R2 Co., Ltd. RumiCar and R2 agree to establish a strategic cooperative relationship

R2 Co., Ltd.
RumiCar and R2 Agree to Form Strategic Cooperation
― RumiCar Signs Memorandum of Understanding for Development of Autonomous Driving and Remote Control Business ―

RumiCar (Kita-ku, Tokyo, Representative Rumi Chiba, hereinafter “RumiCar”) and R2 Co., Ltd. (Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative Director Lee Hye-gi, hereinafter “R2”) have announced the launch of “Automated driving and remote control business by RumiCar.” “Business cooperation for development”, signed a memorandum of understanding for building a strategic power relationship for the common benefit of both sides. Specific areas of cooperation include joint preparation and implementation of POC (Proof of Concept), fusion of real-time video transmission/reception/remote control technology and robot production technology, hardware and infrastructure support, and product commercialization. optimization work for commercialization of products, marketing for commercialization of products and services, and work including cooperation for other related commercialization. R2 President Lee Hye-gi and CEO Rumika Chiba said, “We share a long-term strategic vision that includes autonomous driving and AI. I want to continue.”
A person related to RumiCar commented as follows regarding the establishment of this cooperative relationship. “While the development of the autonomous driving field is remarkable, the development of high-performance, high-precision fully autonomous driving is highly difficult, and steady efforts such as accumulating test driving data in real environments such as streets are required. At the time of test driving, remote monitoring and control technology for crisis avoidance is essential along with autonomous driving algorithms and AI autonomous driving.High-speed driving requires high-speed control, so the same is true. Remote monitoring and operation are also required to be high-speed and low-latency.By partnering with RumiCar, R2 will work on this difficult objective, accumulate experience with RumiCar, and develop new technologies to further develop the autonomous driving field. We want to develop.”
[About RumiCar]
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RumiCar is a platform for developing autonomous driving algorithms. Unlike many other small self-driving cars, RumiCar is open source, aimed at allowing anyone to develop self-driving programs. Development and running tests of automated driving using actual commercial vehicles are complicated and costly, and coordination with
administrative agencies is difficult. Therefore, RumiCar uses a car body that is about 1/24 the size of an actual commercial vehicle, and programs developed with a small car body can be tested immediately, and the cost is only tens of thousands of yen. In addition, since the programs and materials are open to the public for free, anyone can be involved in the development of autonomous driving. In the future, we plan to partner with educational institutions to develop programming classes.
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Community name: RumiCar
Representative: Rumika Chiba
HP: https://www.rumicar.com/
Contact: info@rumicar.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/rumicar
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/RumiCar
[About R2 Co., Ltd.]
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R2 stands for Remote Robotics, and is an IT company that provides ultra-low-latency communication technology that is essential for precise remote control of robots. We provide license sales and development services for various solutions such as WebRTC server “Spider” and Agile RTC server “Moth”, which are intended for use with IoT devices including remote-controlled robots. R2’s technology has also been adopted by Hyundai Motor, Aeronautical University, KT, etc., and is used in self-driving and drone demonstration experiments. [R2 company profile]
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Company name: R2 Co., Ltd.
Headquarters location: BIZcomfort Yokohama Motomachi, 4-168 Motomachi, Naka-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Representative Director: Lee Hye-gi
Established: November 2021
Business: Development, sales and consulting of IT solutions
HP: https://remoterobotics.co.jp/

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