Poziwill Co., Ltd. Official release of “Poziwill Certification Course” that provides a place for learning and practice for those who aspire to support careers #Poziwill

Posiwill Co., Ltd.
Official release of “Posiwill Certification Course” that provides a place for learning and practice for those who aspire to career support #Posiwill
-Career supporter training platform that provides know-how cultivated through a track record of supporting more than 20,000 people-
Posiwill Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Mei Kanai), which operates career-specific personal training “POSIWILL CAREER”, provides career counseling, coaching, and career change support for those who aspire to support careers. In order to provide an
environment for continuous learning, we will officially release the “Posiwill Certification Course”.
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 In recent years, due to changes in the Japanese-style employment system and a decrease in the working population, individual career autonomy (= independent career development by individuals without depending on companies) is required. In addition, in response to the diversification of work styles and changes in the external
environment, the importance of individual reskilling (relearning during one’s career) is increasing.
Under such circumstances, as a measure to support individual careers, the government announced a plan to train 100,000 nationally qualified career consultants (Caricon) by the end of fiscal 2024. The number of people who want career support is increasing due to the background of promoting the activation of employees by managers and managers. On the other hand, when these people actually provide career support, the following issues and concerns often arise.
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In response to the current situation of “I have an idea but I can’t make it a reality”, we have released the “Posiwill Certification Course” to provide an environment where you can “continue to practice and learn”.
About Poziwill Certification Course
The vision of the “Posiwill Certified Course” is a platform that gives shape to the desire to “support careers”.
So that each and every one of us can fulfill the desire to “want to help someone”.
So that each person can receive career support as a matter of course. We are aiming for such a world.
[What you can do with the Posiwill Certification Course]
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[Features/Course list]
The learning that can be obtained in the Poziwill certified course is a composite knowledge and skill that combines “career counseling”, “coaching” and “career change support”.
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We offer two courses according to the skills you want to acquire and the breadth you want to support.
We will carefully select and convey knowledge that can be really used from the achievements of over 20,000 career support.
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Commemorating the release! Notice of free online event
To commemorate the release, a free online event [How to fulfill the desire to support your career] will be held by the supervisor.
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About briefing session
If you are interested in the course, please come to the briefing first! The specific content of the course will be explained by a Posiwill full-time trainer who will be the instructor.
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Student voice
Prior to this release, a beta version was launched in December 2022 and January 2023.
Although their positions and circumstances were different, they had a common desire to learn career counseling and coaching, so they actively exchanged opinions with each other.
Here, we will introduce the voices of those who have taken the beta version, such as “What motivated you to decide to take the course?” Hazuki Wajima (Regional Revitalization/Education)
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Mr. Takeki Imagawa (HR/Career Advisor)
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Mr. Daiki Okunishi (Medical/Welfare/Transport Equipment/Mechanical Design) [Image 8

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Full-time trainers who have a wealth of support experience in “POSIWILL CAREER” will be in charge of instructors.
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Chihiro Oka
After graduating from Kwansei Gakuin University, he got a job at Kiyo Bank Co., Ltd. and experienced personal and corporate sales. After joining Recruit Career as a mid-career hire, engaged in recruitment. After that, after working as a coordinator for custom-made wedding “CRAZY WEDDING”, joined Poziwill. She specializes in supporting women’s worries about life events and the worries of high-career people.
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Kei Segawa
After graduating from Japan Women’s University, joined Link and Motivation Group. After gaining experience as a career advisor for a new graduate introduction business and in-house recruitment personnel, he was seconded to an affiliated company, Open Work, and experienced customer success in a new business. He joined Posiwill to fulfill his dream of “increasing the number of people who continue to have high expectations of their own potential.” We are good at career support for those with low self-esteem and job change support for young inexperienced people.

POSIWILL CAREER program supervisor: Professor Kennosuke Tanaka, Faculty of Career Design, Hosei University Comment
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“POSIWILL CAREER” is a career-specific personal training program that helps you accept your past, reconsider the present in front of you, and help you change your behavior until you take steps to find your own way of life. While facing each individual’s career development, we have accumulated collective knowledge of career counseling and coaching.
At this timing when the number of participants in “POSIWILL CAREER” reaches 20,000, we will deliver the practical and specialized methods that we have refined so far to more people as “POSIWILL Certification Course”. In the age of 100-year lifespans, career literacy is essential for sustainable career development. We will convey specialized methods to nationally qualified career consultants, personnel in companies, and people who aspire to career support. On top of that, there are also career support sites where you can actually work as a business trainer in various forms such as side jobs, side jobs, and freelance. In addition, you can continue to refine your career support skills with a Posiwill dedicated trainer. Through the “Posiwill Certification Course”, we will produce career supporters who will produce people who live their own way and enjoy life. As an expert in career development, I will continue to accompany the social growth of the Posiwill Certification Course and the progress of each and every worker.
Would you like to make career support the axis of your job
satisfaction? Join us for a better career.
Company Profile
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With the mission of “It should be scary.”, we operate “POSIWILL CAREER”, a career-specific personal training program. We will realize a society in which each person can pursue their own best career, rather than the ideal career that is generally accepted by society. The “Posiwill Certification Course” announced this time is a step toward realizing the vision of “changing individuals, moving society, and becoming a lifestyle support company.” This is an effort that we will make. We will grow it as a platform where everyone with the same aspiration can shine, and we will continue to strengthen our “lifestyle support”.
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Public Relations: Sakamoto
Mail: kasumi_sakamoto@posiwill.co.jp
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