Randstad Where is your interest in corporate HR, Randstad? Randstad blog article 2022 access ranking announced Best 20 that attracted attention in the midst of a shortage of human resources and diversification of work styles

Randstad, where’s your interest in corporate HR? Randstad blog article 2022 access ranking announced Best 20 that attracted attention in the midst of a shortage of human resources and diversification of work styles

Randstad Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Chairman and CEO Paul Dupuis), which provides comprehensive human resources services, has compiled the 2022 popular article ranking of the corporate blog “WorkforceBiz” and will announce it.
The first place is a column written by our inside sales staff, “Why should we consider raising the dispatch fee?” bottom. In 2022, we distributed a total of 182 articles from various angles, such as points of law revisions, corporate cases, work styles during the corona crisis, improvement of the turnover rate, LGBTQ, etc., of which 20 were the most accessed. will be introduced on the homepage from today.
2022 Randstad blog popular article ranking
1st: Why should we consider raising the dispatch fee?
2nd: Things to be aware of when lending items to employees
3. What is the difference between a permanent employee and a temporary employee? 4th: Analysis/Expansion of Social Insurance Coverage -Key Points and Key Points for Corporate Responses-
5th place [Success story] A big change from “90% of temporary employees quitting” to “90% continuing for a year”!
#6 Four Approaches to Increasing Internal Mobility and Increasing Employee Engagement
7th: “Notification system” for recruiting media to be enforced in October 8th place Survey of workers: Do you want to choose a three-day work week? What do you expect from the system when it is introduced? 9th place (Part 1) Start of the new year 2022! “Changing legal system” that companies want to keep in mind
10th place [With template] Information provision from the dispatch destination to the dispatch agency in the dispatch destination equality method
Please refer to the following site for details of each article and the best 11 to 20.
Marketing & Brand Communication Division
Comment from Content Manager Ayumi Kato


Collecting information on numerous legal revisions every year can be a burdensome task for company personnel. At Randstad, in order to reduce the workload of the person in charge as much as possible, we timely disseminate various information necessary for personnel affairs, including legal revisions. In addition, we have prepared download materials so that you can use them as they are in your company, so please use them for your personnel and recruitment activities. We will continue to send out various information in 2023, so please continue to support “WorkforceBiz, a blog for Randstad corporations.”

■Randstad Company Profile
[Company name] Randstad N.V.
[Established] October 1960
[Representative] Sander Wand Nordende, Henry Schumer
[Location] Netherlands
[Number of employees] 39,530
[Sales] 3,215.1 billion yen (24,635 million euros) FY2021 results (December settlement)
[Capital] 639.76 billion yen (4.902 billion euros) as of the end of December 2021
[Offices] 38 countries and regions around the world
[Business description] Comprehensive human resources service [URL] https://www.randstad.com/
(Euro 130.51 conversion / as of the end of December 2021)
■ About Randstad
Randstad is the world’s largest human resources service company and aims to be the world’s most respected “Working Life Partner”, helping as many people as possible to realize their true potential through work. We provide the high-quality, diverse and agile talent companies need, helping people find rewarding jobs and remain relevant in the ever-changing world of work. By 2021, we will help more than 2 million people find the right job, advise 235,000 clients on their HR needs from talent acquisition to total talent management, and help 450,000 Provided more training. We use data and technology to deliver the right advice at the right time and at scale, while our consultants, operating in 38 markets and nearly 5,000 locations, provide personal and dedicated service to our people and clients. We provide care. This combination of “technology” and “touch” is what makes our service unique.
Founded in 1960, Randstad is headquartered in Diemen, The Netherlands and listed on the NYSE Euronext Amsterdam. At the end of 2021, it has 39,530 employees and revenues of around €24.6 billion. For details, please refer to the Randstad Holdings website.
Randstad’s white paper and content (downloadable from the link below) Randstad Work Monitor Report
https://services.randstad.co.jp/download/workmonitor/2022-form Randstad corporate blog “WorkforceBiz” https://services.randstad.co.jp/blog Randstad personal content site “Career HUB”
CEO Paul Dupuis “Book Buzz” https://services.randstad.co.jp/lp/ceos-book-buzz 1 Staffing Industry Analysts 2021, Sales Ranking of Staffing Service Companies

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