RainbowLIVE Co., Ltd. “RainbowLIVE” affiliated river “Mikocchi” won 3rd place at the event “Extend your hand! Shining Top Liver Star vol.31” held on the live distribution app “17LIVE (One Seven Live)”

Rainbow LIVE Co., Ltd.
“RainbowLIVE” affiliated river “Mikocchi” won 3rd place at the event “Reach your hand! Shining Top Liver Star vol.31” held on the live distribution app “17LIVE (One Seven Live)”

Live distribution office, RainbowLIVE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yoshiki Noda, hereinafter RainbowLIVE, URL: https://www.rain-bow.live/) is 17LIVE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo From December 17th to December 29th, 2022 on the live distribution app “17LIVE” operated by Minato-ku, Representative Director: Takaaki Nagano, 17LIVE, URL: https://jp.17.live/)
RainbowLIVE affiliated river “Mikocchi” won 3rd place in the overall category and 10th place in the Yell ranking category at the event “Reach out! Shining top river star vol.31” held on the day.
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Liver profile
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Comments from Liver
This time, I participated in this event for the first time in less than three months. Some of the listeners and senior drivers said, “Isn’t it too early?!” I did my best to collect ale for the first time in a star event, and I did my best to stream as long as possible, but I was barely in 10th place, and I felt that it was really hard to collect ale. It was really good because the overall ranking finished in 3rd place! I want to continue to be a live streamer who can enjoy streaming!
About the “Reach out! Shining top-river star vol.31” event
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“Reach out your hand! Shining top-river star vol.31” is an in-app event held from December 17th to December 29th, 2022 on the live distribution app “17LIVE”. “Reach out! Shining Top River Star vol.31” is for rivers with levels 51 to 70 at the start of the event, and during the event period, the number of “shines” of event-designated gifts such as “Star Baby” Ranking is determined. “Mikocchi” belonging to RainbowLIVE will participate in this event and grab the star of the general-top driver! We won 3rd place in the -category and 10th in the -Yale Ranking- category.
About “17LIVE”
“Enriching human connections through “live” technology. “17LIVE”, which has a mission of “, is a live distribution platform. We aim to create a world where you can enjoy every moment under one sky, on seven continents. We have achieved over 50 million registered users worldwide (as of September 2021). In January 2022, it was selected as “BEST 100 Apps” in the “App Ape Award 2021”, which recognizes smartphone apps that have achieved remarkable growth.
“17LIVE” Japanese version official website: https://www.17media.jp About Rainbow LIVE
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In January 2020, we started a river management business built only by people who have experience in live distribution, and have gained a reputation for their extensive support system and extensive
achievements by active rivers, and currently have more than 1,000 rivers. . With a unique management system backed by feedback and data analysis for each distribution by active drivers, we have produced many top drivers who earn more than 1 million yen every month. Among more than 500 agents on 17LIVE, ranked 10th in the agent ranking in just 1 year of actual operation, entered TOP 5 in 2 years, entered TOP 3 in 6 months on everylive, always ranked 1st in the attention ranking, large scale for newcomers We provide highly reproducible know-how for even those who have no live distribution experience to rank in the top of the event, such as achieving the top 10 at each event.
Company Profile
Company name: RainbowLIVE Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Yoshiki Noda
Established: January 2020
Address: 3-15-9 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo MINOWA Omotesando 3F-170 Business content: Development and management of distributors (livers), planning, design, manufacturing, sales and consulting of live streaming goods, planning of original songs, songwriting, music provision Event planning and event management
Homepage: https://www.rain-bow.live
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