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Ranet Co., Ltd. Announcement of January advantageous campaign about BIC SIM

Lanet Co., Ltd.
News of advantageous campaign of January about BIC SIM

“BIC SIM” which is cheap SIM of BicCamera carries out advantageous campaign to present up to 14,000 points of BIC points only in application at store store targeted for BicCamera group of the whole country.

Store limited campaign
[Table 3: ]

In addition, we will carry out a campaign where the monthly charge for the flat-rate call option will be discounted by ¥410 every month for the first three months.
Flat rate calling option discount
[Table 4: ]

*All amounts shown include tax unless otherwise noted.
*This information is as of January 1, 2023 (Sunday)

Official site
BIC SIM official SNS
Details about this release:

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