Ranmart Co., Ltd. New product New release of “Vehicle inspection certificate holder for electronic vehicle inspection” that fits electronic vehicle inspection perfectly

Ranmart Co., Ltd.
[New product] New release of “electronic vehicle inspection
certificate holder” that fits electronic vehicle inspection
certificate perfectly
With the digitization of vehicle verification from January 4, 2023, Ranmart has started selling vehicle verification holders that fit electronic vehicle verifications perfectly. Comes with a business card holder, so you can use it immediately.

Ranmart Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo TEL: 03-5766-6700), which manufactures and sells parts for automobile dealers, is perfect for electronic vehicle inspections due to the digitization of vehicle inspections from January 4, 2023. In January 2023, we released a new vehicle verification holder that fits.
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A compact size that can be carried easily with a special design that fits the electronic vehicle inspection certificate perfectly. There is a business card holder on the surface of the electronic vehicle inspection certificate holder, so it can be used immediately by car dealers.
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[Product specifications]
・Product name: [Compatible with electronic vehicle verification! ] General-purpose car verification slot SD size (black) 50 pieces 264-301
・Vehicle inspection certificate size: W105mm x H177.8mm (7 inches) ・Size of vehicle inspection certificate: W193mm x H115mm
・Business card holder: 1 included
・Fabric color: Black
・Material: PVC
In addition, Ranmart also accepts orders for OEM original
manufacturing of vehicle inspection certificate holders and electronic vehicle inspection certificate holders.
Please contact Ranmart for inquiries and consultations regarding product handling and purchasing.

【Company Profile】
Company name: Runmart Co., Ltd. http://www.runmart.co.jp/
Representative Akinori Abe, President and CEO
Location 〒150-0002 1-2-11 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo MC Aoyama Building 4F TEL 03-5766-6700
FAX 03-5766-6701
Established June 13, 2002
Founded September 1, 1989
Capital 33.75 million yen
Major Shareholder Abe Shokai Co., Ltd. http://www.abe-shoukai.com/ Since 1989, Ranmart Co., Ltd. has used its own mail-order system, the Ranmart System, to support the prosperity of automobile dealers through a membership system.
More than 50,000 auto dealers, including affiliated auto auction venues such as Aucnet, and member stores of FC Headquarters, use auto parts, accessories, POP & novelties, etc. at low wholesale prices. In addition, Ranmart Co., Ltd. supports retail stores in various scenes such as “suggestions for sales promotion from the user’s point of view”, “suggestions for creating attractive stores”, and “suggestions for events to attract more customers”. .
In the future, along with the “retail support business”, we will strengthen the business for product planning, development and popularization to realize a rich car life with safety and security as keywords.

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