Raksul Co., Ltd. Mr. Hikaru Adachi was appointed as an outside director of Novacel. Further value creation and business expansion under the new system

Raksul Inc.
Mr. Hikaru Adachi was appointed as an outside director of Novacel. Further value creation and business expansion under the new system
Raksul Group’s Novasel Co., Ltd. (head office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President: Masaki Tabe; hereinafter Novasell), which operates a “marketing platform” centered on operational TV commercial services, has established Adachi We are pleased to announce that Mr. Hikaru (FamilyMart Co., Ltd. Executive Director, CMO and General Manager of Marketing Headquarters) has been invited as an outside director. [Image 1

Background of appointment
With the vision of “democratization of marketing”, Novacell has aimed to create a world where everyone can master marketing and the world’s wonderful services can grow properly. In order to further expand our business, we have decided to welcome Mr. Hikaru Adachi, who has been involved in the management of numerous companies and has led marketing reforms and business growth, as an outside director.
Mr. Hikaru Adachi has extensive experience in marketing strategy and knowledge as a manager and CMO at multiple companies. Utilizing his expertise, we will further expand the problem-solving area and strengthen the management system, and strive to realize our vision. Mr. Hikaru Adachi Profile
[Image 2

FamilyMart Co., Ltd. Executive Director CMO and Head of Marketing Headquarters After serving as President/Chairman of P&G Japan Co., Ltd.,
Schwarzkopf-Henkel Co., Ltd., Executive Officer of World Co., Ltd., General Manager of International Headquarters, etc., he joined McDonald’s Japan Co., Ltd. in 2015 as Senior Executive Officer and General Manager of Marketing Headquarters. Contributes to character recovery. After that, as Niantic Co., Ltd. Senior Director Product Marketing (APAC), he oversaw marketing in the Asia-Pacific region such as “Pokémon GO” and assumed his current position in October 2020. He also serves as an outside director of I-ne Co., Ltd., and a marketing advisor to Smart News Co., Ltd. and Co-op Sapporo. His publications include “Working techniques for powerful drugs that produce
overwhelming results” (Diamond Publishing), “Learning from examples of world-class companies that you don’t know” marketing principles” (co-author, Asahi Shimbun Publishing), “After The 40 Most Important Points of Corona’s Marketing Strategy” (co-authored by Diamond), etc. Hosted by the online salon “Musou Juku”.
Comment from Mr. Hikaru Adachi
Mr. Novasel has brought new concepts and innovative methods one after another to the Japanese marketing industry under the slogan of “democratization of marketing”. I was. I am confident that Novasel, whose company name is derived from the phrase “to grow business,” will continue to contribute to improving the performance of many companies in the future. It also means that we must make the transition from being central to becoming a “large enterprise.” I have worked with companies of various sizes and industries. I would like to contribute to Novacell’s further growth in the future.
About Novacel
“Novacell” aims to create a world where everyone can understand the correct effects and master marketing, so that services in the world can grow. “am. The foundation for this is Raksul’s know-how as a business company that has increased sales by 30 times in five years. Novacell has pioneered the performance-based TV commercial market by combining digital marketing methods with TV commercials and
visualizing advertising effectiveness, with the response of “number of named searches” as an important indicator. “We offer a variety of services to maximize the return on investment by eliminating personal judgment and analog work, reducing extra costs by improving
[List of services]
■ Operational TV commercial: https://novasell.com/lp/basic/
■ Novasell Analytics: https://lp.novasell.com/analytics
■ Novasell Trend: https://novasell.com/trend
■ Novasell Trend Free: https://novasell.com/trend-freemium
■ Nobishiro: https://novasell.com/nobishiro
■ Cross-commit: https://www.novasell.com/documents/x-commit
Company Profile:
Company name: Novacell Co., Ltd.
Location: 2-24-9 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director and President: Masaki Tabe
Business description: Operation of TV commercial advertising platform “Novacell” Date of establishment: February 1, 2022
Shareholder and shareholding ratio: Raksul Co., Ltd. 100%
Site: https://novasell.com/
About Raksul Group
Based on our corporate vision of “If we change the system, the world will be a better place.” Aim to be Currently, we operate the online printing and customer attraction support platform “Raksul”, the logistics platform “Hacobell”, the marketing platform “Novacell”, Novasell Inc., and the corporate IT “Josys” service. increase. (URL: https://corp.raksul.com/)
[Raksul’s “Industrial DX”]
By constructing a platform that integrates the efficiency of transactions with a sharing platform, the efficiency of operations with software (SaaS), and value-added services based on them, we solve the problems of each industry vertically and produce. We will transform the industry into one with high potential and profitability. As an industry reformer, Raksul Inc. promotes DX through an integrated vertical platform for traditional industries that have not progressed in digitization, and makes the world a better place.
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