Property Data Bank Co., Ltd. Acquired legal requirements certification system for electronic book method scanner storage software in JIMA certification

Property Data Bank Co., Ltd.
Acquisition of legal requirements certification system for electronic book method scanner storage software in JIMA certification

Property Data Bank Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Sadahisa Takeno), which provides the real estate management cloud “@property (@property)”, provides another service, the file management cloud service “@knowledge (@property)”. @Knowledge)” has acquired the legal requirements certification system for electronic book scanner storage software.
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Electronic Book Law Scanner Storage Software Legal Requirements What is the Certification System?
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The electronic book law scanner storage software legal requirements certification system checks whether commercial software that saves scanners meets the requirements of the Electronic Book Storage Law, and certifies those that are determined to meet the legal
requirements. Thing. As a result, companies implementing the software do not need to individually check the requirements of the Electric Book Law, and can implement the software with peace of mind. Purpose of acquiring the certification system
The revision of the Electronic Book Storage Law was enforced on January 1, 2022, but some of the requirements required by the Electronic Book Law are difficult to understand, and some commercially available software Some are outside the requirements of the accounting law.
When introducing a system, there is a risk of having to check the requirements in detail and having deficiencies pointed out in the event of a tax audit after the start of operation. By acquiring the certification system, we have acquired the certification system in order to reduce such troubles and risks, and to ensure that our service “@knowledge” can be used with peace of mind.
About our service “@knowledge”
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“@knowledge” is a completely new service that integrates a file server and knowledge management and provides it in the cloud. Various documents scattered throughout the company are stored on a single platform, and high-value-added files are visualized to promote the accumulation and sharing of knowledge. We will improve the
capabilities of employees and realize advanced information utilization in the organization.
@knowledge (@knowledge) service site: About our service “@property”
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*From the monthly property management magazine “Business Management System Survey” (domestic share of dedicated tools for real estate management (excludes excel management, etc.))
“@property” is a service that centralizes all information and operations related to real estate in the cloud to support operational decisions to improve operational efficiency and maximize real estate income.
We cover every function in real estate management as standard functions, and we update and evolve on a daily basis according to customer requests and legal revisions.
We support digitalization in real estate management where various information and operations occur.
@property service site:
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