Rakuten Featured Pickup Product peipai Multifunctional Facial Device Salon-level skin care is possible at home! Up to 50% OFF Held from 10:00 on January 15th ~

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[Rakuten Featured Pickup Product] [peipai Multifunctional Facial Device] Salon-level skin care is possible at home! Up to 50% OFF Held from 10:00 on January 15th ~
[50% OFF sale] Get a multi-functional facial device at a great price!
Rakuten market site: https://www.rakuten.ne.jp/gold/itiwashop/ Product link: https://item.rakuten.co.jp/itiwashop/jt-202108/ [peipai multifunctional facial device] Reasons to be chosen ~ A feeling of warmth and firmness was obtained with a pleasant stimulation. Simple design and easy to operate.
If you’re still hesitating about a facial device, start with this one. [Image 1

Regular selling price: 5,960 yen
Sale price: 2,980 yen

[peipai multifunctional facial equipment] One unit is equivalent to four facial equipment!
[Image 2

POINT 1: Five-step strength adjustment
[Image 3

POINT 2: 4 types of full-scale esthetic mode
                      Mode 1: Pore care
[Image 4

                      Mode 2: Nutrition introduction
[Image 5

                     Mode 3: Lift care
[Image 6

                      Mode 4: Eye care
[Image 7

POINT 3: Special design
1. LCD display
[Image 8

2. Easy operation with two buttons
[Image 9

[peipai] Facial massager Best value for money!
[Image 10d106664-123-45aaacd45ec9cc97e390-12.jpg&s3=106664-123-10be34bbe4d729edcc4e6077adde3d7a-1200x1200.jpg

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Product link: https://item.rakuten.co.jp/itiwashop/jt-202108/ Regular selling price: 5,960 yen
Price using coupon: 2,980 yen
Coupon acquisition URL:
https://coupon.rakuten.co.jp/getCoupon?getkey=SlZaVy03SVhMLUc4UDgtQjI4MQ– Expiration date: 2023/01/15 (Sun) 10:00 to 2023/01/19 (Thu) 10:59

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