QUADS Co., Ltd. From the popular hands-free hair dryer “BISARA series”, the strongest air volume “PRO” in the history of the series is now available! Project starts at Makuake from 1/17 (Tue)

QUADS Co., Ltd.
From the popular hands-free hair dryer “BISARA series”, the strongest air volume “PRO” in the history of the series is now available! Project starts at Makuake from 1/17 (Tue)
Make your hair drying time even more special with a higher quality hands-free stand-up hair dryer.

“PRO” is born from the “BISARA” series, which recorded the No. 1 support purchase amount in the hair dryer project handled by QUADS Co., Ltd. (Location: Meguro-ku, Tokyo)!
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Pre-order sales will start from the Makuake site from January 17 (Tuesday). The project is running until Thursday, March 16, 2023. Product Features
1. A stand-type, hands-free hair dryer that gives you the luxury of having your hair dried.
2. Equipped with a DC brushless motor, achieving the strongest airflow and quietest design in the history of the series
3. Create a comfortable and relaxing space with LED lights that emit soft light What is the “BISARA series”?
Stand-type hair dryer “BISARA series” with hands-free specifications. You can spend free time such as smartphone operation and skin care while drying your hair without blocking both hands.
Realizes air blowing from a high position so that you can dry it in a beauty salon. Since it dries along the flow of the hair, it does not damage the cuticle, and all air blows contain negative ions, making the hair smooth and shiny.
Two air outlets mounted on the top and bottom of the main unit with the “TWIN AIR SYSTEM” enable a wide range of ventilation.
New product “BISARA PRO”
■Amazing quick-drying power with the strongest air volume in history! Equipped with a high-performance DC brushless motor, it achieves the strongest wind in BISARA history. Quick-drying has also been improved with a wide range and large air volume.
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/file.php?c_id=83264&t=animationGifImage&f=c20dfb63fa44935775af8c9ab2da2595.gif&img_id=1673585185035] ■Silent design with large air volume!
Despite having the largest air volume in the history of BISARA, the operating noise is reduced compared to conventional products. You can dry your hair more quietly than ever before.
[Image 3d83264-12-afd5d30b86659917b797-1.jpg&s3=83264-12-33ca8a603203af40230e73205ca84348-1230x657.jpg
■ In addition to the existing functions, a new “child mode” is installed. The newly installed “child mode” has an air volume of “medium” and a temperature level of “50”, so it can be used safely by children. [Image 4d83264-12-011f94f566fa60a209cb-2.jpg&s3=83264-12-1f255c727d351ea2ccd74b5fbcc17bc3-1230x861.jpg
■I play an active part as interior by the LED light deployment! Creates a high-quality healing space with soft light. Works as an interior light even when not in use as a hair dryer.
[Image 5d83264-12-b647f2d3156cbffdff1d-3.jpg&s3=83264-12-97ca19d7476c777eb99d5e71d603c308-1037x683.jpg

project overview
Project name: The strongest hands-free stand-up hair dryer in the history of the series “BISARA PRO”
Sales period: January 17, 2023 (Tuesday) to March 16, 2023 (Thursday) URL: https://www.makuake.com/project/bisara_pro/
-Return Information-
Planned sales price (example): × 1 (limited to 10 pieces) / 38,610 yen (tax included, super early bird discount 35% off)
× 2 (limited to 20 pieces) / 83,160 yen (tax included, 30% off for set of 2) ■Company profile
Company name: QUADS Co., Ltd.
Location: Meguro Vega Tower Annex, 2-9-5 Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0063 Company HP: https://quads.co.jp/
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