RCC JNN28 station net program “I will return to Hiroyuki Ariyoshi’s hometown.” Production and broadcast announcement

JNN28 station net program “I will return to my hometown of Hiroyuki Ariyoshi.” Production and broadcast announcement
On Saturday, February 11, 2023, Chugoku Broadcasting Co., Ltd. will produce and broadcast the TBS affiliated nationwide network “I will return to my hometown of Hiroyuki Ariyoshi.-I was so surprised in my hometown-”.

RCC Chugoku Broadcasting x Hiroyuki Ariyoshi’s 7th nationwide network program continues from last year, with all locations in Ariyoshi’s hometown Hiroshima, and travels around Hiroshima in search of the new charm of his hometown. Pay attention to Hiroyuki Ariyoshi’s surprising “good face” that you can never see in Tokyo, which received a great response on TVer and SNS last year.
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Broadcast overview
■ Broadcast date: Saturday, February 11, 2023 14:00-15:24 *JNN28 network ■ Performers: Hiroyuki Ariyoshi, Ungirls (Takashi Tanaka, Yoshiaki Yamane), Erina Masuda, and others
■ Narration: Yuki Himura (Bananaman)
Program content
The 2nd full-fledged homecoming project of Hiroyuki Ariyoshi, a star entertainer born in Hiroshima. During last year’s first homecoming tour, the “nice face” shots that were never shown in Tokyo became a hot topic nationwide. This time as well, we will explore the tastes and spots of the evolved hometown with Hiroshima-born comedian Ann Girls and Hiroshima-based announcer Erina Masuda. First of all, we will start at a first-class hotel that was selected as the venue for the Hiroshima G7 Summit.
After the extraordinary experience, enjoy the finest conger eel rice bowl at Ueno, a famous restaurant that Ariyoshi loves on the opposite bank of the World Heritage site Miyajima. Furthermore, in his hometown of Kumano, he encounters unexpected guests at the nostalgic batting center he used to go to when he was a baseball boy, and
laughter-filled episodes of his boyhood that have never been told come out one after another. At Mazda Stadium, Ariyoshi received an unexpected surprise from someone who took care of him on the program last year. It’s an “emo” homecoming variety show that everyone in the family should watch while thinking about their hometown.
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-Yoshiaki Yamane-
Continuing from last year, Mr. Ariyoshi has a good expression that can only be seen in his hometown, so please take it easy with your family. -Takashi Tanaka-
Two former professional baseball players are appearing, so please pay attention to the entanglement with them.
-Erina Masuda-
Ariyoshi-san is a national star ★︎, who has appeared on Kohaku now, but when he was on location for this program, he seemed to switch to his hometown, and he was in a very relaxed mode.
When I went home last year, I felt that he had a smile like that of an innocent boy, but this year, maybe because he was a good friend of mine, Mr. Tanaka, he always had a mischievous face on his face (laughs).
It was a really fun location. Speaking of Hiroshima, here! From the famous place, I went around to quite a local spot! I would be happy if you could learn a lot about the charm of Hiroshima while enjoying the program.
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Hiroyuki Ariyoshi

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(From left) Takushi Tanaka (Ungirls), Yoshiaki Yamane (Ungirls), Erina Masuda, Yuki Himura (Bananaman)

■ About delivery: After the broadcast, missed delivery will be scheduled on TVer ■ Program special website — https://tv.rcc.jp/fullnet/
■ Program Official Twitter — https://twitter.com/ariyoshi_rcc ■ Program official Instagram–https://www.instagram.com/ariyoshi_rcc/ ■ Inquiries: Chugoku Broadcasting Public Relations Department 082₋222-1132 Details about this release:



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