Promoting regional co-creation with “delicious”! WAKEAU fun box, deployed in Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture (first in Tohoku)

Opsdata Co., Ltd.
Promoting regional co-creation with “delicious”! WAKEAU fun box, deployed in Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture (first in Tohoku) A limited number of “WAKEAU Hanamaki Fun Box” packed with vegetables and special products from Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture. We will deliver Hanamaki’s representative brand products and outstanding products known by the locals, along with the thoughts put into the products.

In the regional co-creation project “WAKEAU Fun Box” operated by Ops Data Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Gadori Nakano, hereinafter “Ops Data”), the eighth region is Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture. has been released.
This will be the first deployment in the Tohoku region.
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WAKEAU Hanamaki fun box
WAKEAU Fun Box is a subscription service that delivers a box packed with local vegetables and processed products once a month.
WAKEAU ambassadors (persons in charge of shipping) who are familiar with local information carefully select fresh and special products that locals know. We are creating a box that can only be found here, where we deliver the story of the producer along with the product. Starting in Itoshima, Fukuoka Prefecture in January 2021, 7 bases will be deployed mainly in Kyushu. We have created a system that allows people to know the charm of the region through “food” and support the region.
Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture, will be the first in the Tohoku region to open a fun box as the eighth region.
We carefully select Hanamaki’s “deliciousness” such as Hanamaki vegetable dressings and branded pork products, mainly vegetables grown in the land surrounded by the Ou Mountains and the Kitakami Plain, and deliver them every month.

[Introduction to some cooperating producers]
Takagen Seimai Co., Ltd.
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Speaking of “Kogenseimugi no Hakkinbuta”, it goes without saying that this is a brand of pork. The LWB breed is raised 10 to 20% longer than standard pigs, resulting in finer fibers in the lean meat, creamier fat, and a rich flavor. Locally produced grains are actively used for feed, and efforts are also being made to recycle resources.
In the fun box, we offer processed products that preserve the umami of Hakkinton pork, so that consumers far away can enjoy the creamy fat of Hakkinton pork. Once you have tasted the unforgettable taste of Hakkinton pork, we would like you to come to Hanamaki next time. Takagen Seimugi Co., Ltd.
Koya Co., Ltd.
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“Add color to the feelings that dwell in Hitosara.”
Produced by hydroponics, mainly baby leaves / micro leaves for chefs. Hydroponics tends to have an image of having a weak taste, but Kono vegetables, which make use of the rich water source of the Ou Mountains, have the characteristics of each vegetable, but are characterized by being less harsh and easy to eat.
We hope that you can enjoy the color of the restaurant at home and deliver new discoveries and impressions to the Fun Box.
In the future, my dream is to create a Kono theme park that utilizes the town (Hanamaki City).
Koya Co., Ltd.
farm plus
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“Farm Plus” is a café that connects fields and food.
It is a hands-on cafe that offers lunches and bento boxes (side dishes) that make use of freshly harvested vegetables, and if you apply in advance, you can experience farm work and make miso and dressing.
The dressing, which he started to produce in order to provide the deliciousness of the farm to the fullest, does not use chemical seasonings and uses seasonal vegetables and fruits to highlight the taste of the main ingredients.
We want people all over the country to feel the season of Hanamaki with dressings, so we mainly offer vegetable dressings in the fun box. Farm Plus
[Shipment charge (WAKEAU official ambassador)]
Continuous Employment Support Business Type B First Link
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From light work to work outside the facility, we support social advancement and income improvement for people with disabilities. We are entrusted with printing and design work, mainly for companies in Hanamaki City, to expand the opportunities for users to
communicate, and to promote collaboration between agriculture and welfare to expand the possibilities of agriculture and welfare. It has also contributed to information dissemination and network building in Hanamaki City through business promotion and the active participation of users.
Through the production of BOX, I participated in the hope that I could convey the charm of Hanamaki from the social welfare office. Continuous Employment Support Business Type B First Link
About the WAKEAU Project
The WAKEAU project started with the vision of creating a world where anyone can casually tackle social issues.
Above all, the fun box aims to create a virtuous cycle that
revitalizes Japan as a whole by getting people to know the region through “food” and get them to support the region.
By all means, let’s support the region through the “WAKEAU Hanamaki Fun Box” and liven it up together!
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About Opsdata Co., Ltd.
Opsdata is developing a regional co-creation business that contributes to solving social issues through the operation of the
subscription-type EC service “WAKEAU,” which sells fun boxes packed with local products for each region.
In addition, we are also developing a data science business that specializes in analyzing user needs and advertising effectiveness, especially for EC-related services.
By combining these businesses, we will strongly promote regional co-creation using AI.
Company name: Ops Data Co., Ltd.
Representative: Yoshimichi Nakano, President and CEO
Established: January 2020
Business: Regional co-creation business, data science business URL:

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