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12th Japan HR Challenge Awards Acceptance of Applications Begins Bold challenges in the field of human resources revitalize Japanese society!
[Supported by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and Small and Medium Enterprise Organization] Applications for the 12th Japan HR Challenge Award have started!
The reception deadline is 13:00 on Thursday, March 16, 2023. For details on application requirements and how to apply, please check the URL below.
Apply for a challenge in your HR area! !
The “Japan HR Challenge Award” is an award that recognizes companies that are actively engaged in excellent new initiatives in the field of human resources (for human resources departments and human resources service departments).
In today’s world, where social and economic changes are becoming more and more intense, it is necessary for companies’ human resources departments to respond quickly and proactively to these changes. The purpose of the Japan HR Challenge Award is to promote the revitalization of Japanese society by commending companies that actively challenge themselves in the field of human resources by management and personnel departments.
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【Application method】
After confirming the [Application Guidelines], first, access the “Application Entry Form” below and enter the required items to apply. *After completing the entry, an entry completion notification email will be sent to the registered email address.
*Please complete the application using the application form for the HR or human resources service company that is included in the entry completion notification email.
-Application entry form-
【Application Requirements】
*Details such as application requirements can also be found at the following URL.
Name: 12th Japan HR Challenge Award
Organizer: “Japan HR Challenge Award” Executive Committee
Support: Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, Toyo Keizai Inc., Business Publishing, HR Research Institute (ProFuture)
Announcement: The award winners of the “12th Japan HR Challenge Awards” will be notified directly of their award by May 19th. *The award may be canceled even after the announcement, if it is found that the contents of the application documents are inconsistent with the facts or that there is an infringement of other rights.
Publications: “Weekly Toyo Keizai”, “Monthly Human Resource
Management”, HR Research Institute official website “HR Research Institute”, etc.
Judge: Koichiro Konno, Professor Emeritus, Gakushuin University (Chairman) Mr. Kenji Ito, Special Assistant to the President (in charge of strategy), Sanko Gakuen Educational Corporation
Emiko Takeishi Professor, Faculty of Career Design, Hosei University Mr. Hiroyuki Tamiya, Editorial Board Member, Toyo Keizai Inc.      ProFuture Co., Ltd. President / HR Research Institute Director Kosuke Terasawa
Eligibility: Companies (including foreign-affiliated companies) and organizations conducting corporate activities in Japan
Application conditions: In principle, new initiatives in the human resources area, such as recruitment, human resource development, career development, personnel system, labor management, and human resource management, must be started within the past three years. (We will place more emphasis on the degree of challenge, even if we do not immediately produce outstanding performance or results.)
Judging method: Comprehensive examination in accordance with the examination evaluation criteria based on the submitted application documents
Evaluation criteria: The judges will strictly evaluate the entries based on the following criteria.
     ・Innovativeness (Is it an innovative initiative that brings change to the company?)
     · Employee benefits (whether it contributes to career formation and satisfaction improvement) *1
     · Contribution to management (does it contribute to improving management power)*2
     ・Strategic (whether it is a strategic initiative)
     ・Social impact (does it have a social impact?)
Please note that depending on the category you are applying for, some points of view will differ as follows.
*1 Employee benefit
When applying for “personnel”: Refers to the benefits of the company’s employees.
When applying for “human resource services”: Refers to the employee benefits of the company that provides human resource services. *2 Management contribution
When applying for “personnel”: refers to the company’s management contribution. When applying for “human resource services”: refers to the management contribution of the company to which the human resource services are provided.
Award type
・Grand Prize
・Innovation Award
・Excellence Award (Human Resources Management, Human Resource Development, Recruitment)
・Human Resources Service Excellence Award (Human Resources Management Division, Human Resources Development Division, Recruitment Division) ·Incentive award
・Regional Revitalization Award
* We support regional revitalization nationwide with the “Regional Revitalization Award”!
The “Regional Revitalization Award” recognizes human resource initiatives and personnel services of companies and organizations that can lead to regional revitalization. We are looking forward to receiving many applications from small and medium-sized enterprises and organizations nationwide!
Award benefits: A certificate and shield will be presented at the award ceremony. In addition, we will provide the award logo as data. By posting on the web, printed materials, etc., you can use it for recruitment publicity and product appeal.
Award ceremony: Scheduled for mid-September 2023
Application deadline: March 16, 2023 (Wednesday) 13:00
*Click here for information on the 11th award winners.

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The 11th Online Award Ceremony
“Japan HR Challenge Award” secretariat within ProFuture Co., Ltd. E-mail:
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