s DM printing and shipping platform “DM Connect” to send out DMs in as little as three business days from the time a Ponta member takes action. It is possible to order in small lots of one unit, and you can easily submit DM creative data in PDF format. The “behavior” that serves as the starting point for sending DMs is the digital and real behavior of more than 100 million Ponta members, such as contact with online media and externally linked media, and use of 260,000 Ponta affiliated stores. Using behavior as a trigger, we can appropriately capture the “moment” when purchasing intentions increase, and automatically deliver preset DMs as soon as possible to achieve more efficient promotions.
Through the provision of this service and the analysis of data from over 100 million Ponta members, LM aims to solve corporate marketing issues and will continue to strengthen its marketing support. *This service analyzes data in accordance with the Ponta membership agreement, the Personal Information Protection Act, and other laws and guidelines.
“ADMoment DM” introduction page
Features of “ADMoment DM”

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1. Don’t miss the best timing
For consumers who meet the conditions set in advance, it is possible to automatically send DMs in a minimum of 3 business days after confirming the triggering behavior. Therefore, when the consumer’s purchase intention increases, you can immediately approach it with an appeal that makes use of the DM’s creative.
In addition, you can freely combine various digital reach methods, such as LM’s apps and emails, and online advertisements linked to external media. You can improve the effectiveness of your promotion by creating multifaceted opportunities for contact, such as approaching the target audience whose needs have been identified through questionnaire emails before sending out DMs and reminding them by emails after sending out DMs.
2. Targeting with an exact list
 The number of DMs that can be sent is about 61 million, which is the largest in Japan. By combining information such as attribute information, purchase data, research data, etc. of over 100 million Ponta members with digital and real consumer behavior, it is possible to personalize creatives and messages according to the target. 3. Corresponding to small lot of 1 unit
We accept orders for small lots (one unit). Normally, DM shipments in small lots tend to have a higher unit price, but “ADMoment DM” keeps the price down by calculating the unit price based on the total number of shipments per month.
* You can freely set the shipping timing within a maximum of 4 times per month. Verification of effectiveness of “ADMoment DM” measures
Prior to the start of the provision of this service, we verified the effectiveness of DM measures that captured the growing desire of consumers. Effectiveness of combination of questionnaire promotion and “ADMoment DM” for card loan products of financial institutions, effect of measure speed from confirmation of trigger consumer behavior to re-approach, comparison with ordinary DM alone verified the effect. [Image 3d4376-583-588aa3f136c1e34cab81-2.png&s3=4376-583-a4ce83cdc21b87b29df451b963683e4e-2686x1772.png
·inspection result
(I) Effect of reminder measures: New applications increased 1.5 times (II) Effect of measures speed from confirmation of consumer behavior that triggers to re-approach:
   The new application rate increased by 1.7 times
(III) Effectiveness of DM measures that capture consumer moments: New application rate increased 1.5 times
The above results demonstrate the effectiveness of DM measures that capture the growing consumer intentions, and the speed of measures from confirming the trigger consumer behavior to re-approaching increases the effectiveness of reminder measures. was also obtained. * “ADMoment” is a registered trademark of Loyalty Marketing Co., Ltd. * “DM Connect” is a registered trademark of JP Media Direct Co., Ltd.   https://www.jp-md.co.jp/dm/dm_connect/
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