Primo Japan Co., Ltd. Bridal ring specialty store “I-Primo” “Personal hand diagnosis (R)” where you ca n find a ring that “really suits you” Introduction of measurement and diagnostic tools on tablet terminals at all st ores

Primo Japan Co., Ltd.
Bridal ring specialty store “I-PRIMO” “Personal hand diagnosis (R)” where you can find a ring that “really suits you” Introduction of measurement and diagnosis tools on tablet terminals at all stores
I-PRIMO (Operator: Primo Global Holdings Co., Ltd., Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Naoki Sawano), which develops bridal ring specialty stores, has been well received since the domestic service started in 2022. (R)” has been renewed with the introduction of new measurement and diagnostic tools. In addition, an application was filed with the Patent Office for the name of the service, “Personal Hand Diagnosis,” as well as the logo trademark, and the registration was approved.
A wedding ring that you will wear for the rest of your life. Because it is a symbol of happiness, we want you to find the ring that suits you best. “Personal Hand Diagnosis (R)” is provided with such thoughts. Professional staff with jewelry coordinator qualifications are in charge, and through careful hearing, you can not only judge your appearance, but also know your preferences and how to wear it that you did not even notice. This time, we have introduced a dedicated measurement tool to the tablet terminals of all stores, making it possible to organize your favorite items and measure your fingers more smoothly. As a starting point for choosing a ring, why not have a special experience where you can find a wedding ring that “really suits you” by synergizing both your preferences and an objective point of view.
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Personal hand diagnosis (R)
* “Personal Hand Diagnosis” is a registered trademark of Primo Global Holdings Co., Ltd.
[Personal hand diagnosis flow]
Step 1
Organize your preferences with the hearing sheet
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The process of clarifying the most important “preference” in choosing a ring. The most important thing for a ring that you can love for a long time is whether you “like” the ring.
However, my own preferences are vague and sometimes I can’t answer clearly. In Personal Hand Diagnosis, we will present 4 types and select the one you like to organize your preferences.
Step 2
Diagnosis using dedicated measurement tools
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In addition to the knowledge of professional staff, we check the fingers of the couple using a special measurement tool.
Depending on the shape and flesh of the hand, the length of the fingers and the depth of the webbing, the design that suits you will differ. An opportunity to learn about features that you never knew existed.
Step 3
Subjective and objective, two-sided approach
[Image 4d54693-71-da2b54a9d7f6763b3c37-5.jpg&s3=54693-71-64e261038f0d69bc34e3076134461237-476x317.jpg
Once you have clarified your “preferences” and “characteristics of your hand,” we will propose recommended ring candidates that “really suit you” derived from professional knowledge.
We will also explain the characteristics and reasons for the design that suits you, so you should be able to clarify the “criteria for a ring that suits you”.
Step 4
Find your ideal ring in a variety of variations
[Image 5d54693-71-cb5f74de9d9ebe6a9623-1.jpg&s3=54693-71-5561aac1780c4e36d45c2f4935aaf967-475x316.jpg
Based on the proposed ring, we will continue to search for the ideal ring. We also considered how to wear it on a daily basis, and also considered “easy to wear”. I-PRIMO offers a wide variety of
variations, such as slightly different angles of curves and different numbers of diamonds, so you can pursue your ideals.

[Image 6d54693-71-c0c73e24fc96b2afebe1-6.jpg&s3=54693-71-1d88de53a0d2f8756e71618872243242-1485x431.jpg
Personal hand diagnosis logo / registration number
■ I-PRIMO Marriage Ring
[Image 7d54693-71-00ee40d211153ad11ae2-3.jpg&s3=54693-71-595cae491be296a84488642159f5e42e-489x351.jpg
With more than 110 different designs and high-quality diamonds, the latest technology and outstanding Japanese craftsmanship will make your couple’s ideals an “eternal form”. By choosing the material that matches your taste and skin familiarity, you can create a ring that is unique to both of you. We can also customize the inside of the wedding ring, such as engraving the couple’s initials or anniversary date, setting diamonds or birthstones, etc. A wedding ring, a sign of eternal love. Together with the promise of a lifetime, we will always be by your side and continue to carve out happy times.
■ Bridal ring specialty store “I-PRIMO”
Bridal ring specialty store boasting the largest number of stores in Japan. The main service is “select order style” where you can choose your favorite loose diamond and ring design from a wide range of loose diamonds and ring designs. We have a store outside. We will welcome you with the comprehensive strengths unique to a bridal ring specialty store brand, such as designs that seek the essence rather than trends, and professional customer service and services. Each I-PRIMO ring has a story, and the story embedded in the ring along with the design will celebrate the couple’s departure. I-PRIMO, a bridal ring specialty store, offers meticulous hospitality provided by staff with jewelry coordinator qualifications and reliable after-sales care that can be received nationwide.
Store list:
List of wedding rings: List of engagement rings: ■ Proposal preparation room *The results of the 2022 proposal awareness survey are now available
■Company Profile
Trade name: Primo Global Holdings Inc.
Founded: April 15, 1999
Head office location: 5-12-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Hakutsuru Building 4F TEL: TEL 03-6226-6261 / FAX 03-6226-6269
Representative: Naoki Sawano, President and Representative Director Capital: 100 million yen
Total number of stores: 89 stores in Japan/41 stores overseas (as of January 2023)
Business description: Planning and sales of bridal jewelry

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