Press release / Next Lab Dramatically ease the “returns and exchanges” work that is time-consuming for all e-commerce businesses! AI automatic return system “Return-kun” for EC business operators that can greatly reduce the burden of CS work and im

Next Lab Co., Ltd.
Dramatically ease the “return/exchange” work that is time consuming for all e-commerce businesses! AI automatic return system “Return-kun” for EC business operators that can greatly reduce the burden of CS work and improve brand reliability is now available!
Return-kun will be adopted at the lifestyle brand “Allbirds” online shop!
Dramatically ease the “return/exchange” work that is time consuming for all e-commerce businesses! AI automatic return system “Return-kun” for EC business operators that can greatly reduce the burden of CS work and improve brand reliability is now available!
~Adopted at the lifestyle brand “Allbirds” online shop~
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Next Lab Co., Ltd. (location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) provides SaaS “Return-kun” (URL: that can improve the efficiency of customer support (CS) for retail EC businesses. have started. “Kansei-kun”, which will be launched this time, can smoothly perform the return and exchange work that occurs during online shopping, and can greatly reduce the burden on purchasers and e-commerce businesses. Main features of “Kansai-kun”
1. Purchasers can easily request product returns, exchanges, or order cancellations on the web or app.
2. Not only online purchasers but also in-store purchasers can request returns and exchanges with “Kansai-kun”
3. By using the delivery cooperation API of Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yamato Transport), you can bring your parcel to a Yamato Transport office, collect it at a designated destination, open parcel delivery locker “PUDO Station”, convenience store, etc. can be shipped from
4. Can be installed on any site (can be installed on EC sites created from scratch and EC sites using templates such as Shopify)
5. Sophisticated UI/UX design that does not damage the brand of the operator’s EC shop
6. Can be managed individually or as a list on the dashboard management screen [Image 2d110838-2-df1c594bb405b7dcdcbe-3.png&s3=110838-2-8a6b86281ee55250037b114d89763832-2164x640.png

Advantages of “Kansai-kun” for businesses
CS operations that occur in the retail EC business range from responding to inquiries from customers, returning or exchanging purchased products, handling refunds, and managing returned products. Therefore, in proportion to the increase in sales and expansion of sales through EC, the load of CS correspondence also increases. Of these CS operations, “Kansei-kun” focuses on operations related to returns and exchanges, and by systematizing and automating the operations that occur in a series of operations, the burden on CS operations is greatly reduced. By centralizing the management of information that was previously obtained manually through e-mail, chat, and phone calls, it is possible to reduce inadequate information transmission and work mistakes and improve work efficiency. In addition, by analyzing the accumulated data, it is possible to utilize it for marketing.
Benefits for purchasers of “Kansai-kun”
If you wish to return or exchange an item you purchased, you must contact the store where you purchased it. At the call center, there were inconveniences such as fixed hours and days of the week, and the fact that it was difficult to get through on the phone. With “Kansei-kun”, you can request a return or exchange from the
“Kansai-kun” app, so you can request at a time convenient for the purchaser.
In addition, not only online purchasers but also in-store purchasers can return or exchange items using the “Return-kun” app.
Using Yamato Transport’s delivery linkage API, it’s easy to ship returned items! “Kansei-kun” uses the delivery linkage API* provided by Yamato Transport. Customers returning items do not need to write the address on the shipping label, and can easily ship from Yamato Transport sales offices, convenience stores, etc. simply by scanning the
two-dimensional code.
*Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.’s delivery linkage API is a service that can link functions such as invoice issuance, collection reservation, and package delivery status information acquisition with the website of the company, in order to improve convenience related to shipping for corporate customers. .
Service release background
Due to the diversification of sales formats and distribution, the introduction of e-commerce by retailers has progressed, and due to the corona disaster since 2020, the e-commerce rate in Japan has increased dramatically. On the other hand, in proportion to the increase in EC sales, the load for CS also increased. The operation and management of in-house CS has become a major issue in expanding sales on EC. Therefore, Next Lab has developed and started offering a SaaS “Return-kun” that can greatly reduce the burden of customer support by smoothly performing return and exchange work.
Adopted by the lifestyle brand “Allbirds” online shop!
[Image 3d110838-2-33a9e7104e5f837806aa-2.png&s3=110838-2-4656da4ae79dd33a28ef78fd827da077-694x221.png
In November 2021, the online shop for the domestic market of Allbirds, a lifestyle brand centered on sneakers from San Francisco, listed on NASDAQ in the United States, has been testing the beta version of “Kansai-kun” since August 2022. , has been officially adopted at the “Allbirds” online shop.
Comment from Takanori Ishii, E-commerce Director of Allbirds LLC “In the online sales business of shoes and apparel, we believe that returns and exchanges are a very important service for customers to make purchases with peace of mind. I was spending a lot of time for the CX team on “Return-kun”.Since the introduction of Return-Kun, we have been able to shift the resources of the team to making sales by improving work efficiency.While increasing customer satisfaction, we have increased efficiency and expanded sales. As we aim to achieve this goal, we have high expectations for the services in the reverse logistics field provided by NextLab.”
Overview of Next Lab Co., Ltd.
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Nextlab Co., Ltd. is developing its business in order to realize its mission of “continuing to meet the expectations of society through the creation of new value.”
We will continue to develop services that can significantly reduce the burden of CS operations on e-commerce businesses and improve brand credibility. As part of our services, we are planning webinars, etc. Details will be announced on the website of Keikan-kun.
I also created a Twitter account. Please “Follow” if you don’t mind.
We will post information about our services and events here. Inquiries regarding this matter
Please contact us at pr @ for consultation on
introduction, application for coverage, and contact for partnership. *The information contained in this press release is current as of the date of the announcement.
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