Popular studio shooting experience event will be held again this year In the annual special project “Kids Story Photo”, one photo with a story only at Rakan Studio

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[Popular studio shooting experience event will be held again this year] In the annual special project “Kids Story Photo”, one photo with a story only at Rakan Studio
Kids Story Photo is a limited-time kids event held annually by Rakan Studio. Designed to let many people know Rakan Studio, rental costumes with smartphone data are popular.

Rakan Studio Co., Ltd. (Location: 8-7-3 Shimorenjaku, Mitaka City, Tokyo, Representative Director Kan Suzuki), which operates 26 photo studios nationwide, holds an annual limited-time event “Kids Story Photo”. It will be held. This year will start on Wednesday, January 4, 2023. At a special price, you can experience a photo shoot at Rakan Studio. One costume can be rented for free, so it is recommended for those who want to try out what a studio shoot is like before taking a commemorative photo with a child as the main character, such as Shichigosan or entrance ceremony. In addition, it comes with a gift of one cut of smartphone data of the photo taken as a memory of the event. We are currently accepting reservations online and by phone. URL: https://laquan.com/chibikko/index.html
The popular special project “Kids Story Photo” is back again this year! [Image 1

“Kids Story Photo” is a children’s event that has been held at Rakan Studio for many years, changing its name to “Children’s Photo Exhibition” and “Children’s Festa”. Before making a reservation for family commemorative photos such as Shichigosan festival, entrance ceremony, birthday, etc., you can easily experience “a picture with a story” like Rakan Studio.
The plan is reasonably priced at 500 yen (550 yen including tax) on weekdays and includes 1 rental costume and 1 cut of smartphone data. Since the photo shoot is done in a relaxed private studio for the family only, you can take not only the usual natural facial
expressions and smiles, but also a classical “picture-like picture” with a dramatic background and professional techniques that is a little different from usual. Popular with many families.
[Price plan details]
-Period-January 4, 2023 (Wednesday) to February 3 (Friday)
-Target-1 to 6 years old
-Time-Weekdays 11:00-13:15 Weekends and holidays 9:30-13:15
*Sendai Tomizawa store, Kasukabe store, Minamisenju store, Matsudo store, and forKIDS Yokohama Yamashitacho store open every day from 10:00 to 13:15
*The number of shooting groups per day is limited.
– Shooting fee – 500 yen on weekdays (550 yen including tax) + 5,000 yen on weekends and holidays (5,500 yen including tax)
-Products- All shot data can be purchased for 9,800 yen (10,780 yen including tax), which is cheaper than usual
*Additional charges apply when purchasing products such as photo collections and data.
[Image 2d87871-41-45446a39210e007dd5ad-6.jpg&s3=87871-41-7301716469e4057ac7c640bb81786945-600x900.jpg
[Image 3d87871-41-3e172714b2f1554b479a-7.jpg&s3=87871-41-565820b62107e4be3e20c0e9f09353ad-855x549.jpg
[Image 4d87871-41-f4319e72bd5a79e86063-8.jpg&s3=87871-41-4e680da2e32c2a4c4a5b4c9aa4fb7de6-900x600.jpg
[Image 5d87871-41-7f79fc457a94421f077b-9.jpg&s3=87871-41-b3bec78dd0953afdfec35ca91372a586-900x600.jpg
[Image 6d87871-41-51604c506b2cbc1f0c0b-10.jpg&s3=87871-41-726d3ea6f822f4bf6d2dd97d18ac0fd0-600x900.jpg
[Image 7d87871-41-5b3989d1c16bb21af9f2-11.jpg&s3=87871-41-5beefcdc82d519129f6719953bd0a236-900x600.jpg

Frames and data sets are advantageous only for events
[Image 8d87871-41-fbc5fd2813fe1ef79ed1-1.jpg&s3=87871-41-36b1533d03a0e00b651e72b80f37fe9d-672x448.jpg
“Kids Story Photo” also has a lineup of special sets that are only available at events.
Attention is “Kids story photo limited frame (with photo) 3 piece set”. This is a newly released set that allows you to enjoy the expressive photos and frames taken at Rakan Studio at home. You can mix and match from 3 sizes (XS, S, M). Being able to choose all of them online at home is also a nice mechanism for families with small children.
The most popular every year is “Download all shooting data”. You can download all the data taken in the studio at a lower price than usual, so you can use it freely, such as printing it at home or posting it on SNS.
In addition, a set of “Photobook 4 pages (7 cuts) + Data 7 cuts” is also available.
At Rakan Studio, we propose products and sets that incorporate a variety of ideas so that you can leave precious photos in a
family-like way.
Click here for details of set products:
An Instagram campaign will also be held at the same time!
[Image 9d87871-41-b2745dd1d80283b6b763-0.jpg&s3=87871-41-a2e509236534f4cd0427202f431a9e88-650x433.jpg
In addition, “Kids Story Photo” will also carry out an Instagram posting campaign. If you post a photo taken on Instagram with the hashtags of “#Rakan Studio” and “#Rakan Kids Story Photo 2023”, 10 people will be selected by lottery, one frame and a discount ticket that can be used for Shichi-Go-San photography. I will give you a present.
Rakan Studio Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/laquan_studio/ [Image 10d87871-41-6aa9f4952a99b6b8731f-4.png&s3=87871-41-91b7793281bcdacc4ed0c12f80c828ca-1118x654.png

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Established: February 1965
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