Preseed Japan Co., Ltd. Aina The End’s second mural appears in Akihabara!

Preseed Japan Co., Ltd.
The second mural by Aina the End appears in Akihabara!
Complete wireless earphones supervised by Aina The End will be released on Thursday, January 26!

Preseed Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo;
Representative Director: Hirokazu Tsuchiyama), which manufactures, imports and sells wireless audio equipment and IoT-related products, has established WALL SHARE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters : Kita Ward, Osaka City Representative Director: Takanobu Kawazoe), we are pleased to announce that we have created a mural for the complete wireless earphone “J1” of “AVIOT” operated by our company in Akihabara. This mural will be the second installment following Shibuya, which was produced in November 2022.
[Image 1d27368-145-c0921bc6b4792c321301-8.jpg&s3=27368-145-1095c1825bc623f8151712fc2a76c8db-2846x1824.jpg
Following the mural created in Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo in November 2022, the second installment is Akihabara, Tokyo.
The artist who created this work is KAC, an artist from Hiroshima Prefecture. From the theme of the new product “Enjoy the change”, Aina the End, a tie-up artist of “J1”, has been colored with bold and delicate expressions and world views created by KAC’s masterpiece can control.
We hope that many people will enjoy this mural as a new art spot in Akihabara, Japan’s leading electric town.
In addition, the collaboration model “TE-J1-AiNA”, whose design and sound quality were supervised by Aina The End, will be released on Thursday, January 26th. The charging case uses a velor material that is different from the base model, and the original color red is used for the earphone itself. The voice guidance during earphone operation is also completely new for this unit. In addition, a random voice that can be played at any time by touch operation of the earphone is also installed.
[Image 2d27368-145-a6fa9c4c618366b01d3b-6.jpg&s3=27368-145-5eee8e551e130d6ebd3136e980922b54-3900x2925.jpg
Production scenery 1
[Image 3d27368-145-b074ee43d265bd049253-7.jpg&s3=27368-145-bb9229878efe5aba3c0205d81a959410-2025x2700.jpg
Production scenery 2
■Overview of the work
Publication period: Scheduled for January 16 (Monday) to early July Location: Akihabara DT Building 1F (1-15-5 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) Art content: AVIOT “J1” theme “Enjoy change”
Model: Aina the End
Artist: KAC
Produced by: WALL SHARE Co., Ltd.
■ Artist profile
Mural artist born in Hiroshima Prefecture and currently living in Hyogo Prefecture. He specializes in characters, and the lines that are born vigorously from his hands with inspiration and sharp spray can control appear on the wall with a fantastic worldview. In addition to his works, he creates high-quality production pieces in sessions with various graffiti writers from Japan and abroad.
■ The first installment: A giant mural created by artists PHIL and FATE For the first installment, we drew a giant mural over 20 meters tall, one of the tallest in Japan, in Shibuya.
The work was created by PHIL and FATE from Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan’s leading street artists. This mural is scheduled to remain until the fall of 2023.
[Image 4d27368-145-b816ca971f7419594a4b-1.jpg&s3=27368-145-ed41495162e1815f36e60a84cfbe1660-3900x2924.jpg

TE-J1-AiNA basic sales information
[Image 5d27368-145-1ca1370bc4672a223746-0.jpg&s3=27368-145-64baa2533f782eca584b02737fe513ad-1920x1080.jpg
・Price: 25,960 yen (tax included)
・Product page:
・ Reservation start date: December 15, 2022 (Thursday) * The first order has ended
・ Scheduled release date: Thursday, January 26, 2023
・Available stores: AVIOT ONLINE MALL
                  (Please contact the store for availability) TE-J1 basic sales information
[Image 6d27368-145-20bd4824e50367b5bd19-2.jpg&s3=27368-145-63800cab118048e335a812f80197f71e-850x534.jpg
・Sales price: 21,890 yen (tax included)
・ Product page:
・Color: Black/White/Navy/Khaki
・Available stores: AVIOT ONLINE MALL (            AVIOT EC mall official stores
Consumer Electronics Stores and Lifestyle Shops Nationwide
(Please contact the store for availability)
■ Aina the End
[Image 7d27368-145-f8575c0a9160c47162d1-4.jpg&s3=27368-145-36de844195369ec1565abcab9f204079-2500x1667.jpg
A member of BiSH, a punk band with no instruments. With a husky singing voice and unique expressiveness, she is in charge of almost all choreography in the group. In 2021, released the 1st album “THE END” with all songs written and composed, and started full-scale solo activities. Announced the release of works for three consecutive months from September 2021, and released the 2nd album “THE ZOMBIE” in November of the same year. Held a 2nd solo tour “AiNA THE END Solo Tour ‘THE ZOMBIE'” over 10 venues in 8 cities nationwide. In March 2022, she will hold a solo performance “AiNA THE END ‘Homecoming Instinct'” at Osaka Castle Hall. The most popular expressionist at the moment.
[Image 8d27368-145-5f6935b36750e46603a7-3.png&s3=27368-145-66b0cd21073fe1ee01c789eee95f37cc-320x171.png
Company name: WALL SHARE Co., Ltd.
Representative Takanobu Kawazoe
Head office: 1-11-10-401 Nakazaki, Kita-ku, Osaka
Established April 15, 2020
Business description Production business using murals (wall paintings) URL:
[Image 9d27368-145-b89601b2d760ff3b445f-5.jpg&s3=27368-145-9fe23942d6ab6e913a5b2bfde9734fe4-306x106.jpg
AVIOT is an audiovisual brand originating in Japan, where sound experts and engineers who know the sound of Japan are involved in acoustic design. With the slogan “Good enough never is.” We are developing products that you can use.
■Company profile
Trade name: Preseed Japan Co., Ltd.
Representative: Hirokazu Tsuchiyama, Representative Director Location: Kitasando DT Building 3F, 4-16-7 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0051 ■ Business content
1) Manufacture, import and sale of wireless audio equipment and IoT related products
2) Import and sale of mobile accessories
3) Operation of own EC site
Details about this release:


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