Racious Co., Ltd. Announcement of the start of sales of “Dear Racious Takaido II”

Racious Co., Ltd.
Announcement of the start of sales of “Diaracious Takaido II”
Century 21 Ratius (Ratius Co., Ltd., Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Shuichi Sumiyoshi) is a branded condominium for investment that will be sold and managed in-house in Suginami-ku, Tokyo from January 5 (Thursday) this year. Dialacious Takaido II” is now on sale.
Property features
This property is the 70th property in the branded condominium “Dear Radiant Series”, which is sold and managed by the company as an investment condominium. Higashi Takaido, Suginami Ward. In the area where -Diaracious Takaido II- is built, in order to protect a good living environment, there are restrictions on the height of the building and the distance from the boundary of the site to the outer wall of the building. Therefore, not only the area around the site, but also the traffic line to the station is protected by a calm atmosphere surrounded by gentle green trees. For those who live an active life, the home is a place of healing. Here we have an environment that naturally turns on and off.
The entrance has an impressive symbol tree. The guest space nestled in the back provides healing and relaxation.
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Dialacious Takaido II
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entrance approach
16 minutes to “Shibuya” and 19 minutes to “Shinjuku”, it is attractive to have close access to two big terminal stations. You can also go to “Kichijoji” in 8 minutes smoothly. Smart transportation access brings comfort to your daily life.
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In front of the bustling station, there are many convenient facilities for daily life. Relax on the way home on your way home.
In addition to the supermarket “Super Value Suginami Takaido”, which is a 7-minute walk away, there is a station shop “Keio Retonado Takaido” at “Takaido” station on the Keio Inokashira Line. Takaido store” has entered. It is a convenient environment where you can go shopping as soon as you get off the station.
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location image
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Type A
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B type
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C1 type
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C2 type
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E2 type
Property Description

[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/82507/table/17_1_e973d7e452a2103aad737f152fba7a9c.jpg ]

Characteristics of our own brand condominiums “Dear Radiant” series Century 21 Racious is developing its own brand of condominiums, the “Dear Racious Series,” mainly in Tokyo and Nagoya. The property, which is located within a 10-minute walk from the station and is equipped with popular facilities, has been well received by residents and has achieved a rental occupancy rate of over 98%.
About Century 21 Lacious
It develops, sells, and manages its own brand investment condominiums, mainly in the 23 wards of Tokyo. We are proposing future-oriented asset formation in the form of “truly valuable condominium
management”. Our full-time consultants have acquired a wide range of knowledge in taxation and law, and we have many qualified FPs (financial planners) and inheritance. In addition to real estate, we support customers’ asset management and inheritance in general. Details about this release:



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