Proscenic Technology Co.,LTD Particle Removal | Proscenic Air Purifier 50% OFF Sale!

Proscenic Technology Co., LTD
Particle Removal | Proscenic Air Purifier 50% OFF Sale!

Procenic Co., Ltd., a comprehensive manufacturer of home appliances that integrates research and development, production, and sales of air fryers, air purifiers, robots, and cordless vacuum cleaners, will open on January 25 (Wednesday) from 0:01 to 1 A special sale of 50% off air purifiers will be held on Amazon until 23:45 on Monday, March 30th. Why you need an air purifier
In recent years, more and more people are exercising indoors as people become more health conscious, but according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s indoor environmental report, indoor air is said to be about five times more polluted than outdoor air. Exercising increases the amount of breathing, and there is a risk of taking in more indoor air that is contaminated with house dust such as mites and pollen, and chemical substances generated from building materials.
In addition, not only adults but also small children have many opportunities to move their bodies and play indoors. It is said that children absorb nearly twice as much pollutants as adults, and children also breathe in more air during exercise than normal, so it is important to always live with clean air.
I have an air purifier, but do you have any of these problems? If you have hay fever, you tend to sneeze once the dust gets high. I’m worried about the driving sound
It won’t turn on unless you press the button on the main unit The coverage area of ​​this unit is too small and is not effective in large rooms
The proscenic A8SE air purifier will solve that problem!
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Event period/content
Proscenic A8SE air purifier
1. Period: January 25th-January 30th
2. Contents: Sold at 5,495 yen (cost: 10,990 yen)
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Proscenic has become a leading company in the field of smart home appliances. We will establish a global R&D, production and sales service system and create a new model of online and offline retail. We are striving to provide customers around the world with optimal solutions, products, and services in the field of smart home appliances, and to realize a “smart and comfortable life.”

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