Popularity Ranking of Tourist Spots in Taiwan! -Hankyu Travel International publishes survey results on Taiwan travel-

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Popularity Ranking of Tourist Spots in Taiwan! -Hankyu Travel International publishes survey results on Taiwan travel-

Tourism travel to Taiwan will resume in October 2022, and more and more people are enjoying Taiwan tourism for the first time in a long time. Taiwan is popular as an overseas country because it is close to Japan and easy to get to. This time, Hankyu Travel International conducted a questionnaire survey targeting more than 500 men and women in their twenties and over nationwide on the popularity of tourist spots in Taiwan. Publish the results.
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[Survey overview]
Number of valid responses: 522
Survey period: 2022/11/21-2022/11/27
Research organization: Justsystem Co., Ltd. (Using “Fastask”) Survey target: Men and women in their 20s and over nationwide Survey method: Web questionnaire
Sightseeing travel from Japan to Taiwan has resumed for the first time in about three years.
*Please check the latest information for detailed entry requirements. For those who have been looking forward to traveling to Taiwan for a long time, there may be those who are thinking about going abroad for the first time in a long time to Taiwan, which is close to Japan. At times like that, I’m curious about where to go and what to do when I go to Taiwan.
Although it is an overseas country close to Japan, it may not be known what kind of sightseeing spots there are in Taiwan. Therefore, we conducted a questionnaire survey on the popularity of each sightseeing spot and what you would like to enjoy if you go on a trip to Taiwan. ■Taipei 101 is the number one tourist spot in Taiwan
I listed the names of popular tourist spots in Taiwan and checked the name recognition of each.
[Image 2d7099-450-fa59de9466d733be1a3e-1.jpg&s3=7099-450-53972201ba4d03197cfe73e128a965e6-430x450.jpg
*This is not an answer that lists all tourist attractions in Taiwan. This is just a ranking within this list.
63.8% of respondents answered that they “do not know any of these spots,” indicating that even famous tourist spots are still not well known. There may be some people who don’t know how to read the spot names because there are many kanji characters.
Now, let’s take a look at the top 1st to 5th most famous sightseeing spots. 1st place: Taipei 101 (Taipeiichi Maruichi) -Taipei City-
[Image 3d7099-450-2c279505086dad22acdd-2.jpg&s3=7099-450-4b5a815cdab9f70dafffa0c3b51b86cf-600x400.jpg
Taipei 101, a skyscraper with 5 floors underground and 101 floors above ground, ranked first. There is an indoor observatory on the 89th floor, an outdoor observatory on the 91st floor, and an outdoor walkway called “Skyline460” (reservation required) on the 101st floor, offering panoramic views of Taipei. There are restaurants and bars on the upper floors, and there is a shopping mall from the 1st basement floor to the 6th floor, where you can enjoy shopping.
2nd place: National Palace Museum-Taipei-
[Image 4d7099-450-8453209f535937062d41-3.jpg&s3=7099-450-92462c1d199361f420d1fb1951d43e67-600x400.jpg
The National Palace Museum is sometimes counted as one of the four largest museums in the world. More than 690,000 works of art (as of September 30, 2022) that have been collected by successive Chinese dynasties are stored.
Ichifu such as “Suigyoku Hakusai” made of jade, and “Nikugataseki” made of Hekigyoku, reminiscent of pork belly. You can also see unusual and popular works.
3rd place: Jiufen-New Taipei City-
[Image 5d7099-450-bd10af2fc63f598d78ea-0.jpg&s3=7099-450-06531b2372c79cfb4727714ac2129022-600x400.jpg
Jiufen is a scenic city located in the mountains. In the past, it prospered due to gold mining, but although it declined after that, it has regained popularity as a tourist destination where you can enjoy a nostalgic atmosphere. At dusk, the red lanterns begin to light up, creating a fantastic scenery.
You can also enjoy visiting famous teahouses such as Kyufunsabou and Ahmei Charo.
4th place: Shilin Night Market-Taipei-
[Image 6d7099-450-42a7cfdebf71c67f5156-4.jpg&s3=7099-450-aa677665c5c5f809ef5fdca4c8b27b9d-600x450.jpg
Taiwan is famous for its night markets, and Shilin Night Market is one of the largest. You can enjoy shopping for clothes, miscellaneous goods, and small items outside, and enjoy gourmet food in the Gourmet District in the basement. It is a spot where you can fully enjoy Taiwanese gourmet foods such as Taiwanese common people’s taste of minced pork rice (Lu Lo Fan), Taiwanese-style Oyaki Pepper Cake (Fu Jiao Bin) with juicy peppery meat sauce, and Taiwanese sausage Xiang Guo. .
No. 5: Shifen Old Street-New Taipei City-
[Image 7d7099-450-8ed2de15d3eb17cfe89e-5.jpg&s3=7099-450-64dc03a6d7a9aeeeeb58290b96032a7b-600x400.jpg
Shifen old town is a rare sight where you can see trains running on tracks lined with shops on both sides. There are many shops that offer a lantern-raising experience, and it is a perfect spot for taking pictures together with the scenery of the railroad tracks. The Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival, which is held once a year, is also famous. Shifen Waterfall, also known as “Taiwan’s Niagara”, is nearby and can be visited together.
5th place: Beitou Hot Springs-Taipei-
[Image 8d7099-450-4365edbad59c5bcff334-6.jpg&s3=7099-450-8b50f045d58a1e1bf69697b7d89b163d-600x400.jpg
It is a hot spring resort with good access, about 40 minutes by MRT (city rail) from Taipei city. There are many hot spring facilities, and depending on the location, you can enjoy three types of springs: white sulfur springs, blue sulfur springs, and iron sulfur springs. If you walk around the geothermal valley, which is one of the sources of Beitou hot springs, you will be able to enjoy the fantastic atmosphere filled with steam. There are many lodging facilities such as hotels and inns, and since it is close to the city, it can be a base for sightseeing in Taiwan (there are also facilities where you can take a day trip bath).
■About 60% of people who want to enjoy “gourmet food” when they go on a trip to Taiwan!
Taiwan has many sightseeing spots, but we also asked them what they would like to enjoy if they were to go on a trip to Taiwan.
[Image 9d7099-450-927f1bb92db7a7de4c88-7.jpg&s3=7099-450-02165ba5bf3da8929154b5b6d77961d3-577x450.jpg
The first place is “Gourmet” with 60.2%. In Taiwan, there are many dishes that can be eaten casually, which are called B-class gourmet, and there is a strong image that it is fun to eat at stalls such as night markets. It is also the home of tapioca milk tea, which is popular in Japan, and sweets such as Touhua and mango shaved ice are also popular.
2nd place was “shopping” at 37.9%, 3rd place was “buildings and streets” at 32.4%, 4th place was “night market” at 31.6%, and 5th place was “natural scenery” at 30.8%. Tourist attractions with spectacular natural scenery include the spectacular Taroko Gorge, Sun Moon Lake, the largest lake in Taiwan, and Yehliu Geopark, which is lined with strangely shaped rocks.
■ What is the percentage of people who have traveled to Taiwan? I asked what kind of place was good
Taiwan has been unable to travel for a while due to the corona wreck, but how many people have traveled to Taiwan so far?
[Image 10d7099-450-1e6fbf65b44e7dce7b59-8.jpg&s3=7099-450-7b02903d924d78b2a78f7d97f05081e1-600x412.jpg
24.5% answered that they have traveled to Taiwan, and 75.5% answered that they have not.
When I asked people who have traveled to Taiwan what they liked about it, I received the following responses.
“The people here are kind, and they can speak Japanese to some extent. “It’s close to Japan. There’s almost no time difference. You can enjoy shopping at relatively low prices. The locals are kind.”
“The food is cheap and delicious, there are many sightseeing spots and it is easy to get to, so it is easy to plan. In addition to being able to enjoy shopping, it is good to be able to communicate in Japanese.” In this way, there were many comments that touched on the kindness of people and the benefits of being able to communicate in Japanese. ■ Travel to Taiwan
Hankyu Travel International has resumed sales of Taiwan tours from October 2022. There are many tours around Taiwan’s popular sightseeing spots like the ones introduced this time. If you have a sightseeing spot that you don’t know, please check it out about Taiwan.
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