Popularity poll results / 801 people answered ANTEPRIMA with PLACOLE & DRESSY Limited model ranking released

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[Popularity poll results / 801 people answered] ANTEPRIMA with PLACOLE & DRESSY Limited model ranking released

Bokensha Placole (Headquarters: Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, CEO: Koki Muto), which develops the “PLACOLE & DRESSY” brand, is a wedding dress collection of “ANTEPRIMA” that continues to be loved by many brides and a limited dress of PLACOLE & DRESSY [ ANTEPRIMA with PLACOLE&DRESSY Limited model] has announced and released the popularity vote results.
“ANTEPRIMA” and PLACOLE&DRESSY Limited Dress Popularity Poll Results Announcement
First try-on event PLACOLE&DRESSY’s limited dress project [ANTEPRIMA with PLACOLE&DRESSY Limited model], which develops the wedding dress collection of “ANTEPRIMA”, which continues to be loved by many brides, and the concept of “shaping the bride’s voice”. This time, we conducted a popular vote ranking of such a limited dress “ANTEPRIMA with PLACOLE & DRESSY Limited model”. We received responses from people in a wide range of ages from teens to 30s, mainly on SNS such as Instagram and TikTok, and a total of 801 people answered. Detailed article: https://dressy.pla-cole.wedding/anteprima-ranking/ [Image 1

[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/21126/table/464_1_16923f23348881ea5f9b068f6246fe5a.jpg ]

Introducing the Top 3 Dresses
1st place ANT0303 Blue Gray (174 votes)
[Image 2d21126-464-3eb0e48cfe8a60981cbb-0.jpg&s3=21126-464-f34c16d3f37f7859efe8db638d01f59b-1523x1074.jpg
The latest trend dress that expresses a true luxury wedding in Anteprima-like colors with a youthful silhouette like plastic collection and dressy. Scattered flat spun glitter that has been carefully finished to create a sense of looseness promises the finest glitter. Anteprima is also unique in its elegant nuanced color with milky colored stones scattered on the bijou lace of the top. Express the sweetness of an adult with transparent puff sleeves.
2nd place ANT0306 Black (126 votes)
[Image 3d21126-464-83532129569686024c25-1.jpg&s3=21126-464-5060e905918b330a120a603e0a903780-1523x1074.jpg
A simple mode black dress that uses crisp imported jacquard
luxuriously creates a new impact with soft pleated ribbon tulle that can be worn in a variety of ways. Placole & Dressy’s icon color black is a slightly classical trendy dress that fits the current era. 3rd place ANT0305 Off white (114 votes)
[Image 4d21126-464-f066153134745588fd80-2.jpg&s3=21126-464-6ea83de731ac26dc769a6cab4402c032-1523x1074.jpg
The York Train, which elegantly and beautifully covers the complex, realizes the ultimate 2-way style. The delicate bijou lace details match the beautiful calm and mature silhouette, expressing a new sense of elegance. Pair it with slightly dry ear cuffs for a cool accessory arrangement.


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