Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Fukuoka Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion Center We are looking for exhibitors for the “Individual Business Meeting” for processed foods using agricultural, forestry and fishery products from Fukuoka Pref

Fukuoka Small and Medium Business Promotion Center
We are looking for exhibitors for “individual business meetings” for processed foods using agricultural, forestry and fishery products from Fukuoka Prefecture!
This is an opportunity to sell your company’s products to buyers who are interested in products that use agricultural, forestry and fishery products from Fukuoka Prefecture. It will be a great opportunity to expand sales channels, so please join us!

・Fukuoka Sixth Industrialization/Agri-Commerce-Industry Collaboration Support Center is looking for exhibitors for the “Individual Business Meeting”.
・Overview of “Individual business meeting”
Date: March 2, 2020 (Thursday) 12:00-17:00
Venue: Conference Room 501, Fukuoka Small Business Promotion Center Building Participating buyers: AEON Kyushu, Kyushu Agricultural and Marine Products Direct Sales, Ginza Bell House, JR Kyushu Shoji,
Super Value, Serendib, Hankyu Hanshin Department Store
・Holding method
Advance appointment system, face-to-face
* Business talks will be held only when there is a nomination from the buyer. It doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be a bargain. ・Participation conditions
1. The main business office and processing plant must be in Fukuoka Prefecture 2. Production and sales of processed foods made from agricultural, forestry and fishery products produced in Fukuoka Prefecture. 3. Appropriate food labeling with necessary licenses for product production   *Distributors, trading companies, and consultants cannot participate. *Idea stages and unfinished products cannot be exhibited.
・ Application deadline February 7, 2023 (Tuesday)
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★ Flow until the business meeting
1. Entry
Register as an exhibitor from the business meeting exhibition entry link on the Center’s website ( 2. Submission of FCP exhibition/business meeting sheet
After registration, please submit the FCP exhibition/business meeting sheet (hereinafter referred to as the FCP sheet). The “FCP sheet” is a unified sheet that enables efficient business negotiations by combining the “information that the exhibitor wants to convey” and the “information that the buyer wants to know” produced by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. It’s a sheet.
  Submission method: Email
Submit to:
Please note that registration will be canceled if it is not submitted by the submission deadline (Tuesday, February 7, 2023).
3. Selection by buyer
The buyer confirms the FCP sheet and nominates a business negotiation company. *Business operators cannot nominate buyers.
4. Notification of selection results
We will notify the person in charge of the selection results by email. If there is a business meeting application from a buyer, please decide whether or not to have a business meeting (two weeks before the date of the event).
If we have a business meeting, we will inform you of the date and time of the business meeting.
5. The day of the business meeting
Please come to the venue at the designated time and have a
face-to-face business meeting.
Please bring a sample with you on the day.
★Buyer company introduction
・Aeon Kyushu Co., Ltd. (Retail)
Last year, various companies overlapped and celebrated their 50th anniversary. Currently, we have a business division system by prefecture, so there are more opportunities to handle products from each region. We have multiple business types, so I think we can flexibly respond to your requests.
[Products handled]
Standard products, gift products, special event products, special products, products that want to promote the region, EC products, etc. ・Kyushu Agricultural Products Direct Sales Co., Ltd. (export business) Our strong markets are Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, and Southeast Asia, and we have sales channels in each area of ​​Asia, centering on agricultural and marine products and processed products from Kyushu. Our strength is that we can deliver customer feedback directly through a direct sales system that does not involve wholesalers.
[Products handled]
Marine products, livestock, dairy products, processed products (beverages, normal temperature/frozen/chilled temperature ranges) in general
・Ginza Bell House Co., Ltd. (food wholesaler)
A food wholesaler specializing in department stores and high-end supermarkets in the Tokyo metropolitan area. We have a distribution center in Saitama Prefecture, and we also carry out logistics planning and management.
[Products handled]
Daily products for high-end retailers (pickles, noodles, side dishes, Japanese and western confectionery, etc.), local specialties, etc. Three temperature zones (normal temperature, refrigerated, frozen) are possible.
・JR Kyushu Trading Co., Ltd. (Wholesale)
As the driving force behind the e-commerce of the JR Kyushu Group, JR Kyushu Shoji is disseminating the appeal of Kyushu to the whole country through various sales channels, including the e-commerce site “Kyushu Tabi to Odori”, which offers excellent Kyushu gourmet food and railway goods. I’m here.
[Products handled]
We are looking for products that have never been sold on EC sites and products that will appeal to people outside of Kyushu Island (especially the Tokyo metropolitan area and Kansai area).
・ Serendib Co., Ltd. (food wholesale (including alcoholic beverages other than sake and beer))
We will carefully expose excellent local foods and ingredients in upper markets such as major department stores and major mail order stores in Tokyo. In addition, we will also assist in product development and sales channel development, etc. for business operators who are working on the 6th industrialization.
[Products handled]
We are looking for products and ingredients with clear differentiation and high added value. We also welcome products that are currently being planned or under development.
・Hankyu Hanshin Department Store Co., Ltd. (department store (department store basement))
Opened in March 2011. Directly connected to Hakata Station, this department store attracts not only daily customers but also tourists. In March 2023, the Nanakuma Subway Line will also be extended and opened, and Hakata Station will become even busier.
[Products handled]
Souvenir items, etc. as it is directly connected to Hakata Station ・Super Value Co., Ltd. (Retail)
It is a voluntary chain headquarters with 32 companies and 58 stores in each prefecture of Kyushu, and aims to deliver the health of local consumers and the thoughts of producers to the dining table. [Products handled]
I would like something close to the material.
What is the Fukuoka Sixth Industrialization/Agri-Commerce-Industry Collaboration Support Center?
We will help you develop businesses and products that utilize Fukuoka’s agricultural, forestry and fishery resources, and expand sales channels.
▶ Business overview
From development and improvement of products using agricultural, forestry and fishery products from Fukuoka Prefecture to expansion of sales channels, experts in each field will accompany you.
We hold events according to the stage, such as business meetings, exhibition sales, seminars/workshops, monitor research meetings, etc. ▶ Homepage
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