REA Co., Ltd. We will start a “club activity MaaS” demonstration project for local junior high school stud ents

REA Co., Ltd.
We will start a demonstration project for club activity MaaS for local junior high school students

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YMFG ZONE Planning Co., Ltd. (head office: Shimonoseki City, Prefecture, hereinafter “YMZOP”), Mine Daiichi Kotsu Co., Ltd. (head office: Mine City, Prefecture, hereinafter “Mine Daiichi Kotsu”), REA Co., Ltd. Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as “REA”) will start from January 13, 2023, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s “Regional Transition of Club Activities in Hilly and Mountainous Areas-Sustainable Regional Transition Model with Club Activity MaaS” As part of the verification project of “, we will start a demonstration experiment of “club activity MaaS” that utilizes AI-demand shared taxis as a means of transportation for joint club activities.
“Club activity MaaS” is a shared taxi service that transports students to and from the venue for joint club activities by multiple junior high schools in the city. Students can book a ride from the dedicated reservation app of the AI ​​shared dispatch system provided by REA, and shared taxis will transfer between each school or home to the venue on an efficient route calculated by AI. In addition, in this demonstration, we will also provide transportation for a sports event for elementary and junior high school students in the city scheduled to be held in February.
In recent years, as the number of students in local schools has decreased, it has become difficult for schools to continue club activities independently, and we are considering joint club activities with multiple schools. However, in joint club activities, it is necessary to gather students at one practice location, and public transportation requires waiting time, making it impossible to secure time for club activities. Since then, transportation has become an issue. In this project, by utilizing AI-demand shared taxis as a new means of transportation, we will realize efficient transportation for students, and by consigning operation to taxi operators, we will create new ways for taxi operators whose operations are declining due to population decline. We aim to build a model that is highly sustainable because it will create new travel demand.
This project was commissioned by YMZOP as a 2022 “Future Classroom” demonstration project of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. is provided by REA.
◆Overview of Club Activity MaaS
・Demonstration period: 1. Joint club activities: January 13 to 21, 2023 joint club activity days
2. Mine Sports Festival: Scheduled for February 25, 2023
・ Target: 1. Joint club activities: Junior high school students in Mine city (soft tennis club, baseball club, volleyball club) 2. Elementary and junior high school students and their guardians participating in sporting events
・Reservation method: WEB reservation application
・Operating area: All areas of Mine City
・Operator: Mine Daiichi Kotsu Co., Ltd.
◆ WEB reservation application
 Students or their guardians can easily book a ride by simply selecting the boarding and alighting location on the map from the web reservation application. In addition, AI automatically creates an efficient operation route based on the reservation details and notifies it to the taxi crew, so taxi operators can ride together with less work.
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◆Future prospects
In this demonstration operation, we conducted a questionnaire on the feasibility of shared taxis for the smooth implementation of joint club activities, as well as the convenience of the reservation system and the amount of money tolerable when using the parental guardians. We will verify the convenience and sustainability of activity MaaS and conduct a study for full-scale operation.
◆ Inquiries regarding this matter
Mine Daiichi Kotsu Co., Ltd. Contact: Yamato TEL: 083-922-0136 REA Co., Ltd. Contact: Yokoyama TEL: 03-6264-1669
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