Prime 1 Studio Co., Ltd. From the fantasy monument “Lord of the Rings”, one of the traveling companions “Gandalf the Gray” is three-dimensionalized on a 1/4 scale.

Prime 1 Studio Co., Ltd.
From the fantasy monument “Lord of the Rings”, one of the traveling companions “Gandalf the Gray” is three-dimensionalized on a 1/4 scale.
High-end brand “PRIME 1 STATUE” from Prime 1 Studio Co., Ltd. At the premium master line, we have three-dimensionalized “Gandalf the Gray” from the movie “Lord of the Rings” as a 1/4 scale statue. Reservation acceptance starts today, January 5th. The product is scheduled to be released from April to July 2024.
Product page here: [Image 1d61479-186-20826a99704972513679-0.jpg&s3=61479-186-a2b4c5b5fb0746e0059e142777b220e9-1200x630.jpg
The gold standard of fantasy movies “Lord of the Rings”. From this great work, another solo traveler has joined the lineup. One of the Istari (wizards) who save Middle-earth, “Gandalf the Gray” is now available in Premium Masterline!
[Image 2d61479-186-c79abf52c1ae3ea18875-1.jpg&s3=61479-186-ca4f6e5ce37cd8623f3c81f42e694f5d-1500x1060.jpg
[Image 3d61479-186-d99350cdc9dde2e7a1ad-2.jpg&s3=61479-186-4d10decb228f4bdee76685bc3feda781-2122x1500.jpg
This time, the three-dimensional figure is a majestic figure wielding a sword and magic. From the battle of Khazad-Dum expressed in the previously released “Balrog VS Gandalf”, his facial expressions and poses are cut out in higher definition.
[Image 4d61479-186-c2049ccca4a276b53acc-3.jpg&s3=61479-186-3d4cafa657f73fb9080511dc9f86ee54-1500x1060.jpg
* July 2020 release “Balrog VS Gandalf”
[Image 5d61479-186-e85fd380f82fd14fe8bb-4.jpg&s3=61479-186-63c2403b1a50bd8dc8f7c844689ecdff-1500x1060.jpg
Peeking between his long wavy hair and beard is a piercing gaze directed at a gigantic demon. The wrinkles that symbolize knowledge and experience are carefully carved on the face one by one, and the expression of Ian McKellen played is reproduced in detail.
[Image 6d61479-186-57911c18b608dffe4fd5-5.jpg&s3=61479-186-a83958753747e9dd6ba5234d5e0c89d5-2122x1500.jpg
Reality is enough for the robe, bag, belt, etc. that you wear. It is a finish that makes you feel the texture and weight.
[Image 7d61479-186-0a96970d3916d2cc3adf-6.jpg&s3=61479-186-6f9f452568ec4aebddc68488b471554c-1500x1060.jpg
In addition, we have prepared a variety of gimmicks for this work. The triangular hat of the icon is removable. The cane held in the right hand can be replaced with a part that emits light with LED. In addition, you can choose between holding the famous sword Glamdring on the left hand and flat handing, so you can pose him however you like. [Image 8d61479-186-1ae293a6a95e26bcc923-7.jpg&s3=61479-186-bb676f63d2daf2e59e7a32aaf52dfc84-1500x1060.jpg
[Image 9d61479-186-1abfc94567a5c44d726e-8.jpg&s3=61479-186-4a4af8da42a8834b618fb6c357bc1ad4-1500x1060.jpg
And this ultimate version also comes with a special base designed by Balrog. Enjoy an immersive experience enhanced by LED-lit hellfires, plumes, and giant fiends.
[Image 10d61479-186-faef8b5eb16a9491d816-9.jpg&s3=61479-186-d9aef281348e9043bed60c48fb8413ce-1500x1060.jpg
Gandalf the gray that appeared from one of the best scenes in the series. A premium body that boasts a modeling expression that will surprise even dwarves.
[Image 11d61479-186-59fc22bcd5b4abc12cf6-10.jpg&s3=61479-186-4b31833a11a3461141877c7dcfc1ae23-1500x1060.jpg
・Photos are product samples. There is a case where the actual product may differ.
・It may look different from the actual color depending on the monitor. ・Shipping will be done as soon as preparations are complete, but due to the production schedule, there is a possibility that the shipping date will be delayed. Please be aware of this before making a reservation purchase.
Product Summary
Product name :
Premium Masterline Lord of the Rings Gandalf the Gray Ultimate Edition Product price: ¥300,190 (tax included)
Release date: April to July 2024
Series: Lord of the Rings
Format: Premium Masterline
Size/Weight: 1/4 Scale
Height: 81cm Width: 62cm Depth: 70cm Weight: 55.3kg
Material: Polystone (partially uses a different material)
Rights notation:
(C) New Line Productions, Inc. All rights reserved. THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING and the names of the characters, items, events and places therein are (TM) of The Saul Zaentz Company d/b/ a Middle-earth Enterprises under license to New Line Productions, Inc.(s23)
[Image 12d61479-186-8f85938e84c5dc7d83d3-11.jpg&s3=61479-186-d7e3a96f802d506c48a95451666c0ad2-1061x1500.jpg

Company Profile
Prime 1 Studio Co., Ltd.
[Image 13d61479-186-6ea2721074d402ecdc92-12.png&s3=61479-186-9a3c992f3c10d0a77ebf17a92cae0ccd-1920x468.png
Prime 1 Studio Co., Ltd. is a company that transmits the appeal of character content through various products. We manufacture and sell figures, apparel, and goods, including the world’s best character statue “PRIME 1 STATUE”.
・ Location: 6-36-2 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
・Representative: Rie Matsumoto
・ Official site:
Details about this release:

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