radiko Co., Ltd. The radiko app that allows you to listen to radio on the Internet has been completely renewed! Improved live listening experience, making it easier for listeners to meet programs they care about.

radiko Inc.
The radiko app that allows you to listen to radio on the Internet has been completely renewed! Improved live listening experience, making it easier for listeners to meet programs they care about.

radiko Co., Ltd. (President: Takahiro Aoki, Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo) today, January 30 (Monday), launched the smartphone app “radiko” that allows you to listen to radio anytime, anywhere for free. It will be renewed and released in stages over a period of about two weeks (canary release*). Reflecting the opinions received from users, we pursued a more convenient and comfortable application while making use of the basic functions of the conventional application. The home screen has been revamped, making it possible to intuitively zap the program being broadcast while swiping, and the black background color has been adopted to highlight the appeal of the content. * Canary release is a deployment method that releases a new version of the app in stages while running the previous version of the app in parallel when releasing a new version of the app.
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■ Improve your live listening experience – Intuitive zapping while swiping By displaying live programs in a large size at the top of the “home screen”, it is now possible to visually understand the programs being broadcast, and it is now possible to play them with a single tap of a thumbnail image. In addition, by swiping the thumbnail image horizontally, you can intuitively zap the programs of each station, making it easier for you to feel the real thrill of enjoying live programs on the radio.
■ It’s easier to meet programs you care about ― Display recommended and popular programs on the home screen
On the “home screen”, in addition to live broadcast programs, there are various themes such as “recommended programs”, “surge”, “popular programs”, “#recommended for a change”, and “#enjoy encounters with music”. Tagged programs are now displayed, and the opportunity to meet your favorite programs has increased significantly. In addition, the search screen has been improved, making it easier to search by genre as well as keyword search.
■ Don’t miss the programs you care about – Follow function is newly introduced In place of the conventional Mylist function*, a new follow function has appeared. You can now follow each program, and you can now be notified of the start of your favorite program.
*The My List function will be discontinued after the renewal of the app. ■Keep the standard functions – Easier to see and use!
You can continue to use the classic functions of the conventional app, such as the program guide, even after the renewal. We have made improvements with the aim of improving visibility and ease of use while maintaining the same functionality.
Simultaneous renewal of smartphone version website
Along with the app, the smartphone version website
(https://radiko.jp/mobile/) has also been completely renewed. With the exception of some programs, it is now possible to “trial listen” to programs from broadcasting stations nationwide for 3 minutes, making it easier for people to experience the charm of radio stations in each region more closely.

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A website has also been opened where you can watch videos on how to use the new app (https://radiko.jp/about).
Radiko aims to create new radio fans and develop the radio industry by expanding the opportunities for users to meet radio programs and audio content through new apps and websites that are even easier to use. App renewal information
・Service name: radiko
・Compatible models: iPhone, Android
・ Supported OS: iOS 13.0 or later, Android OS 7.0 or later
・ App Store URL: https://apps.apple.com/jp/app/radiko/id370515585 ・Google Play URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.radiko.Player ・ Update release: Phased release from January 30, 2023 (Monday) [Image 3d7490-21-ebcca7d78a56d3fa32c9-2.jpg&s3=7490-21-849bc5a17f494ab24eb6271deea8b06c-1024x1024.jpg

What is Radiko
Radiko (https://radiko.jp/) is a free service that allows you to listen to radio on your smartphone or computer. Through the “Time Free” function (free) that allows you to go back and listen to programs broadcast within the past week, and the “Area Free” function (385 yen per month / tax included*) that allows you to enjoy radio programs nationwide across areas, Anyone can easily enjoy the radio regardless of time or place, not only inside, but also when traveling such as commuting to work or school.
Since its establishment in December 2010, we have been working to solve the problem of information infrastructure in the event of a disaster, such as mountainous areas and high-rise buildings where radio waves are difficult to reach. , All 99 commercial radio stations participated. Radiko was one of the first to realize a digital platform for broadcasting stations.
Due to the spread and establishment of remote work and home classes due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the number of monthly unique users will reach 9 million in the spring of 2020. Since then, we have maintained the same number of users. “Rajiko Premium (area-free listening)”, which started in April 2014 in response to the voices of users who wanted to “listen to the radio beyond the boundaries of the area”, has steadily increased the number of members, and will open in August 2022. The number of registered members has reached 1 million, and the value of audio entertainment is being greatly reconsidered.
radiko Co., Ltd. aims to create an audio platform that connects music and people, entertainment and people, technology and people, advertising and people, local communities and people, and all the relationships surrounding radiko. We will continue to develop and propose services.
Radio Participating Stations: All 99 commercial radio stations, NHK (Radio 1, NHK-FM), The Open University of Japan
*If you register from the App Store or Google Play, the monthly fee is 480 yen/tax included.
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